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T-he Con

Today I received a letter from T-Com/T-Online. Didn’t have anything to do with them for 2 years. All the letter said was “we received your message” and “we are processing it and will get back to you”. That left me somewhat puzzled, I didn’t order anything (nor send a message of any kind) and if they were doing something, why weren’t they telling WHAT in the letter?!?

So I had no real choice, I had to call them, maybe someone ordered something on my name, and I would be charged for it later on. That is a very logical conclusion everyone has to make, after reading such an otherwise cryptic letter.

Their hotline informed me, that the call would be recorded, when not choosing against it. I, of course, declined. Record yourselves if you like it that much. I started explaining to the hotline-person, that I received this strange letter and wanted to know what it really was about. She told me, that I accepted to receive info-letters on April 01 2005 (uhm, okay) and that T-Online sent therefore THIS info letter to me, but since they don’t have any new products to advertise, they send those letters/”Musterbriefe” (without any information whatsoever) instead! I admit I was speechless for a second… WTF?!?

Without telling her that this was THE most stupid thing I’d heard for quite some time, I asked her to delete me from the list of people who are “informed” with such letters. I guess I can do without them just as good.

Now I wonder how many people give the T-Online Hotline a call because of these letters (assuming they were just as confused as I was by this thing) and how much moolah that makes multiplied. A “side-effect” the company can live with, I guess (again).


20 MB on Gmail

Good news:

Increased attachment limit– 20 MB!

Now you can start sharing more of those home videos, large presentations and files you just can’t seem to get smaller. We have doubled the allowable attachment size to 20 MB to make your Gmail space even more useful.

Read on

So we learn that Chloe is pregnant. That’s bad. Really really bad. It will lead to:

– Chloe’s baby will be kidnapped. So she’s forced to do shit in CTU she really doesn’t wanna do. The situation could be resolved in 10 minutes by telling Jack, but she won’t do it, because she’s afraid harm will come to her child. *sigh* (Now and in the following I won’t list scenes from previous seasons where the same thing happened.) Unavoidable conversation between Jack and Chloe: Just because you risked your child for the job/because of the job doesn’t mean I’m ready to/have to risk mine…

– Season 7 begins 8.5 months later. Chloe’s a few “days” from giving birth (but everyone knows from the start it will happen at the end of the day/season). It’ll also be unclear why a pregnant woman in her last trimester’s still working. Okay, okay. It’s Chloe, she’s just needed. Now – the stress level is as high as usual, so Chloe has to lie down for 10 minutes every hour/episode, usually with Jack at the phone yelling at her “WE DON’T HAVE TIME!!!”. At the end of the day she gives birth, Jack delivers (or helps, maybe on the phone, while fighting off some bad guys) the child (eventually becomes the godfather) and pictures are made with the whole family, like in Lethal Weapon 4. Yeah, tell us about pros being back, AGAIN. The child may not have some things necessary for life yet, but it’s already safe from terrorists thanks to Uncle Jack (until it’s kidnapped again, because of the parents jobs).

– She’s at home because of the child. Yes, we learn this shocking truth and are surprised by it. Meaning she won’t be in all episodes, but will be reactivated some eps into the season. Jack has to convince her, to come back to work (successful of course), although she’s worried about her child all the time. Maybe she will insist that the baby is taken to some secured place, a safe house (so she has to worry less during the job), which is probably already in use as the terrorist-headquarters… (back to option one)

– Didn’t Chloe already have a baby at CTU she had to take care of? Like in Season 3? (Damn, and I tried so hard to NOT mention what had previously happened…) It was somehow connected to Jack’s daughter or… Whatever. The baby will scream and do all the usual baby stuff, so all CTU discussions are about being distracted by that.

– Jack’s back together with this woman, the Chinese had hostage, uhm, yes – Audrey. She’s now pregnant too. She and Chloe give birth simultaneously and it’s Lethal Weapon 4 all over again! AGAIN!!! Family photos!!! Photo albums at the end!!! Even the evil president no one likes (and everyone makes fun of) is allowed in the picture, at least he was in some seasons too.

– Worst option: Since Chloe took care of a baby for Kim, Chloe calls in Kim to return the favor… Kim will do the whole dreaded Kim routine and make the entire Season into torture, even when no actual torture is shown on screen. Maybe a puma will endanger the infant (Kim flees brilliantly with the child from the safe house/terrorist HQ into the next, magically near woods) and Kim pulls from her rich experience with wild animals to save it, or make a phone call (from the bunker of her crazy buddy, because her cell doesn’t work) and let someone else do the trick (after the baby saves her from “bunker-boy”).

– Chloe just says “go to hell” to everyone and leaves (with her offspring), never to be seen again. Countless people die (like always, so no real difference there) and chaos controls CTU until Home Sec and/or NASA take over. Without CTU support Jack has to do the job alone/completely on his own (like always).

Hopefully I’m wrong (in which case they will probably save those ideas for the 24 major motion picture, and/or Season 8 :P )…

If this isn’t a major reason to buy the DVD, then I don’t know what could be!

