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Since Gmail Manager 0.5.3 doesn’t work withe Firefox 3 any more (or at least not right now), I’ll switch to Gmail Notifier, which supports 3 just fine.



Just found this:

You want to build your own Ubuntu based livecd, having the complete control over the installed software but you don’t know where to start? Minibuntu is here to help you!

Minibuntu is a fully working Ubuntu livecd containing only the minimal set of software to make the system work. Minibuntu ISO image is only 138MB.

After downloading minibuntu you can use Ubuntu Customization Kit, Reconstructor or any other tool to remaster the ISO and add the software/configurations you want, building your own Ubuntu based livecd.

This surely fills a gap. :)

After Jacqueline McKenzie already spoke of costumes being sold (Dec-12-2007) etc. it didn’t look well for a possible Season 5, now the end was confirmed (Dec-18-2007) by Scott Peters (Creator / Executive Producer).

“4400” averaged 1,424,000 viewers in USA’s target 25-54 demographic last summer, well shy of its other original series “The Starter Wife” (2,343,000), “Burn Notice” (2,334,000), “WWE Raw” (2,273,000), “Monk” (2,253,000) and “Psych” (2,197,000).

It did however rank above fellow Sunday entry “The Dead Zone” (1,385,000) which likewise is not expected to return.

Now we’ll never know if Collier would have succeeded with his movement (and how). The end of S4 was just a starting point for me – for one of the most intriguing stories ever told in a TV show.

There were so many factions (the marked, government, 4400, p-positives – to name a few), thus offering nearly endless combinations. Some other shows may have pointed in that direction, but none (I can recall) actually ever did it. Showing the world changing (I’m not saying this to judge if for better or for worse, the audience might have learned that too – or should I say would have had the opportunity to decide for themselves) big time. Other shows picturing a different society (e.g. Star Trek) are already past that point of development, never during (a.k.a. done several times before, therefore less interesting). Because of this, I think of The 4400 as a much better series as the somewhat similar Heroes (which deals mostly with self-made problems).

The 4400 started slow, developing over every season, fueling into this arc (although it’s hard to say if the writers intended this twist from the beginning – however, this doesn’t even matter!). It’s many questions were both interesting and gripping. Should someone take the shot? Was Shawn’s approach the right one or Collier’s? No easy answers to stuff like this! Everything lesser than this might be entertaining too, but finds itself more likely inside the category “already seen before”. I actually asked myself what ability Tom Baldwin would have gained. Thoughts of that kind arise only if you care. The show could have kept going for 2 more seasons easily. Season 4 demanded a continuation more than Season 3 did, thus showing how cruel the world is. It had the best episodes of the entire series. The network should decide to realize at least a movie as conclusion.

Once more the wrong show was canned.

Are you one of the damned? Doomed to idle in the most wicked depths of IRC? I hope not. Even if you are, there may still be hope for you. The server you are using may crash and the owner might decide to let it be. This could actually be good motivation to live a righteous, proper life – to prevent being sent into this hell. But whatever you’ve done to end there, I’m sure you didn’t deserve it. Few do (rhymes, doesn’t it?). Just imagine the horrible, truly mind-shattering places, such channels can impersonate. It vaguely reminds of an experiment, where a few people sit together and try to communicate in front of a live audience, the audience now has to write down all the massive errors made. Errors, of which every single one is enough to prevent any form of reasonable communication in the first place.

[10:33:01] (surf3r) oh, damn, my HDD just died… I don’t know what to do…
[10:33:10] (surf3r) Might need some help
[10:33:20] (king) I think I’m hungry
[10:33:35] (megabOSS) hmmm… television…
[10:33:50] (d4n) Yes! just found my DVD!
[10:33:59] (driZZZt) Hyyy, wazzup guyZZZ???
[10:34:15] (l0l3r) haha! this picture is so funny!!!
[10:34:35] (l0l3r) why is no one laughing???
[10:34:55] (megabOSS) hmmm… just look at my hmmm…
[10:35:20] (king) don’t believe this, the kitchen door makes loud noises!
[10:35:40] (surf3r) hello???
[10:36:55] (megabOSS) hm…

Yet everyone continues to repeat these errors as well as introducing new ones, while behaving like none of this is noticed, yes – just as if it would be completely normal. Day after day, this ceremony takes place. In case of the exercise, the flaws are discussed with a professor, along lots of ideas to circumvent this in the future. But not so in IRC. In this environment with timestamps and logs people will ask what happened one row above their own text line.

