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v10.0 06.04.2018
+Swapped Nines line at Malkavian mansion and added new music there.
+Improved Chateau details and added persuaded Gargoyle and killer.
+Fixed Giovanni Mansion random whispers and added Copper’s remains.
+Modified Ocean House diary and Lily’s photo textures to fit text.
+Restored killing innocents Humanity loss and tutorial guard death.
Made two boxes solid at warehouse and fixed moon of downtown hub.
Darkened more ground floor lamps at beachhouse after power is off.
Fixed computer test of Barabus and Milligan not opening the door.
Moved linux loader into main folder and added warning popup to it.
Modified several dlls to not create empty files, thanks Psycho-A.
Updated SDK and added clarity SweetFX setting, thanks to Psycho-A.
Added missing door to Ocean House and fixed a seethrough railing.
Restored many breaking windows and fixed many minor level details.
Unlocked a door at the Fu Syndicate and corrected more doorknobs.!/



v9.9 24.10.2017
+Provided shortcuts to skip most endgame fighting, see walkthrough.
+Added beheading blood and restored props to Chateau and junkyard.
+Improved rotate camera movement setup and SDK, thanks to Psycho-A.
+Restored Vision of Death and Suicide damages and Aggravated Soak.
+Added door trap to warrens shortcut and improved museum fire exit.
+Fixed casting hands, feeding histories and Pearl of Dubai effect.
+Restored Yukie animations, missing ambient schemes and Chang jump.
+Fixed bugs with Trip’s drug and Gary’s fleshy ball poster quests.
+Improved title menu and character sheet clan symbols, thanks IanW.
Fixed Hannah’s appointment book date and more minor text details.
Restored basic pistol ammos and fixed tutorial bug, thanks Malkav.
Hid map bugs in SM hubs, clinic, museum, Society and Luckee Star.
Fixed blueblood, Bertram and Yukie dialogues and some map details.
Corrected hand and sound in Nines intro cutscene, thanks DLLullu.



I guess it’s time for a little addendum to my major MEA entry. This time I’ll focus on MP. Since I’ve finished the campaign, I played a little bit more of it.

It’s impossible to miss that there are quite a few crashes to desktop. This is worth noting, because I never had those during the single player portion of the game. And I played that for many hours. A lot longer than MP, for sure.

Trying to send strike teams on apex missions usually only results in this connection loss message and throws you back to the main menu, resulting in annoying waiting periods to get back into the game.

Suddenly I was in the dev console. I have nothing against those and often even like them – so it’s fine by me, still – usually those are disabled by default. It really matches the impression, that they shipped a preview build here.

Look at those weapons. Sniper rifles listed as pistols, pistols listed as shotguns…

The bar that highlights the abilities changes its length, so it sometimes doesn’t cover the whole line.

After Origin installed the patch, I couldn’t enter MP anymore and this screen was shown instead.

Once I selected this character, but when the mission started, I had a completely different character, one whose powers were missing (check bottom right). And apparently all the consumables were set to 0 too, although I had tons in my inventory.

It happened several times, that “debriefing” a strike team would lead to a results windows, which could not be closed. Not by clicking on the button, nor by pressing the shortcut. I could only end this deadlock by killing MEA’s exe in the task manager.

Oh and while I think the auto-cover system is a weird choice, I must say I have never seen it done so well. Another callback to Mass Effect 1 I presume (which did it a lot worse). The auto-cover system is one of the few things in Andromeda that actually feel kinda slick. It’s fast and easy to go into cover and it never feels like being glued to anything. I have very ambivalent feelings about this regardless, because I also like being in control, this auto-cover system conditions the player to avoid walking next/close to cover unless they want to use it. It’s something to get used to.

So, what else is new/different? The “promote” option I disliked a lot is gone, characters can’t be named anymore and character cards actually bump up… characters. No longer are those spammed endlessly and all their XP goes into nothingness. Even XP earned by level 20 characters isn’t outright deleted, by pushing up general stats like fast shield recharge, which apply to several characters. Those are really good changes.

Firaxis released a new patch for XCOM 2. The major change in it was that controller support was added, “only” 9 months after release of the game. I’m personally a keyboard/mouse player, but I still welcome any addition, many other players seemed to want it. Sadly, this update also added some bugs, which weren’t in the game before.

The weapon screen now has several weird buttons at the bottom, obviously belonging to the controller support – even if the player is only using kb+m. Another button which would allow switching to the next soldier’s weapon, has vanished. It really doesn’t look like this is how it’s intended to work.

