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Since I already wrote down pretty much every bug I encountered in my entire playthrough, I won’t have to say another negative word about this game. Because there is nothing else that’s dragging it down. I finished the game and I’m sad it’s over, because I would have loved to keep going. I measure Kickstarter projects almost solely by checking if they lived up to their initial promises (and if I wouldn’t like those, I just wouldn’t back in the first place). This one fulfilled all of them. Easily. I could go back to the first video of the KS campaign and would only see confirmed how they nailed the pitch.

All the central elements were very much to my liking. The writing, even the graphics (and I only say even because I read too often people didn’t think too highly of them). From the first scene it’s obvious they nailed the tone necessary to make this setting feel great. I also can’t underline how successful the element of the radio was used in the game. It was the perfect utilization of voice in a game that’s mostly based upon text (which I prefer for this type of game). It’s better than the audio podcasts/voxophones in BioShock and that says a lot.

The character work in there might not be the deepest I’ve ever seen in a game, but what’s there works, is memorable and certainly effective. It must have been, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to recall so many of Ralphy’s dumb one liners. Seriously, this guy comments on absolutely everything, it’s glorious! :D
In some of the conversations I actually paused and thought for a few moments before answering, because some of the bad guys actually came up with decent points. Even the Witcher games never really got me to do that and they too specifically aim at only throwing players into rather ambiguous situations. Here their motivations are quite solid.

What’s there left to say? Everyone who was disappointed when Fallout 3 was first person has to play this. This game has everything. Tons of weapons, items, quests, characters, locations, choices, intrigue, FUN, exploration, endings, a 1000 different references, […] – seriously, what more could anyone ask of such a game? Let’s get real here.

As soon as the dust settles and a patch has come out, I’ll play it again from the start. It’s that kind of game that I want to play more than once.

PS: The only reason I don’t have that many screenshots this time, is that I was so involved/absorbed/engaged in playing, that I usually forgot to make them…

PPS: More custom portraits for Wasteland 2:

WL2 2014-09-22 20-41-37-84

Update 8: Wasteland 2 Patch 6 Changelog (65516)

Update 7: Wasteland 2 Patch 5 Release Notes (61997)

Update 6: Wasteland 2 Patch 4 Changelog (60863)

Update 5: In my new playthrough, I encountered a rather serious bug (yes patch 3) I wouldn’t have expected at this point, going for peace between Hollywood and the Bastion results in the main characters going hostile (once approached in the observatory), making it impossible to complete the quest with the desired outcome. I doesn’t even fail the quest lines to kill them, they just remain open, unsolvable. Also see [SPOILERS] Can’t complete final Griffith Park quests and Mcdade, Veronica, and Fealty are hostile, concerning this problem.
The “workaround” is to not kill the gate guard (the one with the turrets on top) and also not the people in front of the Bastion, although all of them are hostile (the combat encounter ends when staying out of sight, at least). It’s then possible to go inside, make peace/get the quests to sign off as completed and get out where everyone is still hostile and can only be killed (although they should all be allies now, story-wise), but it doesn’t effect the quest line anymore. I did it like this and got all the ending slides/epilogues I wanted. Yay!

A few other (usually very minor) things are still in there too:

– Commander Danforth still claims (on the radio once returning to the world map) the Rangers murdered Pitbull in Rail Nomads, even if he was just paid off and left alive
– once the cows in Damonta spawn at the hotel, they aren’t removed from their original spot near the hangar (this is the case since the beta :D)
– Mr. Paladino in Angel Oracle still keeps asking for his watch back (in his barks) after he has already gotten it
– there is still no door symbol for Heidi’s Hideout in Hollywood on the minimap, making the location easy to overlook if the minimap is used for orientation
– some keywords for Officer Lam in Hollywood still don’t work right, they show up again once they should be dealt with, like the quest concerning the exiled folks in Griffith Park
– Using the uh… services of several of the sex workers in Heidi’s Hideout doesn’t end in proper termination of the sequence, which makes it impossible to get the intended reaction out of characters like Pizepi, who declared interest in it

probably not a bug, but conscious design decision:

– when a new character offers to join, there has to be a free slot in the party OR this character will vanish from the face of the earth UNLESS another character is dismissed and the new character is then added to the party. I wasn’t aware of this design, so I accidentally deleted Chisel from the game. I really don’t think this is optimal and it should be possible to send new characters (if selected) to the Ranger Citadel/base without having to remove a character first and then add them, only to remove them again, so the original character can resume his duty on the team (even if I don’t want a character actively on the team right now, I still want the XP for recruiting them :D). At the very least it’s not obvious to new players that not following this procedure will lead to deleting these characters. I searched the Ranger Citadel like an idiot, only to learn that it was pointless.

