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Changes in 4.5:

  • Lowered Dane computer difficulty and fixed more sounds and objects.
  • +Repaired Blood Buff not adding up and blocked Ash sewers map hole.
  • Restored three cage dancers and Venus’ laptop into club Confession.
  • Added Lotus key board inspection and fixed trailer key inspection.
  • +Swapped two of Gary’s quest emails and restored a silent Tung line.
  • Restored Giovanni cutscene sound and created an installer version.
  • Improved first Heather scene and updated MP clans and descriptions.
  • Added sounds to Muddy, Ash, Pisha, ghouling and jumping cutscenes.
  • Merged light-gone-after-loading fix with MemFix, thanks to Wabbite.
  • Made Vandal acknowledge payment and repaired wrong nosave messages.
  • Repaired text of Isaac, Trip, Gargoyle, Cal, Mercurio and Therese.
  • Fixed Mitnick appearing after quest and more invisible python bugs.
  • Made new Danielle lines rotate and more speeches stay in dialogue.
  • Removed morphine from CS and register sounds playing without Doris.
  • Fixed missing detail on Chinatown sewer map and minor text issues.
  • Adjusted Presence chance and description and anti-cheat conditions.
  • Lowered money from Julius to $100 and made leaving Pisha clean up.
  • Fixed the known inventory-and-container-bug, thanks to RobinHood70.

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