The next “impossible to miss”-bug is on the squad loadout screen. Two of the buttons on the bottom have visually “merged”, although a bit is still visible – so it’s at least still usable.

I even deleted my config folder and ran yet another verify on the game, but the glitches persist.

While they are seemingly moving stuff around constantly, it doesn’t look like this will be fixed soon, or maybe even ever.

Another bug that annoys me, but was already present before this patch, is that the Alien Hunter DLC doesn’t trigger anymore for me. I still get the scanning option for the new weapons, but that’s it. Nothing else follows. Apparently there is another bug which can prevent Alien Hunter from triggering, namely if Shen’s Last Gift DLC is played before it, but I’m quite sure this isn’t the reason in my case. I’ve waited many ingame weeks (before starting Shen’s Last Gift), without results.

With the release of the 1.30 patch I started playing this game again from the very beginning. Since many thought this would be the final patch for the game (I have no idea if that’s true, it’s possible I guess) there was no reason to wait with another playthrough.

Under this premise, it was especially disappointing to see that “all” the little bugs are still there like they were in the release version even (some of them). I even encountered a few new ones. Now, none of them are game breaking, it’s not like that, it doesn’t even detract (much) from the glorious masterpiece this game is, but if you love a game this much, some sort of final polish would have been very welcome.

All screenshots are 1.30.

It happened to me for the very first time that an opponent had 2 Villentretenmerth cards, when there should be just one in each deck. Part of the fun playing a computer in cards, is that there is no cheating!

They still didn’t translate/remove debug messages from several of the texts, especially in Toussaint. I guess they think no one is reading these anyway. :P Often boards in Toussaint have several of such messages.

A similar bug is on the character screen. Some abilities display their variables instead of a value. I suppose this is cosmetic only and actually works in the game.

On the Kaer Morhen map, right outside of the bastion, I always have this wolf, who has fallen through the map.

During one of the possible endings, the game doesn’t display the dialog options anymore, when talking to the innkeep, right after checking out his store inventory – which makes it hard to end the dialog with him without ending the game via Task Manager and reloading a savegame.

One of the inns in Velen has an herbalist sitting right next to the door, forgot the name (Cunny of the Goose? Inn at the Crossroads? One of those I think), but after returning to him after the first encounter, it is no longer possible to access his shop. “Let me see your wares” only returns to the dialog options. There is at least one other vendor who has this problem. I also remember one of the traveling vendors can have this bug.

One of the abandoned sites in Velen (sadly forgot which one exactly, but there aren’t this many) can trigger the famous message “new marker added to the map” – but there won’t be a marker on the map! Damn, let me fast travel please! :P

Normally I can play this game for hours without any sort of crashes and the like, but if traveling from Toussaint to Velen, the game often ends up crashing to desktop. I guess most bugs appear in and around the latest/last expansion.

Keira Metz is still standing around on the Kaer Morhen map, after she should be gone. This has been the case since… release?

Sometimes there are empty containers, that still allow you to open them.

Another one in since the release version, is the issue with the bolts. The crossbow has standard infinite bolts, but other finite variants can be equipped. It happens all the time, that the infinite bolts are moved over into the inventory. That’s not supposed to happen, since any other bolt variant is supposed to override the infinite ones, not replace them as an equippable (that’s not a word, is it?) item.

As always I’m sure I have forgotten something, so I’ll try to add/correct this list while I play along.

//Update 2016/09/12

They just released a new patch, which funnily enough, doesn’t touch any of the things I mentioned here. But at least the question if they were going to release another one has been answered.

Full Changelog:

– Corrects Arabic text in the expansions.
– Corrects Turkish text.
– Repairs holes in Vimme Vivaldi’s new clothes.
– Fixes long loading times in dialogues in the vicinity of Hierarch Square.
– Fixes infinite loading screen occurring during the “Pyres of Novigrad” quest when following the thief.
– Corrects credits.
– (Origin) Fixes NPC lipsync issues.

