24 Season 8 “Spoiler”

Lots of information is floating around about Season 8 (I’m not out to summarize it). So far I’m not pleased at all. This is what they should do to make it cool and faithful to the so-far series logic (=if something’s bad, it’s their fault, this is the logical conclusion):

Jack has to be the president. Just imagine the storyline. The president has gone dark!!! Or if he’s temporarily captured: We got the Bauer!
Just because he’s the leader now, doesn’t mean at all he will leave the killing to lame underlings. Please… Goes without saying.
This would surely bring most previous viewers back, who had enough of 24 at one point or another. The audience definitely wants to see THAT.
Examining the story elements used so far, this is the next logical step: Being president, Jack’s plan came to fruition. He was behind all previous attacks/days “just” to make it to the White House (maybe he only initiated day 1 to get rid of his wife, but as soon as this was done and over with, he decided to go all the way). Only he can keep the country safe, right? Nina isn’t dead either (CTU operation “deep earth”). Jack and Nina were in cahoots together all along. That’s why we never learned who hired her. Because it was Jack himself! Now it all makes sense! You gotta admit.
Also, what better method to really go “undercover”, if everyone thinks you are dead… Even more so, everything else would almost be a breach of etiquette…
Jack gets his CTU back in Season 8. The analogue to giving Jonas Hodges back his Starkwood. Nothing else measures up to all the constant threats…
All of this could also “free” the writers from conjuring up ridiculous threats! It could all be about Jack killing people, who come close to uncovering the truth (removing Jack from office is identical to endangering the country, after all)!

My idea for Season 9, when KS stops playing JB: Jack undergoes plastic surgery and looks completely different! But it’s still Jack (of course), just a completely different actor!!! Chris Pine maybe. He played Kirk!
It’s easily explained anyway. Maybe all terrorists worldwide are shown pictures of Jack Bauer during their training. So the face-change is necessary simply to stay in business. Or do a reboot altogether! Those work so wellAND are IN.

They could also go full-comedy. Half-hour eps. Call the show “12”. And he tortures people in his daydreams, like JD from Scrubs has them.

Of course I could plot out the entire season here, but I don’t have time right now! And I’ve gotta do everything it takes (to still get this out before it’s June). I guess.


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