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I hate them! I really do. Do you know those websites, with content like “the 500 most naked women in the world” or “999 games you wouldn’t play for free” and every single entry is a separate page? Next, next, next… Are these secret tests how tough visitors are? If there is even a single person, who manages or is willing to click 999 times? Maybe the military gets recruits this way, for operations that require extremely high endurance. I don’t know.
They don’t put this stuff on a single page, so it would be possible to just scroll through it in one piece. Whenever I hit such a page, I immediately leave. I don’t even click the second entry. No way in hell. The sites I’m talking about, are also very short. Every entry barely fills one single screen. So there isn’t even the slightest reason to split anything up. Sometimes it leads to missing some content, because visitors don’t expect the existence of a second page, when there’s absolutely no reason for it. Could be a method to push ad revenue. I wonder if it pays off.


Apparently there’s no escape from Abrams, this guy is bloody EVERYWHERE! Cool vid though. Might have been an installment in one of my categories.

New Features for 3.18

* [2793283] Allow entry to override doubleclick setting.
* [2793280] Browse+Autotype added to configurable double click actions.
* Implement Virtual Keyboards for multilingual passphrase entry.
* DragBar now has ToolTips to inform user of its use.
* User can close the currently open database via the System Tray menu.
* Improved Merge reporting.

Changes to Existing Features in 3.18

* New toolbar icon set has been replaced with icons based on famfamfam’s silk set.
* Reworked Add and Edit dialogs into Property Pages.

Bugs fixed in 3.18

* [2795428] Browse+ on Toolbar now inactive if no URL present
* [2795427] Duplicate of “Display Subset of Password” removed from Context Menu (right-click on entry).
* [2789873] Status bar now updated properly after Browse to URL and other actions that copied data to the clipboard.
* [2782413] No longer crashes when loading 0302 formatted headers (from ~v3.08).
* [2779705] Reserved shortcuts (Ctrl+Q, Alt+F4 and F1) now work.
* Run Command now correctly copied via Drag & Drop.
* Allow all fields to be selected for Compare function.
* Fixed crash if renaming an entry to one that already exists.


It’s no coincidence, that there are twice as much entries in “Things I _don’t_ wanna see anymore in movies/shows” than there are in “Movies that didn’t suck”.

The demon/alien/shape shifter-thing that suddenly looks like a former buddy/lover/family member.

There’s nobody who’s not familiar with this situation: The hero is fighting demons and/or minions of the evil kind (okay, we barely get to see another…) in an old base/temple/pit/hell/school/average workplace with his favorite gun and all is well. Maybe he’s down to his last clip, but hey – that’s why he’s carrying a knife too (or even something cooler like a chainsaw!). It’s just what some people do on their own time. You gotta keep those idle hands busy.
Then there’s this nuclear/thermite plasma device about to go off. As if that would surprise anyone. You know, without nuking the whole area, the demons could escape. The whole world could be destroyed, when the evil is allowed to spread.
So the hero is on the clock now, to get out just in time (while the explosion is recognizable in the background). Not that it would be a real problem, BUT he didn’t meet the final enemy YET. And there simply MUST be one. Maybe it’s just a c-movie made for the “toughest” of audiences, but even here certain rules apply, even here you’ll have things they’ll never do.
Also, every hero has a person in his past, he was attached to, or felt responsible for. The boss enemy will now appear masked as this person, teasing the hero, with personal stuff he could never know. Instead of just killing the monster and walking out, the protagonist will listen to everything the evil incarnation has to say. Even if it’s the image of the useless best bud!
Sure, I met you ~30 years ago once on the street and you were an ass (that’s why I remember), I know it’s not that person and the thermite plasma will burn everything into oblivion in mere seconds, but here I wait anyway! Completely plausible! Why pay for therapy, if the demon does it for free?

If the hero has a team (which gets killed off before the end, except for the hot chick), the members of it are killed one by one. They’ll all fall for the same trick, although they know (at some point) there’s some serious shape shifting going on. None of them goes like, “Wait a second, wasn’t everyone else killed by a shape shifting demon?!? And they still try the same trick on me??? And what on earth would a naked Angelina Jolie do here anyway, in the deepest level of the Temple of Doom™ right across from the gateway to hell?!? How stupid do you think I am *beep*, take THIS!”.

