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With the release of the 1.30 patch I started playing this game again from the very beginning. Since many thought this would be the final patch for the game (I have no idea if that’s true, it’s possible I guess) there was no reason to wait with another playthrough.

Under this premise, it was especially disappointing to see that “all” the little bugs are still there like they were in the release version even (some of them). I even encountered a few new ones. Now, none of them are game breaking, it’s not like that, it doesn’t even detract (much) from the glorious masterpiece this game is, but if you love a game this much, some sort of final polish would have been very welcome.

All screenshots are 1.30.

It happened to me for the very first time that an opponent had 2 Villentretenmerth cards, when there should be just one in each deck. Part of the fun playing a computer in cards, is that there is no cheating!

They still didn’t translate/remove debug messages from several of the texts, especially in Toussaint. I guess they think no one is reading these anyway. :P Often boards in Toussaint have several of such messages.

A similar bug is on the character screen. Some abilities display their variables instead of a value. I suppose this is cosmetic only and actually works in the game.

On the Kaer Morhen map, right outside of the bastion, I always have this wolf, who has fallen through the map.

During one of the possible endings, the game doesn’t display the dialog options anymore, when talking to the innkeep, right after checking out his store inventory – which makes it hard to end the dialog with him without ending the game via Task Manager and reloading a savegame.

One of the inns in Velen has an herbalist sitting right next to the door, forgot the name (Cunny of the Goose? Inn at the Crossroads? One of those I think), but after returning to him after the first encounter, it is no longer possible to access his shop. “Let me see your wares” only returns to the dialog options. There is at least one other vendor who has this problem. I also remember one of the traveling vendors can have this bug.

One of the abandoned sites in Velen (sadly forgot which one exactly, but there aren’t this many) can trigger the famous message “new marker added to the map” – but there won’t be a marker on the map! Damn, let me fast travel please! :P

Normally I can play this game for hours without any sort of crashes and the like, but if traveling from Toussaint to Velen, the game often ends up crashing to desktop. I guess most bugs appear in and around the latest/last expansion.

Keira Metz is still standing around on the Kaer Morhen map, after she should be gone. This has been the case since… release?

Sometimes there are empty containers, that still allow you to open them.

Another one in since the release version, is the issue with the bolts. The crossbow has standard infinite bolts, but other finite variants can be equipped. It happens all the time, that the infinite bolts are moved over into the inventory. That’s not supposed to happen, since any other bolt variant is supposed to override the infinite ones, not replace them as an equippable (that’s not a word, is it?) item.

As always I’m sure I have forgotten something, so I’ll try to add/correct this list while I play along.

//Update 2016/09/12

They just released a new patch, which funnily enough, doesn’t touch any of the things I mentioned here. But at least the question if they were going to release another one has been answered.

Full Changelog:

– Corrects Arabic text in the expansions.
– Corrects Turkish text.
– Repairs holes in Vimme Vivaldi’s new clothes.
– Fixes long loading times in dialogues in the vicinity of Hierarch Square.
– Fixes infinite loading screen occurring during the “Pyres of Novigrad” quest when following the thief.
– Corrects credits.
– (Origin) Fixes NPC lipsync issues.