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  • Reworked detection code for SCUMM games. Now all your fan translations will work out of the box
  • Added subtitle configuration controls to the options dialog
  • New official Atari/MiNT port
  • Much improved WinCE port
  • Numerous bugfixes in the SCUMM, SAGA, Simon, Broken Sword 2 and BASS engines

Take a look.


Just seen Clean Messenger, it also removes unwanted elements in Windows Live Messenger, the program is in french, but language files are available. 

  • WHQL Certified
  • Adds support for GeForce 7950 GX2
  • Includes the new NVIDIA Control Panel. Please visit the NVIDIA Control Panel website for more information
  • New NVIDIA PureVideo features and enhancements. Please visit the NVIDIA PureVideo website for more information on PureVideo technology and system requirements
  • Adds noise reduction post processing
  • Adds image sharpening post processing
  • Improved Inverse telecine algorithm
  • Improved de-interlacing algorithm
  • Improved compatibility with third party MPEG-2 decoders
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c and OpenGL 2.0 support


I don't like the new control panel, I think it's bloaty. But at least the old panel is still included.  

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That's correct, fewer jets in the end:

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Last level is missing, maybe I'll add it later.  

Autoruns 8.52

Freelancer, it's like in Scary Movie, it's based to the most part on Scream, but there are tons of other movies used.

Wing Commander: Prophecy, the 3D cockpit.

Star Wars, take a look at the planets, Coruscant…

Star Trek, "I am Nomad".

Alien, Nostromo

Stargate, look for yourself

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LotR, guess why

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And I'm sure I've missed something. :) 

Finally I can watch all episodes in a row!


Configuring grub can be a major pain in the ass – when you are new to Linux and don't have a clue. Wingrub helps, because the user can set everything up under Windows, the well-known platform. And with starting Grub via the NT bootloader, there is no need to change the MBR for that. Remove one line from the boot.ini file and everything is as it was before. 

After the new SDK was published, it's now a safe thing to say, that DX10 will be Vista-only. For the near future games will be published for 9/10 or only 9, to reach as much people as possible. DX10 has no support yet for new physics cards (e.g. Ageias PhysX).

Darkstar One (1)

Remember Freelancer? Great, then you know most things about DSO. It has the 3D-cockpit from Wing Commander: Prophecy, some planets look like Coruscant from Star Wars and some systems are named after things from well known Sci-Fi movies (e.g. Nostromo/Alien). And with the upgrading system of the DSO, they even introduced some role-playing elements. So they were "inspired by" the best. The graphics were already fine in FL, DSO optimized it even more, not surprising with 3 years passed since FL, but there is only so much you can do with games showing space, comparing it to ego shooters or other 3D games in general, it limits down the possibilities.

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What really differs DSO from FL, are little gameplay tweaks, that are great for the gaming experience. Flying in formation is done automatically, if the DSO has to jump to another system in a story mission, it happens, there is no searching on the map where to go and arriving at the wrong time. Also the map shows where the next story mission begins with different signs for major story missions, sub-quests and so on.

Landing on a space station is done manual (and later a computer can be bought for automatic) and after the station gives clearance, landing lights show the way (I can remember other games where flying around the station was necessary to find the landing site – yes you may laugh).

Eona, the co-pilot, gives actually useful hints during fights "shields are down" or "6 enemies left". Things the player can't check himself while trying to stay alive.

Cargo is not transported on the ship itself, but towed behind the ship, the containers can be docked with drones. The DSO's movement is slowed down by this, when it comes to a fight, it's wise to drop the cargo and re-dock it after.  

This is how upgrading the DSO works, fly inside of an asteroid to find certain artefacts.

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Once it's found, the DSO collects it by itself.

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After this, it's to find the exit again and search the next one.

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Once enough artifacts are found, upgrading of the ship systems can begin. Hull, wings and engines. All upgrades change the ships apearance and characteristics. I like this much more than the different ships in FL, although one might argue that the differences are smaller. It's like a famous vehicle in a TV show, maybe it's upgraded, but not replaced.

Every system looks different and all are damn beautiful. 

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The systems are splitted in clusters, every cluster contains a certain amount of systems in it. As the story continues, new engines become available and new clusters. Every cluster has one optional sub-quest to accomplish, besides the standard missions. But it's highly recommended to do these as well, because they are often rewarded with artefacts. The space stations offer news and missions. The news are even relevant, because they tell where pirate groups are hiding. Defeating pirate groups brings some nice secret weapons from their leader. The news are refreshed accordingly. 

So far the things I could think of right now.  


Yesterdays WU visit changed the tcpip.sys again, so patching is necessary. Just a reminder. I need to reboot. LvlLord's tool still works, don't mind the old news page. 

O&O Defrag 8.5 Pro

Just tried the 8.5. It is absolutely identical to 8, only the title bar saying 8.5 differs. There is a new 64 bit version of Defrag, but this one comes in a different package. 8 was already the best defragger on the market, maybe that's what they had in mind a little too much when making 8.5. Not upgrading is also not necessary, because 8.5 is free for 8 users. I found no change log on their site, visiting pays off anyway, because of the image of this beautiful woman.

On weird thing about the page, with Firefox and several open tabs, it's no longer possible to switch between the tabs, when the O&O homepage is open. It's necessary to close it, bevor tabbing works again. 


Turn you old PC into a file server for all purposes. Easy and without a long and complex configuration. FreeNAS can be controlled via a web interface. Sounds like advertising, but that's what you can do with it. :P

The incredible and marvellous ScummVM started testing for the 0.9.0 release cycle (actually already a few weeks ago) so if you are interested to join this, read more in their wiki

Flashget now free!

The popular DL manager Flashget is no longer shareware!