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I generally believe that it is unwise to judge a series from a pilot alone, so that’s why I have no idea if I’m going to like Discovery unless I’ve seen at least 5 episodes or so…

However, I essentially was disappointed by them doing Klingons again, I had really hoped for something new/fresh. They chose to play it very safe instead. Of course this doesn’t mean that the show will have to go down a bad path, but it’s just nothing that’s very original and creative.

I was a little bit impressed by the visuals, the show includes several really beautiful shots. It looks like a movie. I’m sure that’s not easy to do on a TV budget. And it’s definitely nothing ST has ever exactly excelled at. Now of course the content is what’s most/more important, especially with ST, but it has to be said.

Yeah that’s really it from my perspective. Without knowing where they are going with this, it’s impossible to “judge” it.

PS: I liked that scene in which they beam over to the Klingon vessel and they are holding their weapons at the ready before the transport. Seriously, I’ve always wondered why they weren’t doing that (in other ST shows).


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