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Fallout 3 Review

This one‘s pretty good; much better than I would have done it. I agree with most of it, I’m just not sure what he meant with 85 locations when the game has 166 markers in full on the world map. So either I don’t get the used definition of location or this number is plain wrong.


If you ever want to check your mouse buttons for perfect function…

I had to watch it. Looks like I was right about Psycho-Spock. ;)

StarCraft 1.16

Feature Changes

– In-game chat is now saved in replays. Note: whispers are not saved.
– Hitting the Escape key while in the chat room will clear your typed text.
– “/reply” (or just “/r”) will send a whisper to person who most recently whispered you.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed localization issues with “from” and “to” in whispers.
Starcraft now only uses as much CPU as it needs to run smoothly.


– Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to gain minerals through mutations.
– Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to recycle an upgrading building.
– Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to extend their creep with a drone.
– Fixed an exploit which allowed Zerg players to move Drones over impassable terrain.
– Fixed an exploit which allowed Terran players to drop a nuke anywhere on the map.
– Fixed an exploit which allowed players to pause the game while in the pre-game lobby.

Patches Scrolls


Highlighting done by me

That’s an awesome change! Thanks for that!

Does it?

In 3×10 Sylar says “I hate heroes!”, does that mean he’ll leave the show? :P

they are deadly (apparently) and they are 7

In tradition to my much admired 24 publications, here the Redemption (LOL!) movie in numbers:

I/we don’t have time: 3

Carly Pope underwear scenes: 1

landmines defused by Jack: 0

heroic deaths by minor characters: 1

Jack gets all teary eyed to show his humanity: 1

people killed: 20

people killed by JB: 12

explosions: 5

Jack knocked out: 1

Jack taken prisoner: 1

torture scenes: 3

tortured by Jack: 0

Jack himself is tortured: 1

helicopter scenes: too many to count :P

(all numbers list only on-camera events, naturally)

random facts

I don’t have time (to explain right now) is triggered for the first time after roughly 33 minutes.

At 37:27 Jack aquires an AK-47.

At 39:14 Jack is knocked out, but of course he’s only taken prisoner.

The UN is again portrayed in the most negative way, because their representative in this movie is a complete idiot and pussy mixed in with some severe douchebaggieness (and at the height of his unlikeable behavior it’s stated that he’s UN). How hypocritical that is isn’t explored, for the US, portrayed by the President, is trying to do nothing too (staying neutral/inactive is what is held against the UN with this dude as the vehicle). Also the main guy, deciding who may enter the embassy, is a major asshole.

Chloe, the Geek-Nina, isn’t in this film (WTF?!?).

Text never spoken before on 24: Everybody hold hands (Jack literally says it while escorting the kids to the embassy)!

Somehow it’s still so hard to believe they are all real.

Great idea, putting a whole NES into just the cartridge.

Saving the world. Every bum is always saving the world, no matter what the situation or the circumstances. Some people even save the whole world by accident before breakfast, without even noticing it! There hardly seems to be another goal/motivation these days. From what and why, doesn’t even seem to matter, just SAVE the damn thing. Everyone will identify with this and not question the ridiculous actions implemented during this endeavor. Just imagine _something_ will happen to the world, if the saving doesn’t take place! Simply has to be averted… The villain‘s stupid doomsday device doesn’t even work, even without interference from the heroes? Fuck it, go and save it anyway! There wasn’t a doomsday device in the first place? Don’t mind. Otherwise the whole movie would be “plotless”! Can’t have that! Someone has to do it, right? The world might even be only in danger, because someone is trying to safe it. Sitting around at home would avert the threat, simple as that. No “real hero” is stopped by such minor details…
Apparently the world can be saved in the weirdest ways too. Driving around the entire country with an old car and living off stolen credit cards can do it. How about a movie showing what doesn’t save the world? As long as it wouldn’t save the world, this movie should be awesome!
No one even thinks of what could have been. It’s like no one even cares. No Fallout 3 without a destroyed world. No Terminator and no Mad Max. That would be horrible! So please: Show some mercy, before you go and save the world…

PS: Whoever thinks I overused the term: I didn’t. Watch a Heroes episode and count. :P

Ghost Rider 2

Nic Cage is keen to return to his long-in-gestation comic book movie debut, and Marvel too is keen to push a further instalment of Ghost Rider into production. When schedules align, this one’s a goer, with a 2010 release date likely.

More Mega-Hits

That (first) movie made money?!? Ouch.

Key to Liberty City

Woah, Dexter goes mainstream, friggin cool!

The 4th Birthday

Firefox Turns 4
On November 9th, 2004, Firefox 1.0 was released. In those four years Firefox has been the catalyst for change on the web.

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The date seems to check out. :)