Update 4: Wasteland 2 Patch 3 (59820) Release Notes

Update 3: Wasteland 2 Patch 2 (58154) Release Notes

Update 2: Wasteland 2 Patch 1 (56458) Release Notes
Reading this massive changelog I’m thinking they should have released the game a week later. :D Most of the bugs I encountered are gone now. But this is no reason to be negative, it’s great that they created so many improvements so fast.

Update: I’ve just finished the game and did every quest I could find. So this list of bugs for my entire playthrough is complete now. I might have forgotten one or two, but overall this is it. At least from my perspective. What I didn’t have at all, is crashes of any kind. Steam displays 133 hours (no life++) because I already played the beta thoroughly before.

Disclaimer: I love this game (first day backer) and all my hopes and dreams (:P) were more than matched. All in all I have to say I know several games that have been out for years and contain more bugs than this first release version of Wasteland 2, regardless, I decided to write this down because I tend to forget them fast. So far most bugs listed are fairly minor and don’t really taint the game in a way that would affect the fun, it’s also a good call to remember how big this game is. In lots of locations I encountered 0 bugs. I’ll add stuff as I progress in the game, I only play to have fun and don’t intend to break any records (concerning finishing the game fast).

Bugs encountered so far (first final release version) – most of these are spoilers by describing how they occur:

– after paying off Pitbull at Rail Nomads (letting him go alive and undisturbed), the RSM leader speaks on the radio of taking revenge for killing Pitbull

– selecting “sell all junk” with the Doctor in the Ranger Citadel gives the message “the doc will only deal with medical supplies” and this dialog window will appear many times (probably once for every junk item?)

– I added the shovel to the hotkeys, but it vanishes from there all the time

– after helping Jill Yates, the leader of the cow herd/cowboys in the titan canyon, she says she wants to show the rangers something on the map, after that nothing happens, the game is stuck. But it’s possible to just type anything in the console and then the game reacts again.

– when you convince the ranger in Ranger Citadel to go to his sister Katy Bowman in Rail Nomads, the letter he gives you first stays in the inventory and can’t be removed because it is listed as a quest item

– choosing the dialog option with the monks about “taking out all of the diamondback milita”, doesn’t remove the button, it’s possible to say the same thing endlessly

– the inventory has a filter for only showing certain things. The junk filter tab is empty, even if there’s lots of junk in the inventory (as long as all items in selected).

– Mr. Paladino in Angel Oracle keeps saying “Where’s my watch?” even after it’s been returned to him.

– when the mannerites demanded a hostage, I left Pistol Pete there. After Mr. Manners told me he would be released and I could recruit him again, I couldn’t. He stayed in the cell, with no way (known to me) to get him back. I got a window telling me I couldn’t recruit more people, but I only had 6 rangers in the team, so it should work nicely.


It seems I was very mistaken with this point. There wasn’t specifically a bug with Pistol Pete – whatever happened there, caused a general limitation of my party size to 6! I just found that out when I tried to join with a new character. I gotta say this is easily the worst bug I’ve encountered so far and the sole one that really angers me.

– May in Rodia mentions her secret stash every single time the mayors house is entered, as if it was the first time. Pretty sure this isn’t intentional.

– I dumped all kinds of stuff at Ranger HQ into the storage chest and one of my characters had this “weighed down” status, but after the dumping only 50% of the max weight was used, the status effect should have vanished then, but it didn’t.


After switching to the world map and entering another area it went away on its own.

– I’ve completed the George and Martha store quest in Hollywood, and yet the quest stays in the ongoing category.


Actually this can be completed later, in the course of doing another quest (getting enough votes for Veronica), but it still seems like a quest the game wants you to play in a certain order (which first time explorers probably won’t do). There’s also this “empty space”, like a missing step in the quest log, after it is finally moved to the completed category.

