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Crime Spree

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fountainhead [fówntin hed] (plural fountainheads)


1. source of stream: a spring that is the source of a stream
2. primary source: the primary source of something abstract

Dawicontrol 5.01

Version 5.01 for all their SCSI Controllers was released. They set a new record for long-time support. Bought mine 7.5 years ago.

* Made female Sabbat LaSombra only and swapped some Hallowbrook guns.
* Restored Eliza and Thistle effects to their original descriptions.
* Added icon to Giovanni lever and lowered Leopold barrel inspection.
* Locked Johansen in and fixed a possible bug in the Giovanni crypt.
* Made Venture debris stay longer and be visible through the windows.
* Allowed only one visit to each supply destination at taxi endgame.
* Fixed Steyr Aug damage and hid unimplemented dialogue history keys.
* Removed Wong Ho and Ming dialogue loops and added Luca domination.
* Fixed doors at Venture Tower and Temple and a lip-synchro for Phil.
* Corrected Al’s mumbling at the beachhouse and apologizing to Knox.
* Prevented entering burning warehouse and fixed all-clan Domination.
* Fixed some overlooked basic patch details like Galdjum at Tseng’s.


Trojan Horse

Enough is Enough

Damn Spam. This entry received 10 XXX Spams today alone… Had to remove them manually. Now I’ve switched to “registered users only”. Not that it will keep many legit people from commenting. I hope that helps a bit. I raised the allowed links to 3 before it’s filtered. Should suffice.

First I only wanted to install a Forces of Corruption mod that would add the Venator, but then I thought, why not install a mod, which adds the Venator, but even more? So I found this:

Download. With Pics.

No Drive

Tim Minears show Drive, which was canceled after incredible 8 days on the air (with only 6 episodes produced), had 2 more eps left unaired, but as Whedonesque reports, the air date was trashed and the last 2 eps may now never see daylight.

Recently I wondered, if add-ons were still updated, even when the exceptions were deleted.

I deleted all my exceptions, because I had tested and uninstalled lots of extensions and didn’t recall all the site-names, so deleting just the no longer necessary links wasn’t an option. After that, I noticed, that no updates were found for some time… Coincidence?

Some may consider it being stupid, thinking that extensions were updated as long as they are installed even without stored exceptions (could be a security risk, in some cases). But if I don’t want an extension I uninstall the extension and if I don’t want an update, I don’t install the update… So it would make some sense. But apparently that’s not the case (at least that’s what I was told). That’s why I’m adding all sites manually again.

Still, the Firefox add-on manager says everything’s fine, even when it’s not. The message “no updates found” doesn’t make me think “oh, it doesn’t install updates anymore, because the exceptions are missing”. What user would make that guess? Also, even if all exceptions are entered, when the homepage of an extension changes its address, the flow of updates stops, without informing the user.

3D Paintings

No Dark Skies





Not easy to get hold of some of their CDs. Not really surprising though:

Nachdem es lange Zeit ruhig um die Norweger ist, erscheint 2004 auch der Album-Nachfolger “Tonight, Captain?” beinahe unter Ausschluss der Öffentlichkeit. Der Song “Hey Baby” erscheint als Single, erfährt aber keine großartige Promotion. Da die Band 2003/04 auch noch ausschließlich in der Heimat tourt, hört man von der Rückkehr Briskebys hierzulande so gut wie nichts. Dies ändert sich auch mit Album Nummer Drei nicht, das die Band Ende 2004 in den Osloer Lydlab Studios aufnimmt. “Jumping On Cars” erscheint 2005 ausschließlich in Skandinavien.

Their second album appears without much public attention/with no advertising, they tour only in their own country, the third album is released in Scandinavia only. Why?