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Keep flying!

Easy to see, yet easy to miss:

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Added civilian humanity loss to Giovanni, pier and Blood Hunt maps. Increased chance to notice the Ocean House killer and hid his axe. Made Giovanni snort girl mortal and added xp for Dementating Chunk. Restored female rat drain, male Hysteria, Mira and Heather sounds. Made more Chinatown enemies wield new blade and lowered it’s worth. Placed Gary in council cutscene and synced courtroom sword sounds. Gave .38 on tutorial completion and an xp but no items on skipping. Restored Yukie’s visible sword and moved Ra blade to Fu Syndicate. Added unused quest logs and missing muzzle flashes to the tutorial. Made Mercurio sell the body armor, but only after the Hallowbrook. Swapped a Tremere history and showed player alive at Anarch ending.

Corrected more misplaced props and replaced “DMP” flickering blood. Restored missing flamethrower stats and voices at Grout’s mansion. Repaired Romero lip-syncro, cut line and Strauss not giving reward. Fixed Milligan Pisha bug, Lotus Blossom key board and Carson’s pc. Created a few missing Malkavian lines for Damsel, McFly and Imalia. Fixed lines of Gary, Kanker, Venus, Jeanette and more text issues. Restored invisible tabletops and many absent light and lift cables. Renamed flaming to ‘Pyro Crossbow’ and adjusted the warrens dates. Added stealth bonus hints and cut Heather’s hair, thanks to MooCHa. Included Bloodlines editing tools and fixed a Pisha quest log bug. Adjusted Glock deploy sound and restored missing Desert Eagle ones.


Best Invest

Best thing I’ve spent money for in months (years?)…

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Months after testing it (Ubuntu 6.10) and already online:

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One of ’em is normal, the other safe mode or such. LiveCD booted fine though.

I’m currently watching these:

Trailer #10, Sparring 11,7 MB
Trailer #9, Horse Demon 2,4 MB
Trailer #8, Twin Hams 2,03 MB
Trailer #7, Fighting Styles 5,45 MB
E3-Demo (full) 166 MB
E3-Trailer 2004 12,0 MB
Trailer #4, Promo 29 MB
Trailer #3, Kämpfe 35,6 MB
Trailer #2, Interaktion & Umgebung 59,6 MB
Trailer #1, Promo 19,5 MB

Wow, I’m almost persuaded!

Also keep in mind that those videos are (from the older) XBOX (release) and not the now new released (and partially re-done) PC SE.

When WLM ads are removed with the a-patch, are they fully removed, or do they still load “in the background” and are simply/only no longer shown in the appropriate windows? I would like to know that. Does anyone know that?

Shocking Shit

Must read for 24 viewers. But beware, lots and lots of text. btw: I’m glad that I’m filtering out “the message”.

I encountered this one today for the first time (1.1),

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an empty spot, like one for a stealth fleet, appeared over a planet, but there is nothing. No units. Worse: If something is dragged there, it disappears without a method of getting it back. Just gone.
Han’s location is supposed to be Fondor

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but he’s missing…

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And so are R2-D2 and C-3PO (notice also that Han & Chewie aren’t even shown anymore as heroes in the top right).

Even more “dead spots” per planet can occur:

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Those “black holes” can only be “cured” with re-loading a previous savegame (does not help against already, in this savegame, vanished heroes – in this example Han & Chewie).

They first showed up, after I moved Han & Chewie over a planet and used a raid fleet on the planet, so that it was possible to land them as reinforcement, although raid fleets normally don’t allow this (but it’s possible because Han & Chewie are stealthed when alone/with other stealthed units). Maybe this triggered something, because it wasn’t planned this way. I don’t know, but I’ve never had this strange thing with another faction and the rebels are the only one with the raid fleet ability.

Serenity is seen in Battlestar Galactica: The Mini Series, when they show Caprica for the first time (because the same special effect guys, who did Firefly, are now doing BSG), and here, in Serenity (Firefly 1×01) we see a Lambda Shuttle from Star Wars! Wow! I’ve seen the Pilot like 10 times, before I noticed that and I listened to all Firefly Talk episodes and I think they never talked about it. Am I the only one?

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Yes I know, the picture could be better, showing all 3 wings more clearly, but you get the drift. The Lambda Shuttle is seen starting, with moving wings and then flying away, leaving no doubt behind.

Instead of telling what’s new, I wonder what’s new.


