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Homer has NO TIME!

The landmark 400th half-hour, due to air next May, is a spoof of Fox’s “24” that’s titled “24 Minutes” and features the drama’s Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub as their characters.



Wow, I can’t believe it. Need to see it NOW.

The WC3 Vids in one film.

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WLM 8.1 Beta

  • bug fixes
  • Runs more stable on Windows Vista
  • More personal stuff (winks & Emoticons)
  • New Personal status
  • New “Branding”-platform
  • Improved login authorisation
  • changed avatar options
  • Automatic updates & Backup of your files

I’ve now installed 8.1. There are no new options. At least nothing that would count as such – when it comes to the GUI. Why something as important as bugfixes isn’t further addressed in the changelog is not understandable, that’s the one reason to read a changelog.

The first very remarkable thing is the time the installation process consumes. 9 minutes!

Verbose logging started: 27.09.2006 15:13:55


Verbose logging stopped: 27.09.2006 15:22:52

The (during installation) created log has 3,26 MB in size (TXT). Not bad.
Now, there was always one thing that disturbed me most in WLM/MSN Messenger, this one. And there is this “smaller bug” when a conversation window is opened for too long and it “eats” the links from all file transfers. Only closing/re-opening the window helps.
Since it took 9 minutes to install this monster (17,3 MB), I already hoped that something with the “\$Extend\$UsnJrnl:$J:$DATA” had happened. And I wasn’t disappointed this time. The installation took this long, because WLM _defragged_ the disk! Now my “\$Extend\$UsnJrnl:$J:$DATA” is 1 piece again, instead of 399! Incredible. A great thing, but mentioned nowhere, probably because they would need to admit the previous problem first.

However, the well known service (Messenger Sharing USN Journal Reader service) was modified further. It’s now running all the time (check the task manager for a usnsvc.exe) and not only when WLM is active. Older WLM versions started and stopped the service with every WLM session.

Still not the end of the story, one interesting detail remains: checking the event logs showed, that “SharingMetadata\Working\database_blablablabla” is defragged once per hour! Every hour – as long as WLM is running. Crazy shit. :D

In the end: Installing this version really makes sense (if using WLM anyway), at least the entire partition isn’t fucked up any longer by this chat client. When using a-patch and if they would fix the file transfer bug, WLM would almost be a good client, which uses more than 40 MB of RAM and ~25 MB of virtual memory + 2 MB for usnsvc.exe, for doing nothing more than tranferring text messages.

foobar2000 v0.9.4


  • Properties dialog improvements
  • Startup/shutdown speed optimizations
  • Added LAME version and partial settings detection for MP3 files
  • Replaced old “Fix MP3 Header” command with a new set of MP3-related utility commands
  • “ID3v2 Writer Compatibility Mode” with workarounds for common bugs in other software’s ID3v2 implementations
  • “Copy” button in components list
  • freedb support now included with the installer
  • Rewritten embedded cuesheet metadata handling
  • Rewritten ReplayGain info editor dialog
  • ABX bugfixes
  • Added WMA tag editing support

Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at


Just found a new WP problem. While it happens quite often, that “published” entries are saved as drafts, and have to be published again, to finally be visible, I just learned of a new variation. The entry was published AND saved as draft. WP really seems to hate Firefox, since the “empty box” thing also shows up mostly in this browser.

Firefox Fixes

I think I had that one.

MFSA 2006-64 Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:
MFSA 2006-62 Popup-blocker cross-site scripting (XSS)
MFSA 2006-61 Frame spoofing using
MFSA 2006-60 RSA Signature Forgery
MFSA 2006-59 Concurrency-related vulnerability
MFSA 2006-58 Auto-Update compromise through DNS and SSL spoofing
MFSA 2006-57 JavaScript Regular Expression Heap Corruption

Good thing they publish it in that detail.

Before Season 3, 10 web-episodes of BSG will be published, tuesday and thursday. This is Episode 1. They shall be some kind of introduction to season 3, which will start on october, 30.

That’s standard. How it’s set up after installation.


When Synaptic is broken (and link gone), use the tip from below and


And this fucking skin makes me wanna destroy something. All pictures are cut off at the side, although there would be enough space to make them twice as big. Now I had to resize them and they suck, but I won’t waste any more time with it.

Mister X says (01:04):
also form nehme ich ne normale runde, ohne das loch in der mitte
also die tortenform, ist ziemlich viel teig
also los
Mister X says (01:05):
5 eier trennen, eischnee schlagen (ist ja wichtig da der rührer nicht fettig sein darf sonst wirds kein eischnee, also das zuerste machen)
dann die 5 eigelb mit 125ml wasser, 250g Zucker und 1 Pckg. Vanillezucker schlagen
Mister X says (01:06):
dann 250ml Öl (damit wird er schön saftig), 375g Mehl und 1Pckg. Backpulver schlagen
also das zum teig dazugeben und weiter schlagen
danach dann den teig trennen
halbe halbe etwa
Mister X says (01:07):
in den einen teil noch gesiebtes kakaopulver geben, und nen schuss milch, schlagen
dann je die hälfte des eischnees under den hellen und unter den dunklen teig_heben_ also mit nem löffel
Der dritte Mann says (01:08):
viel Arbeit
Mister X says (01:08):
dann gibst du in die gefettete form in die mitte immer abwechselnd 1 EL dunklen und 1EL hellen teig, bis er alle ist
Mister X says (01:08):
danach dann etwa 50-55m backen bei 180°
Mister X says (01:09):
sehr leckerer kuchen
hab den jetzt paar mal gemacht
Aye Caramba says (01:09):
hat der auch einen namen?
wie nennst du das?
oder nur “kuchen”
Mister X says (01:09):
öhm, ja
Aye Caramba says (01:09):
Mister X says (01:10):
dadurch das er mit öl und nicht mit margarine gemacht wird ist er supersaftig

Mister X says (01:12):
_eigentlich_nennt sich der kuchen ja zebrakuchen, da er durch die zwei teige so ein zebramuster bekommt
gucksu hier

da sieht mans schön
Mister X says (01:13):
so sollte der dann aussehen, das muster kommt eben dadruch das man hellen und dunklen teig abwechselnd in die mitte gibt
ich würde aber eher 2/3 hellen und 1/3 dunklen teig machen, und den eischnee dann auch so verteilen
Der dritte Mann says (01:14):
sieht cool aus
so soll er also aussehen am Ende
Mister X says (01:14):
die streifendicke ist je nachdem wie oft du den teig wechselst
und am ende mach ich dann irgend ne glasur drüber

Mister X says (01:17):
gute nacht, und gutes gelingen