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Maybe I should have told this to this dude, instead of writing it to my own toilet wall. But why become constructive all of a sudden.


Through the entire Firefox 3 beta phase I experienced severe problems with GMail, which made this service almost unusable to me.
Basically every time I clicked on simple options like “all mail” or “sent mail”, the service timed out or reloaded into a page showing everything twice – just to time out again. The only thing that helped was switching to basic HTML fast enough, when everything was still working. Therefore it was great, that Gmail added a function to make HTML the default mode a while ago.
Since FF3 was still beta, I naturally assumed this was the problem and it would probably disappear with the final, but it didn’t.
Recently I experienced the problem on another PC, which buried the theory, that my profile was the most likely cause. Thanks to this, I started looking into extensions, which were installed on both machines. After ruling out adblock, the reason was found – CustomizeGoogle’s option “remove ads and related pages” needs to be unchecked. Not that the HTML only mode was bad or anything, but some of the options are easier accessible in standard mode. I’m really glad, that it turned out to be yet another case, where an old profile wasn’t the reason, but only a simple setting.


Turns out it was good that I didn’t write it to this dude. False Alarm. The prob surfaced once again. Ugly. With manually typing this link, it seems to be better, I usually click on this extension, so I can’t really say if it’s the same or a different link. All I can do is to keep an eye on it. Searching for the error message (Oops… the system encountered a problem (#103)) didn’t turn up much useful stuff.

Application: Firefox 3.0 (2008052906)

– Adblock Plus
– CustomizeGoogle 0.72
– Delicious Bookmarks 2.0.58
– Deutsches Wörterbuch 1.0.1
– DownloadHelper 3.0.4
– Extension List Dumper 1.14.1
– Fasterfox 2.0.0
– Firebug 1.05
– FlashGot 1.0.3
– Gmail Manager 0.5.5
– Java Console 6.0.06
– Leet Key 1.4.1
– Linkification 1.3.3
– Live HTTP headers 0.14
– Menu Editor 1.2.6
– Modify Headers 0.6.4
– Nightly Tester Tools 2.0.2
– NoScript
– POW 0.1.8
– Resurrect Pages 2.0.2
– ScrapBook
– Secure Login
– StumbleUpon 3.18
– Tamper Data 10.0.4
– United States English Dictionary 3.0.3
– User Agent Switcher 0.6.11
– Web Developer 1.1.6

1.2 => 5.4 (138 MB) / 5.3 => 5.4 (36 MB) / Changes

v5.4 12.06.2008

  • +Repaired braid perception powerup and Yukie and VV dialogue issues.
  • +Restored third person melee and included alternate files in tools.
  • Corrected minor dialogue and map details and two item descriptions.
  • Swapped tape messages at Grout’s Mansion and fixed clipping ghoul.
  • Restored Toreador humanity xp bonus and burning Tzimisce creations.
  • Added many expressions towards Nosferatu and adjusted some others.
  • Fixed missing Patty quest update and a possible Boris and Dema bug.
  • Repaired warehouse bum leaving and Romero fun sound playing again.
  • Fixed Dane crane switch directions and removed Venture window taxi.
  • Removed Misti freebie for Nosferatu and added a Sweeper reference.
  • Changed sound for dead body container and some npctemplate genders.
  • Added short-time bar replacement for Venus in case you killed her.
  • Made Glaze monitor turn off earlier and fixed Zhao death reference.
  • Moved Kamikaze Zen vent exit into a back alley to make more sense.
  • Corrected wrong observatory manhole sound and many bad drop sounds.
  • Placed females at the Blood Hunt and restored Heather clothes fix.
  • Corrected a TBO sign typo and male Tremere model, thanks to MooCHa.
  • Fixed Prodigy history not being available and Dane computer issue.
  • Corrected contradiction of Wong Ho newscaster and newspaper report.
  • Fixed Pestilence for bosses and visible taxi TV icon and triggers.
  • Restored netcafe headrunner sequence and a Giovanni guard sentence.
  • Corrected Skelter/Patty issues and removed wrong gestures of Jack.
  • Restored unused Daniel Ash – Come Alive song into the Empire hotel.
  • Added TV sound to Nosferatu haven and made Sweeper defend himself.

nuke the fridge

Today we enhance our vocabulary:

“Star Wars didn’t really nuke the fridge until Jar Jar Binks was introduced.”

