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Happy B-Day HL²

Ahhh, it’s been a wonderful year. First the release (16.11.2004), then HL²: DM now Lost Coast… But there are negative things too, Aftermath will be released next year, februar/march, at best. And I hate waiting. I really do.

I’m currently playing HL and will soon be playing Opposing Force and Blue Shift. It’s very impressing, that a 7 year old game is still so much fun to play. There’s no big difference (almost none, in fact) in playing to new titles (gameplay), BUT it even creates a strange feeling, that only “classic” games can offer to a veteran player. I almost forgot to install the HiDef model pack.

Okay, it’s time again. :)

btw: Even if you think you know everything about it, you may read this article. Wow, Outer Limits!


King Kong demo

There is a movie (december 2005) and there is a game – this one. Or at least a demo.

Play it! It is VERY short! But worth playing. The interface is a little bit “different”. There is no health indicator and no ammunition counter. This way the player is dragged more into it and he must stay sharp, because the player doesn’t know how many hits he can still take before it’s over.

The game has less interactive possibilities than it seems to have. After I finished it, I really wanted to know what’s up with Tyler, if he stays. So I reloaded the chapter, only this time I changed my decision. Of course it pulls down his character values to break up with Sam, but then he says to Carla, that he will team up with other cops to see if he can help them. No matter what you choose, after that Tyler’s gone.

But it doesn’t matter it’s a fantastic game anyway. I just needed to know.

Oh and I really loved the soundtrack, too bad it’s not available separate. Listening to it through the bonus menus in the game isn’t very practical.

Black & White 2

Finished it today. My impressions:

It’s important to install the patch (1.1) _before_ playing the game, because all fixes don’t work with already existing savegames. That’s “great”. But the patch is important, so installing it is recommended.

It’s more fun to play than Part I. I started it once and deleted it afterwards. 2 is nice to control with the mouse and the player really can develop a feeling for it.

New buildings and miracles/wonders can be bought with tribute. I didn’t earn enough tribute troughout the game to buy all the stuff. Especially the last wonders were too expensive, volcano required 1.000.000 tribute… I had ~70.000 left.

The player has the choice on how long the game will last, after all main objectives in a land (there are 9 land in the game altogether) are complete, it’s possible to depart to the next land, or to stay and continue to build the city or to finish optional scrolls (the missions in Black & White).

The ending credits must be cancelled with ESC by the user, otherwise they continue and continue and continue… After that, the game doesn’t show the option screen, it loads one of the first levels. Maybe that’s the chance to finally earn enough tribute to buy everything that’s left.

Maybe I will try it again with another creature and I will cheat to get all buildings this time, just to see it once.

This really sucks, every game I’ve played in the last time, had patches larger than 100 MB (e.g. Black & White 2 = 106 MB; F.E.A.R. = 116 MB). Why is that? Not everyone has a xx Mbit Access.

Does anyone know the biggest game patch ever?

Some may remember the ending of No One Lives Forever 1: Volkov survives the fight with Cate and appears after the ending credits. He looks “healthy”. Now, in NOLF 2 Volkov is bandaged all over. I understood this as an continuity error for some time. Volkov mentions he had a skiing accident, I always thought he was lying, to hide that he was defeated by Cate, especially since they fought against each others in an icy environment.

Now I’ve played Contract Jack, which is the prequel to NOLF 2 (it was released after NOLF 2 as some kind of add-on). At the end, we learn that Volkov indeed plans to go skiing in his holidays – he hires Jack, but as a real villain, Volkov tries to kill Jack. As a “thanks” we see, that Jack sabotages Volkovs skiing equipment.

Nice to finally know the truth. ;)