[11:02:55] (tester) guys, I just started testing this new release of prog x!
[11:03:00] (tester) it’s so cool!
[11:03:05] (tester) I would’ve never thought that it would be that much better
[11:03:10] (tester) all the new options are on the left side! right above the green button
[11:03:16] (tester) but they are only visible after activating them with the blue button, then everything’s fine
[11:03:24] (tester) also the previous problems are fixed, that annoyed everyone here so much!
[11:03:35] (tester) just so it’s easier for you guys – I’ve already written a complete manual, get it here [link] it’s so detailed, all questions are answered! but it also has a short listing, just in case you don’t want to read that much or are in a hurry! :) enjoy!
[11:03:38] (chief) hm
[11:03:45] (chief) just installed the new release of prog x
[11:03:55] (chief) something doesn’t feel right
[11:03:59] (chief) are the annoying bugs finally fixed???
[11:04:15] (chief) where are the new options?
[11:04:25] (chief) why is no one helping me???
[11:04:30] (chief) you guys suck!
[11:04:40] (chief) typical, just ask some simple questions and no one will answer them!
[11:04:47] (chief) is there at least some kind of manual?
[11:04:59] (chief) since I can’t get help here…
[11:05:08] (chief) this isn’t funny anymore! I’m already waiting for 2 fucking minutes!
[11:05:19] (chief) I demand results!!!
[11:05:33] (chief) I have admin rights here, I can totally pawn you!!!
[11:05:46] (chief) who wants to be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After they were informed about that at least thrice, they’ll start asking WHEN this happened. Of course not without hinting how long they have waited for a response, in this scenario it’s fine to actually know how the f*cking clock works, as well as reading the timestamps. The coolest guys in IRC will always talk about problems and complain when no one else tries to solve them. Ideally this is done by just saying that there’s a problem. Going more into details is strictly forbidden, since this might end the absurdity. Another inevitable trick is, to explain the problem when no one else is in the channel, thus expecting later on, that everyone is informed. Thanks to this method, great flame wars can start, giving even the chance to switch to another topic entirely. The initial problem can always be brought up again later, to repeat all this in endless painful cycles. A good starting point seems to be, to ask the same basic IRC commands like twice a day. Every day. Don’t memorize anything, NOT EVER. The less someone actually knows, the more he’s IRC staff chief. The more harmless folks will stumble in the channel and immediately leave it again, because it took more than 1 second to answer them.

[12:00:00] (JayBee) Hi, this is me, everyone should start solving my problems NOW!
[12:00:01] (JayBee) alright, you had your chance, I won’t be responsible for what happens next!
[12:00:02] * Quits: JayBee (JB@no.time.ctu) (Client exited)
[12:00:04] ((h|03) wtf?!?

Since the example for poor sobs, idling alone for hours in a chan with 50+ clients, is very similar to the above (except for the premature quitting of course), I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Keep your distance to any possible continuations. And stay clear of any channels with similarities to this.^^

Alpine 1.00

You miss pine? You need it? You are not alone! Yes, the waiting ends here (wasn’t developed actively since 2005). Upgrade to Alpine 1.00. They are even “holding” a version for Windows.


I couldn’t help but take the first.

  • Made basic patch install as default and removed overlooked changes.
  • +Removed crossbow from Sin Bin and fixed Yukie double swords issue.
  • Included memory and widescreen resolution tools, thanks to Wabbite.
  • Many Malkavian lines added for blood dools, thanks to RobinHood70.
  • +Removed humanity for Dementating McFly and tutorial .38 on default.
  • Swapped Lily cutscene Phil with scrubs and adjusted Vandal’s line.
  • Made it possible to specify which clothes Heather should wear next.
  • Restored SM haven for traitorous Tremere and fixed sewer shortcut.
  • Re-did Ginger Swan knowledge fix and warehouse re-entering stopper.
  • Corrected boss flags for Mercurio, Chastity and Tzimisce Creation.
  • Fixed Venus’ reaction for persuading Boris and Asylum email issues.
  • Restored newscaster and Cal lines and fixed minor dialogue errors.
  • Repaired Imalia’s quest failure message and new Vandal alternative.
  • Fixed possible random crashes on exiting Grout’s Mansion and Dane.
  • Corrected hostess not getting elevator and phoning without a phone.
  • Added inspection to text at Society and a few more missing sounds.

Info. DL.