(This is, unlike the video on DVD with JW, only the ad itself.)

The marine in the trailer is so very correct. :) Screenshots. Artwork. Wallpapers.

Starcraft and Starcraft: Broodwar received a recent patch also. :)

Forceware 94.24

Fantastique! After only 6 month (last one’s file date on my HD is November the second) a new driver version for XP is released! Great thing that is.

My many frequent readers do remember: For some time it wasn’t possible to delete a Gmail account. But anon was right, the option has returned!

Now to give it a test.

When already logged in, go to

1. Settings
2. Accounts
3. Google Account settings
4. My services – Edit
5. Two options appear

Delete a Service
Delete Google Mail Service

Close Account
Close account and delete all services and info associated with it

The first one only deletes the gmail part, and keeps everything else tied to a new address. So this is the result of not only having a gmail address, but also an entire “google account”, no matter if the gmail was everything you wanted in the first place. So choose the right option here.

If all this confused you, you landed probably here:

Google Mail was successfully removed from your Google account.

Google Mail service was deleted from your Google account. You should now use to sign in to your Google account.

The services available with your Google account are: Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Google Alerts, Blogger, Browser Sync, Google Groups, Web History, iGoogle, Google Mail, Google News, orkut, Froogle Shopping List, Google Checkout, Google Talk, Google in Your Language and Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Click here to continue.

After an email was sent for confirmation of course.

Subject: Google Mail Removal Confirmation

We have received a request to delete your Google Mail account.
Once your Google Mail account is deleted, you will no longer be able
to send, receive, or access previous email from your account.
Within two business days of your request, your Google Mail account will be deleted.

If you still wish to delete your Google Mail account, click on the link below:

If you do not want to delete your Google Mail account, please ignore
this message and your Google Mail data will not be lost.

If clicking the link above does not work, copy and paste the URL in a
new browser window instead.

Thank you for using Google.

For questions or concerns regarding your account, please visit the
Google Accounts FAQ at

This is a post-only mailing. Replies to this message are not monitored
or answered.

Of course, clicking the link in the mail only triggers this:

Verify that you want to delete Google Mail from your Google Account

Enter your password to verify that you want to delete Google Mail from your Google Account. After deleting Google Mail, you can sign in to your Google Account with

Why do I need to enter my password ?

To help protect your privacy, we’ll sometimes ask you to verify your password even though you’re already signed in.

Gmail dead, automatically created rest still active.

But time to move on with

6. Following window appears:

Delete Google Account

Please read this carefully

You are trying to delete your Google Account which provides access to the Google services listed below. Please check each box to confirm your understanding that you will no longer be able to use any of these services and all information associated with these services and your account will be lost.

Now checking boxes

Google Mail

Google Talk

Please confirm this operation by providing your password. If you have any pending financial transactions you will still be responsible for those charges.

Next boxes:

Yes, I want to delete my account.

Yes, I acknowledge that I am still responsible for any charges incurred due to any pending financial transactions.

(Financial what?)

And click Delete Google Account.

Account Deleted

Your account has been deleted.

Nice ‘n’ easy. ;)

IMHO they work, give it a try. Some of ’em are congruent with Fasterfox, but most of them are new.

Nice collection of links, if the goal is to find some more books.

Check ’em out, I’ll start downloading some of ’em ASAP.


A4.00 –
1. For special customize settings.

Still wondering what that actually MEANS. ;)

Just found this podcast, where Tim Minear tells details from his previous shows, e.g. Drive and Firefly.

Crash fixed

cFosSpeed 3.91 build 1276

x Fixed crash introduced in beta 1275.

Yeah, some crash, “killing” the entire system. ;)

Steam this…

My internet connection died (for ~2 hours), happens sometimes, I don’t know what “they” do when this happens, most likely maintenance or something… Now my problem: I tried to play one of my Steam games, should be no big deal, or so I thought. Steam has an offline mode. But what happened? Steam started it’s update window and tried to download something (the dialog box showing nothing except a cancel button), this window stayed active for some time, vanished – the steam.exe file was still in memory and finally the window appeared, where the option “start in offline mode” was available. But when clicking it, this was shown instead:

Free Image Hosting at

and Steam closed itself. I repeated this 4 times. Every “passing through” took me at least 5 minutes. But the result stayed the same. I wasn’t able to play my gorram game. So much for the steaming offline mode, when you need it. Either you are online, or you aren’t able to play your offline game… It’s safe to assume that I wasn’t too happy about it.

The thing that sucked the most, was what I experienced when my Internet connection worked again, as soon as I started Steam, it immediately opened the main window, without going for an update. It was really all about having an active Internet connection…

It’s beyond any doubt, that something like this should never have happened. The offline mode is necessary and it has to work, I don’t know what the bug was, that took place, but it needs to be seen to. After the game is purchased and completely downloaded and updated, there is no need for an Internet connection for offline/single-player games, and further, it’s a simple fact that one can’t always be supplied, even for a flatrate user, who doesn’t have to pay for traffic or time any more.