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The worst thing about this game was its length. The great scenario and characters both were heavily underused as a result. As soon as some things were established, the ending credits were already dangerously close. The interesting setting, overall fantastic art and characters seemed to deserve way more than that. Péndulo Studios were always among the best in the entire adventure scene, when it comes to graphics especially, this game is certainly no exception. It’s astonishing, how good these games can look right now (the entire game feels very fresh/modern). For anyone who’s into such comic styles (maybe even just a little bit), TNBT is worth playing for that alone.
In Spain this game was sold as “Hollywood Monsters 2”, some type of loose sequel (?) for a 1997 game with the same title. I’d never heard of it before, because it had a spanish-only release (I think).
Their next game is called “Yesterday“, so I probably shouldn’t hold my breath for a swift continuation of this universe.