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FOX cancels a Tim Minear show with Nathan Fillion in the lead. I guess the reason was Tim Minear built in hypnotic messages “YOU HATE FOX, YOU HATE FOX, YOU HATE…”, so they had to act, I understand. But it obviously was too late, the hypnosis already worked. :)

The final 2 eps will be shown whenever. TBA. Presumably at night, with notifications after it was on air.


Good news: The Defcon guys are aware of the 99% CPU issue in Defcon 1.4 and are working on a new patch. Can’t wait until it’s out.

Why don’t I know this? Need to see it. And why the &%&§%&$ wasn’t it picked up? What is wrong with this world?!?

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I recently red someones (random user) posting telling this would be “Beryl for Windows”, which made me try it. And I can only say no way dude, no way. Whoever claims this, has clearly never used the real thing. This solution is slow, while Beryl reacts like Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider games – fluently and organic, if you know what I mean. I’m not even talking about the lack of features, this is really “just a cube”, nothing else. But even here, dragging the cube with the mouse shows there is no real 3D movement, just a rotation around one axis. This sole fact gives it a very different feeling. There’s no need to discuss the other countless visual options Beryl has.

Don’t get me wrong, this is only about the statement “Beryl for Windows” which strikes me down. This tool is actually quite impressive, so cudos to the author – he does the (not small at all) deed proving, that every Windows OS could easily be equipped with true 3D effects/features using DirectX 9 and therefore having no need for Vista at all (I’m sorry, although 3D effects aren’t important for actually working with the PC, it’s remains to be a big point for many users). Especially when looking at the incredible small file size of 1,9 MB for the whole thing. Which simply shows how ridiculous many PR statements by a major company were (and are). It’s a look through the rabbit hole, how reality could be. Same effects with Windows 2000 (!) and without new graphics hardware (for DX10). This inconvenient truth tells us, that everything, which was designed (for the sole purpose) to force everyone to move to Vista and DirectX 10 (and to expensive new DirectX 10 graphics hardware), is actually totally unnecessary and could easily be realized under XP (even 2000) but with no additional expenses (which is why…). Even XP offers Shader 4.0 with OpenGL. Ahhh, should be clear what I’m saying, I’m just so very disappointed, because so few people notice this and even fewer actually protest – which should totally be the case. Being forced to buy new stuff for no benefits (for the users) at all? This is the reality we are facing here. Of course it’s not the first time this happens, nor the last, but was it ever SO obvious?

I wonder if this works…

…if I’m ever the vampire, or the evil overlord!

Valve offers a program for CyberCafes, where owners can run Steam over a Valve “master server”, instead of using individual Steam accounts. Or some such. However, one of these servers (which was used for billing at least) was hacked and credit card numbers (along everything else this server had stored?) were stolen. According to a news statement Valve released, these were the credit card numbers of the Cyber Cafe owners, not other customers. Also, it was said, this “billing server” had no connection to the regular steampowered servers. Meaning regular Steam accounts weren’t “played” with.

The hacker MaddoxX evidently had a forum up and running along some files containing “proof” for his “findings”. At least the original sources are offline now.

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The uglier part is, that some people claim Valve deleted topics on, which were linked to this incident. Questions by customers weren’t answered and news sites didn’t receive statements. Of course this pisses some people off and not only people who don’t think Steam is a good idea overall.

It’s sad, that Valve didn’t use this opportunity to gain some trust (by being more open and forthcoming), because even moments like these usually are opportunities to “rise and shine” – if treated proper.

Hopefully there isn’t more waiting to be uncovered. Maybe more details will become available, at a later date.

Just watched the ending (2×08) to this series, which confused me a bit, so I red this – don’t read it, if you’ve made up your own theories and want to hold on to them, because the ending is meant pretty much one way, without further room for interpretation.

Dawicontrol 5.00

Dawicontrol continues to amaze. New SCSI drivers even for my 7 year old DC-2976 UW host controller. Couldn’t have done better.

For more than 2 years I’m enjoying “boombastic” sound from my Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 sound system. Not a second where I had a regret about buying this. It’s just awesome. Seriously, if all the money I spent in my life did pay out that well…

I bought the set as bulk, retail was also available. The only difference was, the price was 30-40 bucks lower and it came in a neutral box, without a Creative stamp on it. So no real surprise for my choice. I wonder if they sold ANY of the retail packages (maybe that’s the reason why… but first things first).

A buddy of mine decided recently to buy the same set, but the first difference noted, was that only the retail version was left (to the original price of course). No bulk no more. He bought it anyway, for this price there’s hardly anything making a better sound-action than this thing nonetheless. After the purchase we noticed, that he had only 1 cable in the package, for connecting the subwoofer to the PC, while I had 2 different ones, one with 3/4 connectors and one with 4/4 – so the correct one for every solution was already “on board”. I even had an additional manual page for it (retail lacks that too).

Looks like the retail package “from today” got rationalized a bit, in comparison to the bulk set from 2 years ago. Creative sure is needy. Since the explanation paper is also missing, it probably wasn’t “taken from the package” either. Maybe Creative itself can shine some light on this. Maybe there’s an update coming. :P