Beware: possible spoiler ahead!

Previously on IM (with m’ buddy Nowhere Man):

Everyone’s red it, motherfuckers complaining about Indy 4, Ford’s too old and shit, he doesn’t bring it anymore, he won’t kill nazi bastards like he did in 1+3, some other, younger actor should fill his place. I was always like “go to hell, it’s Indiana Jones, it’s Harrison Ford, Harrsion Ford IS Indiana Jones, as long as Harrison Ford will play Indiana Jones everything will turn out just fine”. Something terrible changed. I had to read, that he has a daughter now, Natalie Portman is supposed to be his daughter… First of all, I HATE movies with family shit. It’s like since 24 season 1 every motherfucker has to have a fucking family – what the FUCK is wrong with writers? I hate it when they have a family, dammit. Since 24 Season 1 every hero has to have a family to protect and rescue… It’s bad enough that after 24 S1 many Hollywood heroes did a 24 S1 “remake” (Bruce Willis in Hostage…) and Harrison Ford even did it twice (Air Force One as the President, later Firewall, where even his character name was JACK!), Indy 4 will be the third movie.

I didn’t have the slightest clue about Part 4, I knew nothing about the story (except that some of it will make jokes about his age, like in Lethal Weapon 4, basically like “We are old now and therefore aren’t able anymore to do stuff like the stuff we are actually doing right now nonetheless”). But with a family involved, everyone knows at least 30% of the story – before the movie even started production! Lots of scenes will be about Indy saving his daughter (major motivation for him like Jack Bauer in 24 “you mofo made a wrong glance at my daughter, now I will fucking kill you! Nazi scum or not!!!”) and of course she has to save him right back, to show that she’s really his daughter and that she’s not completely useless and all. The worst move would be, that a movie series followed with her alone (assumably like JarJar: The Series).

In the beginning Indy probably won’t know that he has a daughter (imdb rumors say Karen Allen will resume her role as Marion), great. So they will kill time with him learning about the existence of his daughter, introducing a motivation, why he has to spring back into action. Paying some tribute to his age, we won’t see him running through jungles and shit like he did 20 years ago. Once Indy meets his offspring, sentences like “you are as thick-headed as your mom” will be used, but he has to do what she wants, being younger, having therefore “fresh ideas” and they DON’T HAVE TIME (JACK!!!) to argue about it anyway. Damn, I’m already seeing this as pictures in front of my inner eye…

Maybe even someone will die, the mother (?) – for some tears and very emotional scenes, but it’s Indiana Jones and his daughter Lara Croft (or whatever her name will be), so they have to carry on with a grim determination, that they will take bitter revenge on the villain. In the end, similar to The Last Crusade, Indy and daughter will stand somewhere in front of shit, and he’s like “Damn, I was so worried about you, don’t do that shit ever again or I might kill you myself”, and she’s like “Oh Daddy, you always worry, but since you are so old it’s more like I will have to take care of you soon… Oh and by the way, I’m already on the next big thing, the plane’s going in 5 minutes, but you can come along if you like…”. He’s looking angry, but also a little proud, CREDITS.

I’m sorry, I think I’ve got to stop right here, otherwise someone might think I’ve stole the final version of the script and I can’t afford all that fucking legal shit, you know (and if this is continued, in the end, it just might look like the final version of the script :P). Also, it’s even starting to feel like I’ve already seen this movie!

We’ve already had too much of that in major-mainstream Hollywood pictures! And it’s not Rocky 7 you are producing, it’s Indiana Jones, we still care!

And seeing Harrison Ford and Natalie Portman on the big screen, people will be like “they should have made another Star Wars movie”. Even Steven Spielberg has lost some sympathy, with his War of the Worlds movie with Tom “Scientology” Cruise in it.

Hopefully I’m wrong, I will read this one for sure again, after I’ve seen the movie.

She’s gone, yes she’s gone. Like all good daughters, she told her mom she was out for some action and when she would be back, but she didn’t (come back). And now mom is worried. She has to do something about it, it’s her daughter for christ’s sake, but what? Oh yeah, let’s bring in Daddy.

Indy is seen at a party, “blabla having adventures, yeah I really did all that shit 20 years ago”.

Marion, his long lost flame enters the scene. “Hey Indy, sorry to disturb, the daughter (most used word ever), you didn’t even know existed, needs your help!!!”