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Flash on.


Realtek 3.92



Made all enemies drop their weapon when killed except the Brothers.
Added missing inspection node to Bertram’s CD and many more items.
Unlocked doors to Boris for Venus quest and lowered Dema condition.
Removed .38 got for skipping the tutorial and added the quest log.
Swapped histories around again to alter those that made no changes.
Lowered .38 ammo price and time when crossbow bolts are available.
Added humanity loss for sending Copper and a wrong bloodpacks line.

Moved misplaced Ra texture folder and corrected female wield model.
Restored exploding King’s Way runner and altered book loading tip.
Fixed options when asking Trip for weapons and a Prince line error.
Removed respawning warehouse thugs and missing beachhouse weapons.
Made clinic guard not open doors twice and added a Nurse condition.
Fixed Eerie Presence bonus and reactivated the downtown sewer map.
Repaired possible Gallery crash on entry and resetable quest state.

Can be found here.

I used xkill on the gnome-panel, like several times before, but this time it didn’t reload. Haven’t found out why. After that it started only partially and was frozen, no clicks worked, just like it was a part of the wallpaper. Restarting X gave the message that the panel was already running. Luckily I remembered the shortcut I gave the terminal, otherwise I would have been locked out of X.

killall gnome-panel

just restarted the frozen panel. I used

sudo gnome-panel

and realized that it wasn’t system wide, only my profile was damaged. So I began to delete gnome settings, hoping that I could get rid of the broken ones. Bit by bit everything was back standard again, just the panel stayed broken. In the end all I could do was to delete my user account and create a new (man adduser).

What I’ve got now is a fresh account similar to one shortly after installation, but with less settings already configured. XGL is still running, that’s a relief. But, Synaptic is still not working. This problem had nothing to do with my profile, I tried to start it before.

synaptic: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory

Gotta figure that one out and repair as much as I can. I won’t re-install the entire system because of this, although I have to make all profile settings again anyway.

I have to admit it, the music alone is addicting, although some might think of it as annoying. :D However, I just saw Sonic as flash game and Now I’m playing through it as Tails (I always prefered Tails). Sonic rocks! Go play it. :)


Damn, I really thought I’d found the trigger, but I didn’t. So I switched back to because this is really annoying. Writing a long text and then watching it vanishing. At least the downgrade caused no problems, as far as I can tell.

Feels good to have it stable again, the browser is the most important piece of software on my machine (or at least most used).

I’m also thinking about removing the links to the VD homepage. It already annoys me that it made me thinking about it in the first place (no, not because of the thinking itself).
And here’s a picture of “the downside”, I wanted to add one for some time now.

The downside

I’ve added it to my own Calendar. That’s obviously not mine. But the link had to be somewhere, right?

Windows XP (KB920872)

Sounds serious. :P

This is a reliability update for Windows XP machines. Install this audio component update to prevent memory corruption issues which may cause an unstable state on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

I’ve just found out why Firefox is crashing so often when making entries in WordPress.^^ :D The cause seems to be the spellchecker (which I don’t need anyway, I’m not ashamed of my misspellings!). To make an end to this, just set


to 0. No crash thus far!

eMule Content Database

The first time I hear from the eMule CDb! It’s split into 5 categories, software, music, games, movies and miscellaneous items.

Seriously, you have to watch this!

Looks great, doesn’t it?