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The Poisoning

Again, everyone knows this one, right? There is this character, who’s known to poison people. Then another character is handed a drink by the poisoner and drinks it and dies because the drink was… POISONED. Sometimes they even act surprised or something especially dumb on top of this major stupidity. Are writers taught in schools to do this? There has to be some explanation why this is done so often, right? What is it?


Lost in Space

Since I’m not one of those assholes, who only watch stuff to then bitch about it, I can safely say the show was alright. It’s not the best show ever and it’s not bad either – it’s just okay. As a “die hard sci-fi fan” there was no question I’d watch it. Obviously I never saw the original show in the sixties (or at any point in time), but the 1998 film was fun for me. Haven’t seen it in years, but I think I’d still like it. At least I immediately recognized Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, who also played Zylyn in Space Rangers, that’s how hardcore I am, not afraid to admit I’ve seen that!

Anyways, the only thing that outright sucked, was Dr. Smith. While I like Posey (after her character died in Scream 3 all the fun was gone), the whole Dr. Smith situation was horribly written. There was just no way, that all these smart, genius-level people would allow themselves to be constantly fooled by this obvious sociopath. You could see her twirling her mustache from miles away, although she didn’t even have one… I genuinely have no idea why and how the Smith-arc ended up such a train wreck. It’s leagues worse than any other element in the show.
What remains? Once again we’ve gotten a show that won’t wrap up in a season. But I guess it does feel like a complete chapter in a book. At least.

I generally believe that it is unwise to judge a series from a pilot alone, so that’s why I have no idea if I’m going to like Discovery unless I’ve seen at least 5 episodes or so…

However, I essentially was disappointed by them doing Klingons again, I had really hoped for something new/fresh. They chose to play it very safe instead. Of course this doesn’t mean that the show will have to go down a bad path, but it’s just nothing that’s very original and creative.

I was a little bit impressed by the visuals, the show includes several really beautiful shots. It looks like a movie. I’m sure that’s not easy to do on a TV budget. And it’s definitely nothing ST has ever exactly excelled at. Now of course the content is what’s most/more important, especially with ST, but it has to be said.

Yeah that’s really it from my perspective. Without knowing where they are going with this, it’s impossible to “judge” it.

PS: I liked that scene in which they beam over to the Klingon vessel and they are holding their weapons at the ready before the transport. Seriously, I’ve always wondered why they weren’t doing that (in other ST shows).

The “who was killed by the gunshot” moment

You kinda think that a show is decent enough, but then they suddenly pull this crap. Again, we’ve all seen it a gazillion times. 2 characters fight for a weapon (typically it’s a protagonist and a villain, not some random folks), usually it’s a gun. Then suddenly a gunshot is heard and the camera shows only the 2 faces and both characters look exactly the same (because to the writers of this crap it doesn’t seem idiotic that the person NOT shot would feel the same pain as the one who WAS shot…), to make the viewer guess which one was shot (usually shot dead) and after an annoying while, the camera pans down to reveal which actor has to leave the show. :D
So it’s pretty dumb and annoying as it is, but of course it’s possible to trump even that – by having this appear in the last scene of an episode, maybe even before a break. Of course I stop caring altogether when this happens out of spite and the futility of this measure is often even made more apparent, by having one of the actors show up in another show during the break, which might count as this slight hint, when guessing which character is the dead one…
I believe there should be QA to automatically remove scenes like this…

Male hero defends female “attachment” in bar against “redneck” assholes

I’ve seen this one in so many installments I now have to firmly believe, that this is some kind of standard text block in every writers word processor. Good lord how horrible. I’m not surprised to see this in an eighties movie – there it is to be expected (although still annoying), but it’s worse in fresh fiction. Last I saw it in an episode of XIII (made 2011!), which is about some sort of former elite secret agent/assassin/spy/operative who’s kinda running from all sorts of powers that want to control or kill him. Now, wouldn’t it be the much smarter thing in such a situation, to avoid exposing those “top secret fighting skills” to the whole world? Especially in that scenario? If they just want a certain amount of fighting scenes per episode, no matter what, there must be better ways to trigger them…

People who get superpowers and complain about them and just want to be “normal”

Every time I see such characters in a story I’d like to punch those ungrateful douchebags. Suddenly being able to fly is the worst thing that ever happened to you? Really? Your life must be so horrible then! Just for once I’d like to see, how people party hard and celebrate this change. I would.