AMD FX 8350 on M4A89GTD PRO/USB3

Officially the M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 is “only” an AM3 mainboard (Phenom II era) and can support at best a few older FX CPUs (AM3+) and even that support is labeled beta only. I read some rumors that using an FX 8350 (Vishera) would be possible regardless, so I thought I would give it a shot. I was happy to learn that it indeed runs nicely, without any problems. There also doesn’t seem to be any significant difference in performance in comparison to running this CPU on newer boards with 9x chipsets.

It would be really great if ASUS would update their site properly, to let people know what this stuff is actually capable of. But then again, this level of compatibility makes the purchase of a new mainboard probably less enticing.




  1. Dewdster

    That’s fantastic news for me because my old Athlon quad is no faster doing FLOPs than my new A10 notebook, and this will be a smart upgrade for my M4A system with some new ram perhaps as well.


  2. cahit

    Thanks for the test. I am planing to buy fx 8350 and hearing that i’ll be using my old mainbord is great. Did you ever get any blue screens, or errors when using FX 8350 with M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 ?

    And can you tell us the overall speed of the system after installing the cpu?

    Thanks in advance..


  3. @cahit

    No, I’m using this configuration for almost a year now pretty much every day and I haven’t encountered any problems.

    I used the benchmark integrated in Aida64 once and the speed of my system was almost identical to the speed listed there (Aida64 lists the speed of all kinds of CPUs for comparison to your own). So, all in all no surprises.


  4. Frank

    I upgraded AMD Phenom X4 955 CPU in ASUS M4A89TD PRO USB3 to AMD FX8350. Running Windows 7 but now get BSOD. Any ideas if it should work. Have latest ASUS BIOS 3029


  5. Frank

    Put back old AMD Phenom X4 955 CPU and fan. PC boots fine and works fine booting into Windows 7. Using said PC now to post reply. Anyone actually get AMD FX8350 to work in ASUS M4A89TD PRO USB3 Motherboard without BSOD? Everything in BIOS 3029 is set to AUTO


  6. I’m running it for over a year now without any problems. So there is AFAIK no inherent problem with it. I literally used this configuration error-free for hundreds of hours.

    I’m on 8.1, you should upgrade to it anyway, because Windows 8 is the first Windows OS that has optimizations in its task scheduler for the FX CPUs [1]. Windows 7 came out in 2009 and the FX 8350 in October 2012. I think there were even patches for Windows 7 for the FX CPUs [2]. But since I never had any problems and never ran a Windows below 8 with it, I didn’t really inform myself on the matter.

    I also have no idea what you did after upgrading to the new CPU, did you reset your BIOS to its default settings? Maybe that could have helped.




  7. Frank

    Hi Nambulous,

    Thanks for getting back me. Well I tried to get it to work one more time. This time with new FX-8350 CPU in place I hit option 2 to reset BIOS to factory default. Worked like a charm. It now works great. Currently using FX-8350 to send this reply. Problem now is that on old CPU with BIOS set all to “AUTO” BIOS and OS Windows 7 Ultimate saw 16GB RAM. Now same BIOS and OS see only 12GB RAM. Any ideas?


  8. Maybe you somehow touched the RAMs while switching CPUs? And now they aren’t properly in the slots anymore? They are right next to the CPU after all.

    What you can also try is to start the PC with another OS, a Linux Live CD maybe. It would be interesting to see if another OS also only shows 12 instead of 16 GB RAM.


  9. Nick

    Hi nambulous, Hi Frank,

    I just bought a the FX-8350 and am about to give it a go on the M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 board. Wish me luck!

    I will reset the bios as you did Frank. And upgrade from windows 7 first.

    Do either of you have any more tips for a successful install, or does it just work right out of the box?

    Going to upgrade to windows 10 on an extreme pro sandisk ssd, so it should be fast. Hopefully windows 10 has the same FX chip support as window 8.1.

    I will come back and post the results. Good to hear there is life in the old motherboard!


  10. Nick

    Oh, and my BIOS is the latest 3030…


  11. It worked right out of the box for me, I have yet to have a single problem with this config.

    My BIOS is 3029, I never installed 3030 because it is a beta version. I’m not saying it’s going to be a problem, but I have no experiences with this version.


  12. Frank

    should work as long as you have latest stable BIOS and do a factory reset on BIOS before installing/upgrading windows etc etc. Have been running Witcher 3 and GTA 5 a lot on new 8350 CPU with no problems. Only other problem I had was with older RAM/DIMMS which because of older/slower clock values system only will see 3 of 4 4GB DIMMS = 12 GB RAM as opposed to 16GB RAM on old CPU. I am sure if I upgraded RAM to 4 newer DIMMS I would get 16GB RAM but been too busy to care


  13. Anonymous

    I believe people discovered some kind of (aka I’m not knowledged in this area) power management feature that is explicitly shipped with the newer AM3+ boards. What this means for us M4A89GTD-PRO users, is that you won’t be able to overclock the CPU. I managed to bump it up to 4.3GHz but the IGP was the display adapter, and I bet it’d gone higher too but why bother when you can purchase a cheap as AM3+ board these days anyways.


  14. I don’t OC, so…


  15. Someone

    Ok, so it works on mine. Didn’t even had to change the BIOS. Works nice with a GTX 970. Switched from a PhenomII955BE and GTX560Ti btw. Would be better if I could OC the CPU. But well – I got the cheapest possible option and it works fine.


  16. Jonata de Cordeiro

    Olá uso a mesma placa mãe m4A89… e o fx 8350 roda de boa não achei tanta diferença para o meu phenom x6 1100t de performance ! boa tarde


  17. Anonymous

    My name is Eric, I just wanted anyone else thats ever wanting to slap a fx-8350 into a asus M4A89GTD Pro/USB3 board. that just make sure u update ur bios to the beta bios for fx series and then slap the cpu in and the heatsink u have to kinda of strugle to get it to fit but i did with the black clamp towards the top of the mobo :P but it does run well and bench marking shows at under load with the game paladins it runs well at about 118 degrees F and no problems yet :) but currently only used it for about a hour :P anyways have fun guys if i run into any problems ill come back and good luck to all the builders out there!


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