Archive for February, 2013



  • +Shortened library level cutscene and killing actions at Ground Zero.
  • +Improved library riddle, boss navigation and fixed bookcase issues.
  • +Added and fixed some last library textures, thanks to burgermeister.
  • +Fixed idles with Imalia and Mitnick and changed horror tape titles.
  • +Made Nosferatu break Masquerade easier and Romero return once again.
  • +Restored Ocean House valve, sprinkler, cans, doors and some sounds.
  • +Fixed Danielle and Gimble problem and a misplaced Ocean House spark.
  • +Moved easter eggs hint from note to restored laptop at Luckee Star.
  • +Restored two menu effects and unused Pisha eyes for LaSombra female.
  • +Repaired Blood Shield light effect and updated Presentable history.
  • +Removed Domination’s mass suicide to add sleep, thanks EntenSchreck.
  • +Restored Malkavian disciplines Veil and Voice, thanks EntenSchreck.
  • +Fixed Thaumaturgy disciplines not working again after player frenzy.
  • +Changed Jian into broadsword and armed Chang brother with a katana.
  • +Restored ten scenery props into sewers and Hallowbrook Hotel levels.
  • +Improved Bloodheal sound and restored HUD sounds and botch message.
  • +Added way to get a new discipline from Beckett, thanks EntenSchreck.
  • +Restored water, steam, fire and vomit effects, thanks EntenSchreck.
  • +Fixed dead guard acting at Skyeline Apartments and stuck headrunner.
  • +Restored character creation questions and a sewer-cabbie animation.
  • Improved tutorial popups and removed forced Andrei speech subtitles.
  • Prevented Tommy Flayton from writing restaurant review when killed.
  • Restored Heather before talking to Prince but referred to new haven.
  • Removed hatch reflection and updated and restored model sewer maps.
  • Deleted computer restorations from basic and restored two passwords.
  • Removed getting poster from VV in basic and fixed guard bodies bug.
  • Fixed double business card, clinic guard, Damsel and Isaac problems.
  • Repaired warrens and boiler pipes and reconciling sisters extra XP.
  • Added SweetFX to Extras folder, thanks for the tip to Caner Özdemir.