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This is the relevant part to add the superfluous profile area again.

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And this is it for March 2006. My most active month thus far on this blog.

I really tried and tried and tried. And it looks like it worked. Will do anything I can to keep it up, it’s already now interesting, to scroll back and read some of the entries, it reminds me of the reasons why I started this in the first place. Okay, it wasn’t some kind of gaming blog/notebook/diary which I had in my mind at the beginning, but I’ve made the mistake to give this link to some people who now know who’s behind this blog. :P With this dark and haunting thoughts always somewhere in the back of my mind, I don’t really have a choice anymore – hell, I have to make the best out of it now.

There also were some minor changes on this blog in March, which improved it, I think. Most important were the links to other sites, so it’s easy to get out of here as fast as possible, once someone landed here by mistake. I’m still not very happy with the colors, but without concrete ideas to change them, it doesn’t make much sense to start some kind of re-desgn – and my Chief of Staff (for the department of design) is a very lazy guy. :D

Today I kicked the "Contributors" column from the right side, because it didn’t really serve any purpose (profiles were empty anyway). It just wasted space, which can be better used for links or other information.


Yes, the problems are so many and the solutions so few.

Audacity is a great program when it comes to record simply everything the Computer is currently playing. Set it to Stereomix and have it recording. As soon as the stream received its "final-cut", only one step remains, save it to disk.

Usually, I like to export the sound files directly in the MP3 format. Recently, I saved several wave files with the DOSBox, CTRL+F6, and used Audacity to process them. 192 is a good bitrate and is always enough for my needs, I’ve also made it my default setting in the program.

Now, every time I exported a MP3, a zero byte file was written to disk. I’ve found out, that bitrates below 192 worked just fine, only with this setting no valid MP3 files were encoded. The settings showed nothing, so I tried different versions of Audacity, Alpha/Beta/Final versions of the Lame encoder… With Alpha and Beta versions of Lame, Audacity even crashed.

Maybe I will try a set of different wav files, to see if it’s triggered only by stuff the DOSBox created, because I used Audacity successful with this bitrate (on another installation) and am wondering now what’s different this time.

Have you ever pressed the "Find Updates" button and nothing was found although there was an update? So far I’ve experienced the following reasons:

– self-edited extensions, so that they will run with nightlies above original max version
– switching from trunks back to releases and using the same profile
– beta extensions aren’t updated once the final is out
– and of course trying to update extensions within nightlies

Another thing I’ve seen is the update is not directly going to the latest version and loading the next version, so using the button will find updates again and again until it’s the last one.

Nothing serious, but having all the latest versions installed, often means to visit all the sites manually.

Oblivion (I)

I’ve solved the quest with the invisible village (North from the Imperial City), but after I used the scroll (the invisible magician gave me), my luck value was down to 5. After a night’s rest I thought everything would be fine again, only later I realized it was still at 5. Of course I’ve got no savegame prior to this event. I haven’t played O. in the last days, but when I’m starting again, this will be the first thing I have to solve.

1. Update Realtek 3D engine.
2. For special customize settings.
3. For Fujitsu power management issue.
4. Write installation progress and result to "C:\ALCSetup.log" within silent mode.
5. Assign log file name and path for silent mode program issue .
6. Upgrade setup program to IS11.5 .


Swap a File…

…at Upload a file and you get a file, randomly from one of the other users. Respect copyrights and the file size has to be under 500 kb. I tried it several times, but so far nothing interesting showed up. :P Let’s check the next one…

I’m glad to report, that Star Trek: Judgement Rites runs rock-stable in DOSBox 0.63. No difference at all to the original DOS version – which is a good thing.

Free Image Hosting at

I’ve played the CD-enhanced version, or whatever they called it. There is little to configure, just mount the install directory and the cd drive, that’s it. The game will run and even auto-detect all emulated soundcard settings from DOSBox.

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Bloodlines 2.2

63,4 MB

I still have to read the changes.

I’m forgetting this all the time, so I write it down. Can’t hurt.





See some of the weapons with and without the pack here.


This page contains information about (almost?) all countries (e.g. check for the land with the lowest crime rates). Uhm, well – very interesting to read! I hope some of the numbers are wrong!

EaW Patch 1.03

I’m looking forward playing with it. :)

Changes and DL

Plugins or plugin collections thus far:

But in the end it seems you have to fight your way through the forums. Later.

Now it’s out and I’m not using it despite of the long wait, which I spent being very impatient, at best. Okay, most sites still have old links on them. Which is a problem (for lazy people like me) because 0.9 needs all new plugins (and you have to search them yourself).

My first steps were to make a backup of the 0.8.3 folder and _then_ delete it. And, of course, I made a screenshot of my playing stats (over 5 weeks – incredible, isn’t it?).

Now, collecting all the needed pieces begins. A 0.9 compatible AMIP version is already out. Little problem with that. IRC works, Messenger works. A new foo_ui_columns is available, but still alpha. For some reason, the alpha-blended set for XP didn’t work. I don’t know yet, if it was my own mistake (it seems others have the same problem). Kernel Streaming seems to be fit again, read about it here. Works for me.

This one stinks, no description.

Enough searching for now, will continue it later.


You use Windows, you use a virus scanner. Every once in a while it happens: A file already stored on the hard disk for ages or downloaded from a "safe place" is reported a virus. Great. But is it really? Or does it merely contain something the virus scanner doesn’t like or consider "risk ware"? Positive errors can’t be completely prevented, but it can be tested what other virus scanners detect. Since no one installs 15 different virus scanners on his machine, there has to be a better way. offers a free service, where it’s possible to upload a file, this file is then scanned by all virus scanning engines I know and some more. When finished, a report with all results is presented to the user. Very helpful!