v9.6 04.08.2016
+Fixed warform-weapons bug, moved Yugo to pier and limo onto street.
+Adjusted some weapon damages for plus and restored some for basic.
+Added shake to forklift hit and improved two friend emails timings.
+Fixed museum areaportal and small texture issues, thanks Psycho-A.
+Added door to SM haven bathroom and masquerade area outside museum.
+Mentioned Clan Lasombra in the world loading tips, thanks to IanW.
Corrected bad elevator light at Red Dragon and Jezebel’s door lock.
Fixed decapitation shot and restored basic drugbox value and rain.
Unified keypad sounds and fixed wrong detection and sounds on Dane.
Fixed museum door not being locked and some minor dialogue issues.
Lowered Asylum music volume after loading and fixed minor map bugs.
Added original Japanese and Russian words to translated subtitles.
Fixed Society of Leopold map hole and reduced artefacts over beach.
Updated SDK and fixed audio loop at Fu Syndicate, thanks Psycho-A.
Made manholes in Venture Tower cellar and Ocean House sewers close.
Fixed bad Kerri dialogue start and delayed Jeanette and Ming ones.
Used autoexec.cfg to fix talk dsp sound and frame rate door issues.
Enhanced some areaportals at Leopold Society and Giovanni Mansion.
Recompiled Kamikaze Zen and Zhao’s Warehouse maps to fix some bugs.
Fixed Nosferatu causing Masquerade violations exiting Luckee Star.
Made Chunk not attack you if you convinced him thus in the endgame.
Fixed some Ocean House rails, areaportals, shadows and a map hole.
Adjusted volume of some NPC lines and removed doubled pier effects.!/

Ever since Firefox 47 Beta… 7? Firefox keeps throwing these errors:

Failure Log
(#0) Error Detected rendering device reset on refresh
(#1) Error Detected rendering device reset on refresh
(#2) Assert [D2D1.1] 3CreateBitmap failure Size(76,76) Code: 0x8899000c format 0
(#3) Assert Failed to create DrawTarget, Type: 7 Size: Size(76,76)
(#4) Assert [D2D1.1] 1CreateBitmap failure Size(30,30) Code: 0x8899000c format 7
(#5) Error Detected rendering device reset on refresh
(#6) Error Detected rendering device reset on refresh

I hoped it would vanish in the final, but (shocker) it didn’t. Firefox 48 Beta 3 shows the same behavior. Another horrible thing about it is, no crash reports are created. Nothing that can be reported. Long-term I’ll have to switch to Chrome, because this is unacceptable. The windows keeps flashing during these events and it can crash too – as I said without a report…

I encountered a few minor ones, only the first one really took me out of the game for a bit.


“The warble of smitten knight massive bug!” This one is basically as good as fixed!/page2


Several times during B&W it happened that texts were in Polish (instead of the selected English language), with the remark “debug” added. :)


At some point Geralt wears a knight’s armor and this heavy armor has an extra sound. Lots of clanking, I guess. Problem is, if I switch back to the leathery Witcher stuff, this sound persists. It helps to unequip everything. After that the sound is gone.

The grandmaster wolven armor has this bonus, that 3 oils can be applied to a sword (I used Aerondight, no idea if that has anything to do with it). At some point I couldn’t apply an oil anymore. The sword wouldn’t display anymore what I had tried to apply. This too can be circumvented by unequipping everything.


Wild Boars were added to the bestiary for a second time during B&W.


Also, a pouch filled with Florens is worth ONE? Really? :P

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something (because I usually do that), but overall an awesome experience and a really polished state, for an expansion that is much bigger than what most game devs sell as a full game. :) I’m hoping regardless they are still going to iron out these minor things, because I already see myself playing this again like once every year. :)

PS: I have this painting of Olgierd and Iris in my inventory, but the game won’t let me hang it in my house. WHY NOT?!?


XCOM 2, 3 months after its release, has finally gotten the second patch. They fixed bugs like the hazmat armor not protecting against acid, stuff that was known since release day and probably took a simple change in one single line of code. :P Congrats.

At the same time it’s instantly obvious that they added some new flaws, the menu (pic above) now features empty boxes. The third slider is probably for the third DLC, Shen’s Last Gift, but it might have been smarter to only add this once the DLC is actually out.

They also didn’t fix lots of other bugs that are in the game since release. For example the empty status boxes above the heads of characters. By now I’m thinking that entire Firaxis consists out of maybe 10 people and only one of them is tasked with fixing the bugs in the game – in their free time.

I guess players have to be happy that they are fixing anything at all. The game feels a little bit more responsive in some areas, but at this point it’s hard to tell if this has even anything to do with the patch, considering there have been like 10 new driver versions for my graphics card since the last patch and naturally those could have smoothed things over a bit too.

At the end of the release notes they are promising that this wasn’t the last patch and that they will continue to fix this thing, but at this point all I’m thinking is, that they should have released this game at least 6 months later than they did. At the speed they are fixing bugs that are known for months, they are more likely to bring an XCOM 3 than get this game polished into a condition it should have been in at release several months ago.

