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Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys



With this version, the new toolbar works again as it should.

Bugs fixed in 3.12

  • [1855658, 1436850] Implement font for password display correctly.
  • [1850271] Save after Compare no longer corrupts database.
  • [1849881, 700973] Pressing a character in the List view will now jump to the next entry with text beginning with that character in the second column. This is a change from previous behaviour, which only looked in the first column, now occupied by the icon.
  • [1849830] Help now works properly for Manage->Option, displaying the relevant topic.
  • [1849818] Browse-to no longer falsely reports “failed to browse to URL”.
  • [1843631] “Browse to Icon” now correctly shown using new Toolbar.
  • [1841525] Increasing the number of passwords saved no longer deletes the existing Password History.
  • [1833609, 1535341, 1502036] Fully support multiple monitors.
  • [1749268] Mouse clicks on tree view plus/minus boxes now works correctly.
  • [1670193] Better Vista support (Allow use of Windows Common Controls V6 with Vista).
  • [1478022] User no longer needs to save a restored database before it can be exported.
  • [1440693] Fix standard keyboard access to context menu (Shift+F10).
  • Allow Expand/Collapse for read-only databases via toolbar.
  • Set focus to new view on switching between Tree <-> List views.
  • Update toolbar when view changes (List <-> Tree).
  • Set title bar text when opening a database at startup.
  • Allow List view to process all characters e.g. Page Up/Down, Home, End, Arrows etc.
  • Fix program crash on clicking CompareResults dialog header.
  • Toolbar Save button correctly enabled after drag & drop operations.

Changes to existing features in 3.12

  • [1885710, 1852862] When re-showing the Find toolbar, any existing search argument is selected to allow easier deletion and modification.
  • [1865009] Give user advanced option to ignore whitespace-only differences during compare.
  • [1846688, 1224373] When generating a new password, it is no longer displayed in a separate window for approval. If you want to generate another password, just click on Generate again. If you want to revert to the existing password when editing an entry, just click on Cancel.
  • [1841221] During drag & drop, a 1.5 scond delay was introduced before expanding a group that the cursor “hovers” upon.
  • New disabled buttons for New Toolbar.

New features in 3.12

  • [1842449, 1000639] Implement standard F3 for repeat Find shortcut.
  • [1838738] Implement minimum lengths of types of characters in the password policy i.e. 3 uppercase + 2 lowercase + 1 digit etc.
  • Implement individual password policy for entries that will override the current database policy.  User can still override the individual policy or the database policy.
  • An entry may have multiple references, or “shortcuts” to it, similar to Windows’ shortcuts. These may be thought of as “synonyms” of the entry. To create a shortcut, drag an entry with the right mouse button pressed.
  • Graphics added to menus.
  • New password generation option: Pronounceable passwords. Thanks to Tom Van Vleck, Morrie Gasser, and Dan Edwards.
  • [1676241, 1511829, 1436850, 1426250, 1078998, 996240, 771845] Allow user to select a font for Passwords, so that similar characters can be distinguished e.g. 0 & O, 1, I & l.

1.2 to 4.8 (145 MB) / 4.7 to 4.8 (37 MB) / Changes

v4.8 22.02.2008

  • +Recovered grenade as Intimidation powerup and fixed netcafe laptop.
  • +Created new Gary quest to swap pull toy prop with poster of Tawni.
  • +Added humanity points for granting money to haven bum and Mercurio.
  • +Made killing pier cops result in loosing humanity and gave one the baton only.
  • +Changed Pearl of Dubai powerup to Charisma so Nosferatu can use it.
  • +Swapped Gary’s quest order and his CD for a box with vacuum tubes.
  • Made Isaac give his gift earlier and SWAT cops use Steyr Augs only.
  • +Exchanged knowledge requirements of high computer and dodge books.
  • Fixed side quest breaking bug at Empire Hotel after speaking to Boris.
  • Made Carson pack his laptop and fixed bad loading tip word choice.
  • Fixed Imalia still being pissed off when you sold her the magazine.
  • +Added overlooked humanity loss when killing Phil at the SM clinic.
  • Corrected bad Ming Xiao, Tzimisce fatguy and Ra blade damage stats.
  • Restored sound to Bach’s grenades and fixed minor dialogue issues.
  • Delayed reaction to changes of Heather’s state in medical computer.
  • Updated netcafe entry for Tawni Sessions dependent of quest state.
  • Placed serial killer card more reasonable and restored more sounds.
  • Prevented continueing the Tawni quest after you have been noticed.
  • Added gestures to a Jack tutorial line and fixed stealth kill icon.
  • Fixed Ming dropping out of dialogue and a possible Gary phone bug.

TrueCrypt 5.0a

Wikileaks Torrents


Now that’s a change from previous versions! It’s pretty cool that those things are taken serious.


Download (145 MB). Download 4.6 => 4.7 (13 MB). Changes.

(+) denotes further improvements and restored content

v4.7 14.02.2008

  • +Created seperate quest for freeing Ash from the Society of Leopold.
  • +Added seperate quest and an xp for saving Heather by ghouling her.
  • +Created seperate quest for Gary’s posters and lowered some of them.
  • +Added seperate quest for exploiting thin-blood Copper by the pier.
  • Made inventory icon and damage stats visible for the Protean claws.
  • Added patch version information to base character creation window.
  • Forced talking to Boris sequence even if you removed Dema silently.
  • Prevented Gary’s posters from appearing also in your unused haven.
  • Restored cash box item into Gallery Noir and added inspection node.
  • Seperated Malcom’s overlapping diplomas and fixed some more sounds.
  • Removed Heather reference on Malcom’s computer after she has left.
  • Repaired bugs regarding quest updates when talking to the Mandarin.
  • Turned power on and timer off on re-visiting the Kamikaze Zen map.
  • +Fixed bug that prevented the CD quest to initialize in a rare case.
  • Removed Kuei-jin’s burning death and invisible block at warehouse.
  • Locked a double door in Ming’s temple that would open accidentally.
  • Added quest logs for Isaac’s gift and replaced Dane report object.
  • Fixed a Vandal endgame condition and removed more Nadia not-voices.

Already mentioned earlier, the first book is now ready for download.



1985! :O


  • Improvements to new Default User Interface:
    • New built-in Media Library Search dialog, with advanced autoplaylist creation features.
    • Configurable left/center/right alignment of custom columns in Playlist View.
    • Usability: switching layouts now flashes labels to reduce user confusion.
    • Ability to customize toolbar buttons.
  • New: Warning popup when trying to close foobar2000 while tasks such as conversion or ReplayGain scan are active.
  • Various UI responsivity improvements and speed optimizations; much faster Album List refresh with large libraries.
  • Usability: positions of various dialogs are now remembered, relative to their parent windows.
  • Properties dialog: “Tools” button, “Automatically Fill Values” can now use clipboard as source.
  • Converter clean-ups, ability to manually edit commandline encoder executable paths through Advanced Preferences.
  • WMA handling bug fixes, ability to store arbitrary metadata fields in WMA tags.
  • ID3v2 tagging compatibility improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Check ’em out!