I concur. Indy nukes less however. How could he not. Compared to that. How could anything. Compared to that. Did anything ever? Compared to that? Have I ever used a sentence that often repeatedly? Co…

In the meantime, I’ve seen it too. The movie which was mentioned and floating around in heads for the first time in 1991 (or so the rumor goes). But Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis was made instead (still rumor). So what we got now was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (FoA was already used, right?). Here’s where the critics may start. Over the years several scripts were written (reportedly) and re-written but always rejected, because all three, Lucas, Spielberg and Ford had to give it a go. Therefore one is to believe, that KotCS is the best thing the mighty Lucas Empire could come up with in 17 years. Really?!? The movie clearly has no bright spots over a movie that was done in a really limited amount of time. Say 6 months. Why the wait then? The movie gives no clues.
Every previous movie started with an atmospheric action beat, here’s the first shocker, 4 doesn’t start jonesish at all. It features some greasers driving around in their car and listening to loud music (which at least was the King). The entire audience felt this way, everyone thought for a short while that they went into the wrong movie theater… It was alienating. But more to that later… But again, it’s hard to understand how the filmmakers could have missed that. It must have been intentional.
Still, the beginning/opening scene let’s Indy see the place where the ark was stored in Raiders’ ending (although there’s no indication he realizes it, or even could), which is even shown to the audience (but not to Indy) when the crate is damaged (the music switches to the RotLA soundtrack as well to create an eerie feeling). This scene establishes the way in which most of the movie works, it feels a little wrong and out of place, but still comes with a sense of redemption at the same time.
It’s the same with some jokes, the ground squirrels (before and after the explosion) just don’t really fit with Indiana Jones. But every few script pages have to contain a gag, no matter what, right?
Oh and Mac is introduced. Indy’s “friend”. He’s also some kind of a flaw, he’s around for almost the entire movie, but no one cares about him. He’s that generic/unimportant. Wu Han from Temple of Doom left more of an impression, although he got shot during the introduction, only a few minutes into the adventure/film.
Another downside of this long awaited sequel is, that it just doesn’t bring the reunions with it, that the audience wanted (and by the audience I mean, for example, MYSELF). Where’s John Rhys-Davies? Why all the wait? I wanted Sallah. Denholm Elliott died unfortunately, so I guess it’s okay to say his character died too. With Connery as his dad it’s different (the photograph and again the appropriate, recognizable music from Last Crusade is used), they could have come up with something cool. He’s away excavating… something. Okay, that’s sadly not cool, but the general idea should be clear, just state he’s fine, but currently elsewhere. Like Connery.
Karen Allen is cool though. There is this distant feeling, that she isn’t used to acting that much anymore as she still was in Raiders, but again, it’s nice she appeared in 4.
What’s seriously overdone, are all the age remarks or jokes attached to this. Sure, it obviously needed to be addressed, but there are limits in which this is appealing. A guy who jumps around and beats countless enemies to dust doesn’t need to state how old he is all the time. That’s ridiculous. Everything is perfectly fine. No need to worry… Rambo doesn’t tell his age either, Rambo KILLS. That’s the way to go!
There’s even “a crime” bundled with this. He himself doesn’t use the term Indiana Jones anymore… Can you believe that? I don’t care about your age Indiana Jones! Call your dog Henry, if you must.
Luckily the family elements didn’t turn out as bad as predicted. Sure, I hate “everything family”, but it could have been WAY worse. Really much worse… Even Shia LaBeouf (Codename JarJar) wasn’t that annoying, although (of course) I still hated him (at least a little bit). I can claim that I only hated him in a fashion, that wasn’t movie-ruining. I’m, however, still praying that there will never be a movie continuation with him as Indy’s successor (rumors say this is what’ll happen). :( No seriously, his char wasn’t that bad.
In the end, the first thing that makes and breaks movies is the plot. As hinted earlier, this movie doubtless had not the best in the series. As for all “family feelings” bits and pieces, they so very often only serve as a substitute for really good stories, when writers put the always same cheap exploitation techniques to work (which is part of why I dislike their [mis]use so much).
I’m also still asking myself, if Aliens pass as the usual folklore, since the later was the core of the flicks, the big frame around all previous adventures. I certainly would like to learn which ideas the discarded scripts offered. I really have a hard time to accept that this was their very best idea.
Finally, while still no one cared how Mac ended, the movie didn’t explain exactly what happened to Irina Spalko. Did she die? Or was she “taken” by the interdimensional beings (it seems they were inspired by this theory)… The way I see it, both explanations would work.

Although I focused on all the negative aspects, it seems, I didn’t think the movie was bad, just that it’s not the movie one could have hoped for (are they ever?) after such a long time being in progress. The rest is mainly good. This is the movie no one is angry about seeing, but most people won’t even consider going twice to. The IMDb rating of a ~7 seems fair, where Raiders is more of a ~9.

*Refers to a stupid radio moderator, who didn’t even know what Indy puts an his head… A, a… hat (the guy who gives Indy his hat in Last Crusade, is even called “Fedora” in the credits)? Geez… Seriously, you shouldn’t be on the air. Write a blog if you have to produce yourself… :P