Last but not least, the alien rulers are great fun and challenge the player once again to adapt to the new threat. I guess having alien rulers flee and reappear whenever (with appropriate health left), is the closest we will be getting towards having the nemesis system in XCOM. They round it up with their typical lore breaking inconsistencies, by naming these guys alien rulers, when they are nothing but a failed experiment (by someone who’s not even an alien). They obviously wouldn’t rule other aliens, nor could they be anyone’s king. If those special aliens actually would have wanted to rule over the normal aliens, it should have been the elders who would have fought them first and not XCOM, given that they would never accept such a challenge to their own authority. But once again, XCOM is all about the gameplay and not at all about any kind of story and/or lore, no matter what they end up throwing in there.

I finished my first campaign with the new DLC and now can’t wait to play it once more with the final DLC from the season pass “Shen’s Gift” which is probably coming in the next 2-3 months.



What RPS says about XCOM 2 is basically true, but most reviews don’t really showcase “a little something” they should have (it’s a good thing they are talking more about “it” in newer articles [1]). Which is why it is easy to feel disappointed by them, to say the least.
The performance of this game is abysmal. If it wasn’t turn-based strategy/tactics, it might be outright unplayable. When this game boots up, I get 1 FPS for a moment until it lags up to 30. Turning down effects doesn’t help much, which shows how much the game itself is the problem.
I can’t help myself to be reminded of Arkham Knight (a game I didn’t play, but still), because both of these games use the Unreal Engine 3.5.x in a more customized version, that was cooked up by their respective developers. They messed it up. Usually UE 3.5 is totally awesome, especially where performance is concerned.

I’m also further disenchanted with reviews, because they don’t mention all the bugs this game has. Bugs that aren’t very hard to find. Just a few examples for bugs that most reviewers must have encountered at some point:

– In at least one mission type saves can no longer be used – I know right? You’d think that would ring some alarms. Update: There is actually a hotfix now that promises to fix this:

– My ranger was grabbed by a viper but used bladestorm and killed it. The ranger’s animation however, stayed that of a strangled character for the rest of the mission.

– Bladestorm is an ability that is supposed to attack enemies that come into melee range. Sometimes it happens with enemies that are nowhere near the ranger.

– All character have nice info boxes above their heads, so it is easy to learn what happened when whoever or whatever uses their respective abilities. Sometimes this box just stays empty. The player can see that SOMETHING has happened, but not WHAT has happened.

– At the bottom of the ant farm there are buttons to access all parts of the Avenger, without having to click on the rooms directly. Did I say all rooms? No, because there is another room they seem to have forgotten. :D The living quarters are another accessible room, which is mysteriously absent in the menu. If I hadn’t used the mouse on everything inside the Avenger, I wouldn’t have noticed.

– Okay that’s not so exotic (I’ve seen it in many other games), but sometimes dead enemies are still standing around, as if they were still alive.

– The menus are still rather bad to use. It happens a lot that scrolling through lists has the scrolling stop until the mouse is moved around, because there are spots where the game acts as if the user has moved the mouse outside the scrollable field, even if that’s not the case.

– Sometimes elements on the world map overlap and it’s really hard to reach the desired one. And it’s necessary to hurry, because time keeps running.

– Check out Focus and Advanced Focus, both say +15 Will. :)

– The Proving Grounds offer a demolitions upgrade, that basically replaces all grenades/bombs with more powerful versions, they get a nice green logo on them once it’s done. Before I completed this research, I had already build one EMP grenade and had it equipped on a soldier. But the EMP grenade didn’t become a EMP bomb, it stayed equipped on the soldier. Once I removed it, I couldn’t equip it anymore. I had to build a new EMP bomb and use that. Once I reached the black market, I actually could sell the old EMP grenade, which I could no longer equip. I don’t know if the reason for this was that it was equipped during the upgrade completion and it would have happened to any optional grenade, or if it’s a problem specific to EMP grenades.

– This is just a random animation, I swear. :) I didn’t have to look hard, is what I’m trying to say.

– In one mission I mindcontrolled an Andromedon and left it behind (obviously) when the extraction took place and the game then claimed I lost one soldier. At the end of the campaign this Andromedon was also counted as a lost soldier in the final statistics.

