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VIA Updates

VIA Velocity Family Gigabit LAN driver Version – 3.1

VIA Hyperion Pro Driver Package Version – 5.14A


NTFS junction point

Recently I received a great tip, sometimes programs store their data in a fixed location, without giving the user an option to change it. That can be really annoying, when it’s a small OS partition or something. Since Windows 2000 NTFS offers junction points, which reroute data to a user-defined location. Windows itself doesn’t bring a whole lot of support for it, but there’s Junction or ntfslink. Just notice differences between 2000/XP and Vista. Some of the linked software may not work for the latter.

1. Update Realtek 3D engine.
2. For special customize settings.
3. Fix blue screen issue.


  • Changes in 4.3:Improved Bach and Johnny cutscenes and the Chang brothers immunity.
  • Added Nosferatu option for Vandal’s quest and a gascan inspection.
  • Unhid special situation in Chinatown and fixed prostitute hair bug.
  • Restored over 60 unused lines, thanks for the list to RobinHood70.
  • Prevented dead Chunk from dancing and fixed Lotus tub guy reaction.
  • Restored over 30 missing sounds and removed crackhouse respawning.
  • Made prostitute leave you when attacked and removed some more keys.
  • Raised Romero training stats and added Intimidation option for Ji.
  • Allowed some more feeding from Heather and improved her last scene.
  • Restored crossbow damages and fixed Blood Buff effect for Tremere.
  • Installer created as seperate archive, many thanks to Paul Moloney.
  • Made Pisha’s quests fail on fight and fixed gallery bar inspection.
  • Fixed Vandal’s freebie and Venus’ cut rate, thanks to RobinHood70.
  • Repaired dialogue bugs of bum, Mercurio, Tseng, Yukie and Danielle.
  • Corrected sewers level load orientation and two comfort reactions.
  • Fixed new line on phone not working and minor log and text details.
  • Unstuck Ricky and swapped a few prostitutes to seperate like ones.
  • Repaired Cal not letting you up and dead Mercurio sending an email.
  • Corrected Flynn giving guymag for free and a Nadia dialogue error.
  • Fixed laser beams again and removed Patty’s corpse from Confession.
  • Repaired Jeanette scene blood condition and Giovanni backtracking.
  • All dialogue and python scripts streamlined, thanks to RobinHood70.



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