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Guess which is which… No seriously, the pictures _can_ be clicked.











And, is it worth all the hassle? It doesn’t hold a candle to mkv, IMHO. I’m strictly talking format, not definition of course, because this can easily be identical – doesn’t matter in this regard.



Oh, it’s the woman from Hidalgo, totally recognized her. I liked this film.



I still remember watching _this_ trailer like 50 times before I went to the cinema. :D But then… I saw the whole movie. :P

It’s so amazing, even after you’ve seen the movie, the trailer _still_ rocks! :D It’s really this good! The trailer.

//Update 2009/03/12

10 year anniversary on CIC

Young men and young women may work systematically six days in the week and rise fresh in the morning, but let them attend modern dances for only a few hours each evening and see what happens.
The Waltz, Polka, Gallop and other dances of the same kind will be disastrous in their effects to both sexes. Health and vigor will vanish like the dew before the sun.
It is not the extraordinary exercise which harms the dancer, but rather the coming into close contact with the opposite sex.
It is the fury of lust craving incessantly for more pleasure that undermines the soul, the body, the sinews and nerves. Experience and statistics show beyond doubt that passionate excessive dancing girls can hardly reach twenty-five years of age and men thirty-one.
Even if they reached that age they will in most instances be broken in health physically and morally.
This is the claim of prominent physicians in this country.

— Quote from a 1910 periodical


Do yourself a favor and go play Mirror’s Edge, it’s a fantastic game. Seriously. It’s almost a new genre. But of course everyone already knows everything about it, so I’ll persuade the Google bot to play it with the worst possible compilation of screenshots:





Jan I. Tor! Wasn’t he in the Fugitive? But never mind!





Okay, maybe they could be worse. Not that I intend to prove it.

Some power users here at are going to be really disappointed. ABC Family’s The Middleman, a consistent favorite of some of’s most dedicated users, will not be picked up for a second season. In a press release sent out by ABC Family, the network revealed that the series finale will be made into a graphic novel, dooming the television series.

The graphic novel finale will send The Middleman back to its roots; the show is based on a series of comics created by Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost), who also birthed the television series.


The Middleman launched on ABC Family in June, and ran for 12 episodes (the unproduced 13th episode serves as the source for the final graphic novel).

Because profanity cheapens the soul and weakens the mind, my variety of words is pretty much limited right now…

No more BTTF references from these two. :(

Another actually creative and inspired show goes down the drain, long before its deserved run was really over. Come on. Mexican wrestlers in masks?!? Who can even come up with such stuff? A handful of people maybe.
I hope the comic is at least written by this show’s staff.


Lost 5×06

I want a Ben-Season! Forget the zombies!


How can you read?!?


My mother taught me! (Didn’t she die?)


We are on the same plane Jack, doesn’t make us together… (For once someone doesn’t make up a fake “we”!)