They delayed the release from November to February and honestly, the game looks and plays as if they should have delayed the release even further. The bugs that are present in many missions aren’t even that bad, because most of them are minor, but the performance issues alone are so terrible, that they would have required much more attention. It doesn’t perform well even on some PCs that are above the recommended specs and that is something that shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t even address that this game doesn’t look all that much better than the first one. There is just no reason for it being so demanding. Unless they’ll be able and willing to do some major changes/improvements here, there’ll always be a shadow over what is otherwise a truly brilliant title.

[1] And one thing that makes me a whole lot less excited: Like many others, XCOM 2 doesn’t run at all well on my PC. I can get it to perfectly playable so long as I compromise on visual bells and whistles, but 60 frames is a dim and distant dream.

[2] Firaxis “Working Furiously” On XCOM 2 Fixes: “We Didn’t Know It Would Be This Way At Launch”


I kind of owe it to this game to add, that I didn’t run into any further trouble after the rocky start. Their patch really fixed everything that disappointed me at first. I don’t regret finishing it once more.

I’m a huge fan of Wasteland 2, finished it thrice and was really looking forward to playing the Director’s Cut. But my experience with the DC, directly at the beginning, was quite sobering.
It started with the fact that the DC crashes all the time for everyone with an AMD graphics card beginning with the HD 7000 series and everything above. At least they pinned a topic on the Steam forums to keep people informed and even offer a workaround by forcing the game to run in DX9 mode. Given that only AMD users are affected and that this was already supposed to be the final edition of the game and they surely have their hands full with Torment and their games beyond, I have little hope that they will still fix this.
I think that the new inventory isn’t an improvement over the old one at all, I was searching for the radiation suits I was wearing and had to give up at some point. So I looked it up and they simply removed the slot and only the stats will tell if you are wearing any and which ones. The water canteen got the same treatment.
They also added lots of new audio for NPCs, while several bigger characters already had audio for some texts in the original. The first big NPC, players will meet, is Angela Deth. While I was wearing headphones, the new audio is impossible to miss. First of, they didn’t get the original voice actress, or so it seems and someone else is suddenly talking. They kept the original files, so her voice will change several times in the same conversation. The new audio was also only audible on the right ear, while the old audio correctly works on both. That’s really not what I expected to experience at this point.
There were also situations, in which the audio was finished faster than the display of the text and it lead to the same audio being played twice in a row, as soon as the text caught up to the audio, which always seems to trigger the associated audio no matter if it was already played or not.
I also noticed that some settings in the main menu were being reset, no matter how many times I tried to switch them to my preferences. I tried to set the audio to “stereo”, but every time I returned to the menu it was reverted to “quad” again.
Their new font is also a lot thinner than in the original, which was easier to read, I think.
While I was browsing through the skills in the character screen, their display seemed to have a glitch at some point, which made it look like some of them vanished, after opening/closing it a few times it was back to normal.
There was also a problem with the camera sometimes. Using the mouse wheel should zoom in/out, but it was stuck at times and I couldn’t figure out what was triggering it, it was just working again all of a sudden.
And all of the above happened before even leaving the Ranger Citadel for the first time, the very beginning of the game… I’m really not eager to find out if the game will keep going like this if I really start to get into it. It’s not a short game after all.

If the DC didn’t have some really nice improvements (I like the new right click menu a lot, that has team members jump in to use their appropriate skills!), I’d still recommend to anyone to keep playing the original, since most of these problems weren’t there before. They fixed this game quite nicely and there were hardly any issues left.


Oh wow, just a day after writing this, they released a patch:

Today Origin received an update, that (I was quite astonished to learn that this wasn’t how it worked in the first place) added the ability to its verify/repair game option, to actually include all the DLC and not just work on the original/non-DLC game files.
To try it out and because my Mass Effect 3 installation is 2.5 years old at this point, I thought it might not hurt to test it before starting to play a few ME3MP matches (yes, I’m still playing this, don’t laugh). It indeed showed that it was including all the DLC packs in this process and happy with this, I finally started playing MP. Now, I have 2.5 years of experience with this game, I’m extremely familiar with almost every characteristic, so I noticed right away something was off when the game now started to sometimes freeze for a second during gameplay (lags due to a bad connection are different). Part of the reason why I still play this game, is this super-smooth flow that seemingly starts to happen after a while (supported by the fact that my PC always delivered 60+ FPS without the slightest twitch), even before charging from one point of the map to the next (I usually play one of the Vanguard characters).
Obviously unpredictable freezes every now and then completely take me out of the game. I repeated the verify, due to a lack of better ideas, but of course this didn’t change anything. “Hitting” something twice to restore the original state only works in movies. I only noticed that this new lag/freeze, that was introduced by using the “repair game” option today, also/even happens in the menu, outside of actual gameplay. Perfect.
My sole hope is now, that maybe Origin will receive yet another update that might improve… something, but sadly I don’t feel optimistic enough to hold my breath.

