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Because onboard sound rocks…

You can download it here.


A3.81 –

  • 1.Fix 8-channel noise issue for NVIDIA chipsets.
  • 2.Fix “World Of Warcraft” game noise issue in ATI chipsets.
  • 3.Update Realtek 3D engine.
  • 4.For special customize settings.

I’ll install it asap, because I’ve got a few minor glitches every now and then. Sounds like the mentioned noise issue. I’ll see. ;)


XviD 1.1

XviD 1.1 is out. This is the first final after 1.0.3 one year ago.

pre-compiled for windows

Changelog (koepi):

  • {core}: Field interlaced decoding.
  • {dshow}: Additional fourcc support.
  • {vfw}: Small updates.
  • {installer} updated 31.12.2005 at 8:30 a.m.

Of course the sources are available here.