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Just found that while surfin’

Not played yet, but the story sounds great:

Victoria McPherson is a brilliant young FBI agent who’s investigating a serial murder case. The body count is now at five and she has no real leads, nothing but a mountain of circumstantial evidence and a boss who’s breathing down her neck.

In order to take a break from it all, she decides to visit her father in the suburbs. Since it’s close to the Christmas holidays, she and her father talk about their family, including Victoria’s grandfather, who used to be a private investigator. This discussion leads Victoria to read one of her grandfather’s old case files, a file which reveals an uncomfortably high number of similarities between a seventy-five year old case in Europe and the current string of killings in Chicago…

The Demo (247 MB)

No idea how old/new this is, but as long as it’s good that doesn’t count anyway. :)


Since Troika is history, it’s up to the fans to enhance the game. 1.4 is a fan patch, that requires an already installed 1.2 retail patch.

1.4 Fan Patch

Readme is a long one, so I won’t post it here.

After finishing it many many times, I can only say that playing as malkavian is the most rewarding experience. Others have disciplines like “stronger melee” attacks, but that’s boring. Being invisible or making others insane (while being it yourself) is much more intense (not to mention the outfits of the female malk). Just remind the scene at the players haven, when the anchorman starts talking to the PC. :))) Also completely different dialogue options AND different NPC reactions to your PC are worth a replay. Mightiest clan is Tremere, the “mass suicide” discipline (also available for clan ventrue) combined with the blood magic ability is unstoppable. Lame disciplines are stuff like “celerity” moving faster, that’s… uhhh – looks nice, but that’s it. Don’t forget to take the “deluxe version” of the katana sword in the Hollowbrook Motel.

And finally:

Crane Elephant

Dragon Cat


Everyone who needs it knows what it means. :)

The patch doesn’t fix everything and it also brings new bugs to the game… For example talking to Handmaiden on Telos Academy saying the second option will crush your game. I can only recommend to use alle the fan fixes from this page.

US Patch DL


* Added voice lines for Opo Chano when the PC states they can repair the protocol droid themselves on Telos (dark side)
* Added support for the Intel i915 chipset


* Corrects a crash issue at the beginning of the dialogue after entering the Harbringer
* Corrects a crash issue when transitioning between B-4D4 to the main character after Czerka Mainframe quest on Telos (light side)
* Corrects an art issue with NPCs that appear in the mine foreman’s log on Peragus
* Corrects a geometry issue inside the Jekk Jekk Tarr bar on Nar Shaddaa
* Corrects an issue with ATI Radeon cards being incorrectly reported in the swinfo.txt
* Corrects an issue with Atton missing from force cage in the Telos Academy
* Corrects swoop race forfeiting issue. Players can now win races after forfeiting a race.
* Corrects an issue with the swoop bike getting stuck in air in the swoop race mini-game
* Corrects stuck issue when reboarding Ebon Hawk on Nar Shaddaa
* Corrects a text/voice mismatch in Kreia’s dialogue on Malachor
* Corrects a scripting issue with Batano quest on Telos (light side)
* Corrects a scripting issue with Devaronian conversation on Telos
* Updates a journal entry for “A Hidden Power” quest on Korriban
* Updates a journal entry for the “Fuel Sabotage” bonus mission on Telos
* Master Vash’s corpse will now yield a lightsaber if you have a lightsaber when you kill him on Korriban (dark side)
* Khoonda Gun Turrets will no longer appear if you destroy them on Dantooine (dark side)
* Reduced the repetition of party members’ voice lines when opening doors and containers


* If you experience a crash when patching the game in Windows 98 or Windows ME, please make sure that you reboot your system before attempting to repatch the game.
* Please reboot the computer if any issues are encountered during the patching process.