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6.5 (153 MB) / Changes

Changes in 6.5:

Plus Edition changes:

  • +Added mugger to Chinatown and pinball player sequence to Last Round.
  • +Granted humanity when comforting Copper and removed loss for Nines.
  • +Lessened Dragon’s Breath damage and made bolts buyable a bit sooner.
  • +Added SM haven key and missing particle effects for a lot of claws.

Restored content:

  • Restored unused shovelhead to Hallowbrook and alternate Tong model.
  • Restored newspapers to Skyeline and junkyard and added one downtown.
  • Restored Protean warform hopping and basic stats, but lost the info.


  • Made the bad luck talisman not sellable and corrected Knox’s secret.
  • Fixed log bugs for Haxxor, Gargoyle, Pisha, Lily and pimpin quests.
  • Improved netcafe and pawnshop trigger issues and some text details.
  • Stopped one-shot-killing Larry and Copper been gone for transfusion.
  • Increased claws range and lowered Desert Eagle accuracy on running.

Deadgirl 2008 1

So this is definitely a noteworthy addition to the vast sea of releases – where especially the horror genre is extremely quantitative (which is the reason I see so many flicks of this category and not that I’m a huge horror fan or anything).
While the movie certainly might be perceived as disturbing and maybe even just disturbing by some, it makes more of the material than others do and thus manages to be different and memorable. This is why I’d recommend it over “the same old” any day. Read more comments.


Because this sticker was on the wrapping that comes off, I needed a photograph. :D These “Complete Series” boxes are the only good thing, when a series is canned early. ;)

the middleman dvd box cover

market niche

I quite frequently notice, while all kinds of branches aren’t too happy about sales, the different (and often very obvious) untapped market potentials. This time I was missing a proper digital distribution of comics.

1 pay
2 download cbr/cbz
3 read

Just like that. As it is right now, acquiring some comics is all too often kinda hard – lack of shops, online shops are out of stock, don’t list it yet or anymore… And if it’s from another country, the book needs to be imported, which can be expensive and – takes ages. Digital comics are so small in size (~10-25 MB), that a download would be fast just because of that.
Though I’m usually in favor of paper-books over digital versions, the sheer mass of all these editions makes it hard to store them all at home in a shelf or something. Especially in case of some stories that are only read once. There are more than enough books that justify to become part of a collection (as paper) as it is. It goes without saying, that any kind of DRM is a no go.
I would have used such a solution many times already – I’m sure I’m not the only one. So, why has no one started such a service?
I talked about this idea with some people already and everyone was just like “Then why do you complain instead of starting this shop yourself?!?”… As if Marvel (for example) would deal with anybody. Maybe this is the explanation right here, why this hasn’t happened yet. Combining products from all labels under one hood seems impossible, but this is exactly what would be needed. Having a next to complete source is exactly what would be the appeal here.

Observe and Report

I know this is hardly the message the movie tried to transport (if it had any at all), but for me this was all about how far someone should put trust into “security guys” and typical processes in such environments (e.g. the mall in this film). My prejudices were approved just fine. :P

Apart from that, this action/comedy/crime/drama summer-movie really helps clarifying what a candidate shouldn’t say, if he wishes to pass a psychological test:

Why do you wanna become a police officer?

That’s the big question now, isn’t it? I have a dream. Most nights. It starts on a playground. There’s kids, you know – swinging, they are laughing, there are dogs barking, butterflies flapping their little wings… And then you hear a rumbling and over the horizon comes a black cloud and it’s made of cancer and […] and it starts sweeping over the playground and everyone starts screaming and clawing their eyes and pulling at their hair and saying “Help! What do we do?!?” – you know what happens next? Out steps me, wielding the biggest fucking shotgun you’ve ever seen in your life and you know what I do? I blow every fucking thing away! And I am getting god’s work done. And when it’s all over and the dust has settled, the whole world gathers below me and they say “Thank you Ronnie! Thank you for helping, being a great man and doing this for us!”… And you know what I say? You don’t need to thank me, I’m just a guy with a gun. I’m just a cop.

Ronnie Barnhardt (Seth Rogen) in Observe and Report

district 9

Some movies don’t start really strong or begin even bad, but manage at a certain point to completely turn around and still become great. That’s how I experienced District 9.
I tend to go into a movie without knowing anything upfront – though this might be the reason for seeing loads of mediocre crap, in moments like this it pays off big time.
I didn’t even know it was Sci-Fi. So everyone who feels drawn to this genre, has the chance here to see one of the best pictures, to come out for it, in quite some time.
For the sake of not ruining the film for anyone, I won’t write down more concrete descriptions, which would be quite easy here. This column has more of a sheer recommending quality anyway.

Curses (usually cast by old women) that sent poor schmocks straight to hell (or worse) for completely ridiculous/minor reasons.

Short: I’ve seen “Drag me to Hell“.

More: This whole concept looses its entire “credibility”, when considering just for a moment what sense it makes to send someone to hell for “not greeting properly”, when (of course) no one cursed “insert horrible person from history here”. It’s more than just the usual unfair, don’t ya think?