– it happened twice to me, that combat started, but the cursor didn’t turn into the typical crosshairs when I moved it over an enemy, thus I couldn’t fight. Loading a save helped.


It turns out alt-tab helps as well. So it’s not the showstopper I feared it might be.

– you can speak to Officer Lam about Ma’s chili AGAIN even if the quest is already done. It will also cost the 100 scrap again. On the upside, the XP reward is also given twice.


This seems to be a general problem with Officer Lam, during the quest of helping “Billy and his friends”, the dialog option also stays and can be repeated endlessly. Pretty sure they will patch this though, because the part with Ma’s chili is also an XP exploit.

Raji in Hollywood has the same issue. After bringing Josie back, he’ll reward the rangers again with XP and repeat the same dialog.

– I’ve played the quest “Get back Manny’s stolen chips” in Hollywood and when I successfully returned with the quest item, the dialog option to complete the quest was gone. Up until that point he always asked me directly after talking to him if I had gotten back his chips, which I always had to answer with no. My theory is that returning the blackmail pics (found them in a safe not far from his position) to him before delivering the chips could have caused this. If this is the case, then I could have avoided it by playing it in the “correct order”, but…

– The quest log entry with Rambeau and Jason in Hollywood states that Jason got killed during the fight with the synth, when he, in my case at least, survived and Rambeau himself shot him later.

– Maggie in front of the Bastion says to meet her behind the hut, even if she is already behind it.

– I made peace between The Bastion and Hollywood and watched the ceremony. But even after the ceremony there were hostiles standing in the observatory… Similar picture outside and at the antenna tower. Only the meson cannon was friendly there. Some folks really didn’t get the memo. :D

– After making peace between Bastion/Hollywood, Ascension McDade still/again stands at the Hollywood east gate as if nothing happened yet. His giving the same line. He’s now basically in 2 places at once.

– The “vote for Veronica” button stays active in Hollywood for some characters, even long after the vote is over.

– On the world map there are still encounters with the church militia – but aren’t they now friendlies?

– One of the two terminals (the ones with the 2 robot dudes who want you to kill the other) on the New Citadel Exterior map (south LA) can be hacked infinite times for XP.

– I love epic epilogues, the longer and the more elaborate the better, thankfully Wasteland 2 features exactly that, but there were a few texts triggered that didn’t fit with my playthrough at all.
I made peace in rail nomands, epilogue said I sided with the Atchkinsons and killed off the Topekans.
I sided with Veronica and shot Heidi in the head, yet the text says I left Heidi in power…
I killed Duke and ended the whole slaver operation, my epilogue claims he’s alive and people continue to disappear.
Ma Brown got to reopen her restaurant, happy ending, but the ending text said she had to leave Hollywood.
There was something else, I think, but I’ve forgotten it.

stuff that might not actually qualify as a bug:

– my weapons jam constantly. Sometimes 5 jams in one fight. I’m sorry but that’s horrible. This should be patched so it doesn’t happen so god damn always. I’m not even using these cheap weapons that have a higher jam probability. I’m guessing you couldn’t shoot with those at all. I used mods that reduce jam chances and even with 1% chance (!) it still happens every other fight. This might be a problem with my perception (and my inability to calculate chance in my head in the same way the game does), but having a 99% chance of NOT jamming, should be a really nice protection…

– I noticed several times especially in LA, that dialog options don’t vanish and it’s possible to say the same thing over and over again. I can’t tell if that’s a bug or happening on purpose.

– in the area that the Robinson woman is hiding from Mr. Manners, there’s an eye symbol on an item, but a right click doesn’t trigger any description.

– I gave the boss in the Ranger HQ 64 pounds of cat litter and he said he’d only gotten 56. I know you were only supposed to bring 56, but I added everything I had found, to get rid of the weight. I just wanted there to be some payoff for finding all this stuff, okay?!?

– when using auto sort in the inventory, stuff like ammo should just stack. It’s not helping a quick overview if every purchase of the same item has an extra icon.

– 0,5 lbs seems to be the lowest weight in the game, which means that tiny keycards, which actually would be almost weightless, have the same ingame weight as stuff that would be much heavier.

– I extracted both synth parts with computer science and carried them around for the whole game because the description said someone might be able to extract something from them, which (you guessed it) never happened.