In some scenarios a person is doubled (not every alien/demon has lots of imagination). 2 similar looking folks fight and the third dude has to decide whom to kill. Then one of them says “Kill us both!” and that’s the bad one, because he thinks the good one would say that, but the hero knows this and kills the right guy. Or if they are females he just kisses all of them and only the real GF knows how to do it right (hahahahahaha, it’s a movie!).

Old News

Because it’s from 2009/03/30. But I never read it until now.

Microsoft has announced that it is discontinuing its Encarta line of products. The software products will be gone by June 2009 and the website will go down October 31, 2009.


The software giant says that the “category of traditional encyclopedias and reference material has changed” and that “people today seek and consume information in considerably different ways.” It doesn’t go into more detail, e.g., lack of sales or Wikipedia’s tremendous growth.

Woah! If you still wanna download some updates, you better do it right now, or…

Typical MS, they trash such a huge product line and give absolutely no explanation.

If they would be cool, they would simply put all of it on a new website. Maybe they wouldn’t make huge amounts of money with ads or whatever, but it’s better than to simply throw away all of their articles. Lots of them were really good, IIRC.

I wonder what people do, who just bought Encarta and can’t download their online parts anymore, because the site is taken offline.

If Valve will ever shut down Steam, people will die of shock!

I’ve already talked several times about actual usability enhancements (in new operating systems, that they will never roll out to us, often in favor of crap no one wants or needs) in the past, but you know how it is, tons of the real important ideas go amiss.
A major enemy of every user is the focus stealer. Since it became mainstream in 1995, to operate multiple programs at the same time, it’s ever been a real possibility, that one program tries to gain user attention, while the person in question uses another.
It always runs down similar to this: The user is typing in a fluent fashion on his keyboard, the evil app pops up with SOMETHING and whatever it was is confirmed, because it’s impossible to stop typing this fast. Now something was just approved and the current input is at fault too.
Software could really be improved right here: Make it possible to switch it off completely, that any app can just throw in a message window while another application is in use.
This option is needed right now and can only gain in importance. Machines just get more and more powerful to run endless amounts of programs simultaneously, so the issue can only increase.

Firefox 3.5 RC3

Please read first.

Some never learn.

Anyways, RC3 is out.


Workaround Bug 489729 – Clicking a tab once and then moving your mouse in a downward motion causes a new window to open.

Much Like an Aura

Now here’s a level name that’s well deserved! I already talked about X-Blades a while back. There’s a move in this game called speed roll, which is activated by pressing W once for a very short time, waiting a moment and then pressing W + Space together. This is the only move capable of avoiding the falling blades in “Deadly Passage”. Problem is, even when pressing the keyboard combo exactly right, this move doesn’t always result. Handling is usually really good in this game, it’s just this move that doesn’t work as good. Oh and, of course, one contact with the blades is enough to suffer an on-screen death. There are 4 blades and it’s always “fun” when the move doesn’t work in front of the last one and therefore having to start over (no in-level saving available).
It’s necessary to pass this level twice in the game (the first go is just labeled “Deadly Passage”), but only the second round kills at first failure. So the first is still easy.

Here’s a video of the first one, where you don’t die instantly:

“It’ll be a lot like Paper Chase as a comedy,” Lawrence tells me. “It’s going to be a different show. It’ll still be life-and-death stakes, but if the show is just Scrubs again in the hospital with a different person’s voiceover, it would be a disaster and people would be mad.”

Lawrence is awesome. A lot of other folks would have gone the easy way. And it’s so true too. I would have been mad exactly about that.

(Neil Flynn has a costarring role as Patricia Heaton’s husband in the new ABC sitcom The Middle, so his name-challenged Janitor will be MIA.)

Really sad! But you can’t blame him, after 8 seasons everyone thought that’s it and was preparing for later, I take it.

You are addicted to downloading for sure, if you try to check out your client because you can’t even remember anymore what it is you are downloading right now and seeing that the download runs fast alone will make you experience some satisfaction, this fact alone suffices, while you are slowly forgetting again the reason why you tried to check out the client in the first place…

Firefox 3.5 RC2