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Windows 8 VPN

“Windows does not really offer any good ways of setting up a permanent VPN connection that is stable.”

That’s quite the understatement, considering that the VPN implementation on Windows was never very well thought out. It was never possible to have a connection blocked if the VPN connection, for whatever reason, was disconnected. In that case the traffic would just resume unhindered over any other network connection that still existed. If this was what the user intended, he probably wouldn’t have created the VPN connection in the first place. So, quite frankly, the OS is deliberately acting against the user’s will. Unsatisfactory, to say the least. Of course it’s possible to do something against that default behavior, with some effort, but that’s not the point, because that’s not how an important feature should ever be designed.

Windows 8 now “adds to” this already lacking functionality with removing all redial options. This doesn’t just mean that the OS will be completely passive concerning a lost VPN connection, it also has the negative consequence, that any unwanted VPN failure will be fully invisible to the user. No information whatsoever. Windows 7 could at least display the redial window and thus have a chance of alerting the user to the problem.

I could comprehend that MS isn’t interested in adding anything to Windows 8 except their Metro stuff, but even crippling core functionality on top of such already questionable priorities, is all the more disappointing. This was discovered by lots of users during the preview edition of Windows 8, but back then people still believed/hoped it would change before the final release. Now even this is in the rearview mirror.


v8.3 09.09.2012

  • +Restored guard dog that can do damage to beachhouse, thanks Lenuska.
  • +Added missing steam to clinic, Ocean House, Vesuvius and Hollywood.
  • +Fixed female Gangrel idle and crossbow wield models, thanks DDLullu.
  • +Restored Kiki to Red Dragon and actors being killed at Ground Zero.
  • +Corrected new Knox line subtitles and removed cast autoexec binding.
  • +Restored Kilpatrick, Wong Ho, Yukie and pinball player’s sequences.
  • +Added shaking cables and a hidden Ash sewers whisper for Malkavians.
  • +Restored Mr. Ox’s pipe and made all restored gestures be plus only.
  • +Removed .38 of Flynn and made the GLOCK of Boris be plus patch only.
  • +Restored hot tub guy sequence and corrected Chastity disappearance.
  • +Moved Vesuvius barkeeper to Confession and changed invincible Larry.
  • +Changed Gangrel warform to wolf version, thanks to RR_DF_RaptorRed.
  • +Restored Pearl of Dubai as Celerity powerup and braid for computers.
  • +Removed Nosferatu change again, because it only affected the radar.
  • +Repaired temple Chang skin and gave katana to him and blade brother.
  • +Fixed first person hand for female Tremere, thanks to EntenSchreck.
  • Hexedited floats in parking garage and downtown hub, thanks DDLullu.
  • Fixed hacking Krimeputer and added missing particle impact effects.
  • Restored warform hopping again and five intersting place animations.
  • Repaired bad clockhands in intro, bailbonds and observatory levels.
  • Fixed sick bum respawning downtown and warehouse locked double door.
  • Removed bugged plaguebearer sewers lock and Mandarin dialogue loop.
  • Added BSPDetail, Blender, VampEd and import/export to Extras folder.
  • Restored SWAT rifle from Mercurio and dropped Chang blade in basic.