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There are already several good articles about the Mass Effect 3 EC, anyways… Of course the main problem with the ending was, that this is so fucking stupid that it hurts (yes, this hurts you), so extending on that, would not save anything significant. But this was announced right away, they always said they would not change anything about that. For me THAT gamble (no pun intended, seriously – but… why not) worked, I thought from the start, that they could hardly make it worse and they didn’t. The EC is clearly a lot better than the original ending.
At times it’s a little silly (or more than a little?), how they tried to bring some sense into plot holes, for example the squad members, who suddenly appeared somewhere else, are now shown as being picked up by Normandy, during the run to the beam, completely in the middle of Harbinger shooting at everything in sight. :D Only Normandy isn’t targeted at all and Harbinger waits graciously (!) until Shepard’s team members are gone and _then_ he continues to shoot… Ouch! It’s not just ridiculous, it also feels tacked on, and not just because I’ve seen the original. It comes across as if an action hero would suddenly pause, sit down and drink a coffee during a hectic gunfight with lots of explosions and the bad guys would give him enough time to drink until he’s no longer thirsty. That’s nothing you’d normally see outside of a slapstick comedy. It hasn’t gotten any less weird and it’s still very hard to comprehend, how it’s possible that supposedly the same group of people, who made the rest of the game, are responsible for this ending-scenario/part/idea/solution… Artistic my ass. Clarification: I’m not criticizing that they fixed it, I’m disappointed that they set it up in a way, that it needed fixing (although the problems must have been obvious right away) and something must be really flawed, if it stays weird even if you do do your best to explain it…
So the “clarifications” feel mostly like retcons. Another example would be, that the relays are now no longer destroyed but overloaded (muahahaha)… As far as unsubstantiated rumors go, EA forced BioWare to do this EC, so that their top money-making franchise wouldn’t (dead) end in a state that would make further games highly unlikely – at least if you would apply any logic to that. So now everything is just peachy (in the sense of allowing sequels) when the ending starts rolling. Everything that was destroyed will be rebuilt, just way more awesomerer. Who knew.
The new ending slides are quite cool, they cover way more states than I would ever have anticipated. They have an answer for pretty much every major character depending on him/her being alive/dead in the respective player’s game. Sometimes, I think, it’s still a little buggy. In my (destroy) ending, Garrus wasn’t standing in front of the memorial wall with the rest of the crew, although he was alive, there is even an empty space where he would have stood in the control and synthesis endings. Same goes for some character-slides (Jack and Miranda didn’t appear in my ending, although the DLC has several pictures for them built-in), that were never shown, despite the missing individuals being alive and well too. Sometimes the conditions are unclear, amongst which a certain slide would appear. The slides are also usually uncommented and have to speak for themselves, there’s no text and the audio narration doesn’t necessarily address them specifically. Of course a relaxing Zaeed doesn’t require a huge explanation, but not all slides are like that.
After this DLC was released, there was also new information about the first bigger singleplayer DLC and after constantly making so much fuss about this being the end of Shepard’s story, it’s strange to have new content that requires you to “go back” and constantly poke at the whole… it don’t know what to call it anymore at this point. I’d like it more, if they’d just pick a new character out of the many that survived and made their stuff featuring them. Believing in rumors, that’s what they gonna do for the next bigger game anyway.
Since this is the end, let’s look one more time at the original and new “buy more DLC” messages from EA/BioWare… :)

PS: For the Extended Cut, they altered the EMS that players need to see all the scenes. It’s now 3100, so for the first time “everything goes” even without having to play MP.

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Alyx Vance always kinda reminded me a little bit of Rosario Dawson and she certainly would have been my first choice for an HL movie. Now, with Syndicate, there’s a game in which it’s actually her voice and likeness. Yes.
Syndicate is obviously something that is easier to like for people like me, who never played the original game, that belonged to an entirely different genre. Why this is even done (re-using old franchise name for entirely different genre) is a little beyond my comprehension, considering that either you know the original and then hate what they’ve done OR you don’t know the franchise at all and won’t care about the game more than you would for an entirely fresh entry. But here we are. The shooter is solid and doesn’t have any severe weaknesses, but the same can be said about its strengths. Running through the levels often feels like being a tourist, it’s not very involving to do so and the story feels like pretty much the same would happen without the player character being there. The reason why I care at all, is that it is one of the games, that could have been great, not just mediocre.
The gameplay is not just running and gunning, the protagonist has some abilities that are useful during fights and are sometimes necessary for solving some minor riddles which would otherwise block progress.
I think that people who are totally into the genre and play every okay-title belonging to it, should be happy with Syndicate. Whoever filters more severely (for whatever reasons), probably shouldn’t feel like missing a highlight, if skipping this.

v8.1 27.06.2012

  • +Restored third person Thaumaturgy animation, thanks to EntenSchreck.
  • +Fixed tutorial guard Humanity issues and getting stuck with Gimble.
  • +Added Fortitude, Potence and more particles, thanks to Entenschreck.
  • +Restored private dance for Misti and Beckett leaving the warehouse.
  • +Improved new idling and new bats, thanks to Entenschreck and Malkav.
  • +Restored Andrei scene and Presence effects, thanks to Entenschreck.
  • +Moved new Gary poster quest items around to prepare for library map.
  • +Improved poster quest logs and canceled Vandal quest on paying him.
  • +Added missing Animalism particles and update to Ash’s Leopold quest.
  • +Restored an Ocean House ghost sequence and missing tutorial sounds.
  • +Added Blood Eye as Purge partial resistance, thanks to EntenSchreck.
  • Improved cameras of Nines’ intro, roof exit and epilogue cutscenes.
  • Fixed claws usage in gallery, Hallowbrook Hotel and Grout’s mansion.
  • Corrected Yukie and Pisha dialogue issues and restored Nines’ line.
  • Restored Venture Tower bodies after Sabbat attack, thanks to Malkav.
  • Removed illogical first SM quest info and fixed minor text details.
  • Fixed impossible warrens start location and teleporting at junkyard.
  • Added cfg and scripts for modding, thanks to Dheu and EntenSchreck.
  • Restored three more histories for each clan and minor level details.

At first I felt like this movie was a little bit too similar to Super, but it’s an entry in its own right still.