PS: Alt-Tab doesn’t work anymore when Mass Effect 3 is running…

PPS: I’ve found some other people who have this problem as well, even with other games such as Battlefield, so I’m suspecting maybe something like the overlay is responsible after all (sadly only EA knows for sure if they changed the overlay in this Origin version) and not the verify. The next time I play ME3, I’ll try it without the overlay and see if the problem persists.


Okay I just verified it. The cause of this is the Origin-overlay. They somehow fucked it up in this latest Origin client update. If the overlay / Origin in-game is disabled, the game works again completely normal. No problems whatsoever, like before. No freezes, alt-tab works again. That’s really shitty regardless, they could at least play a game with a client update before releasing it.

+Fixed issue with cleaned appartment and removed some cable shaking.
+Added more Trip and turnstile lines and unknown Occult item infos.
+Corrected Obfuscator aura and one missing halo for tutorial wolves.
+Restored missing Ocean House newspaper and made photos look sepia.
+Added quest state for warehouse bonus and fixed minor text details.
+Restored generators to Leopold Society and improved warehouse one.
+Added toiletries to Skyeline haven and fixed SM victim standing up.
+Changed library boss teleport behaviour and fixed his cover nodes.
+Moved Braid Talisman into the Hallowbrook atrium and removed blade.
+Restored Copper Masquerade violation and added a line about Nines.
+Added Combat to feat names, restored Soak and called Social Public.
Repaired dialogues of Knox, Heather, Therese, Vandal and Dane cop.
Fixed some dirt floating inside of holes and more minor map issues.
Made only Chunk use the Gallery Noir entrance to hide during rain.
Repaired popping Ocean House sounds and getting stuck with witness.
Hid Ocean House and Grout’s mansion blocks and a downtown texture.
Doubled distance in which detail models fade away, thanks to QUAKE.
Fixed Skyeline elevator issue and VPK packing, thanks vladdmaster.
Added updated into Python 2.7.2 folder, thanks Hasimir.
Fixed Jack not replying due to Python, thanks Hasimir.

WL2 2014-09-22 20-41-37-84

Update 8: Wasteland 2 Patch 6 Changelog (65516)

Update 7: Wasteland 2 Patch 5 Release Notes (61997)

Update 6: Wasteland 2 Patch 4 Changelog (60863)

Update 5: In my new playthrough, I encountered a rather serious bug (yes patch 3) I wouldn’t have expected at this point, going for peace between Hollywood and the Bastion results in the main characters going hostile (once approached in the observatory), making it impossible to complete the quest with the desired outcome. I doesn’t even fail the quest lines to kill them, they just remain open, unsolvable. Also see [SPOILERS] Can’t complete final Griffith Park quests and Mcdade, Veronica, and Fealty are hostile, concerning this problem.
The “workaround” is to not kill the gate guard (the one with the turrets on top) and also not the people in front of the Bastion, although all of them are hostile (the combat encounter ends when staying out of sight, at least). It’s then possible to go inside, make peace/get the quests to sign off as completed and get out where everyone is still hostile and can only be killed (although they should all be allies now, story-wise), but it doesn’t effect the quest line anymore. I did it like this and got all the ending slides/epilogues I wanted. Yay!

A few other (usually very minor) things are still in there too:

– Commander Danforth still claims (on the radio once returning to the world map) the Rangers murdered Pitbull in Rail Nomads, even if he was just paid off and left alive
– once the cows in Damonta spawn at the hotel, they aren’t removed from their original spot near the hangar (this is the case since the beta :D)
– Mr. Paladino in Angel Oracle still keeps asking for his watch back (in his barks) after he has already gotten it
– there is still no door symbol for Heidi’s Hideout in Hollywood on the minimap, making the location easy to overlook if the minimap is used for orientation
– some keywords for Officer Lam in Hollywood still don’t work right, they show up again once they should be dealt with, like the quest concerning the exiled folks in Griffith Park
– Using the uh… services of several of the sex workers in Heidi’s Hideout doesn’t end in proper termination of the sequence, which makes it impossible to get the intended reaction out of characters like Pizepi, who declared interest in it

probably not a bug, but conscious design decision:

– when a new character offers to join, there has to be a free slot in the party OR this character will vanish from the face of the earth UNLESS another character is dismissed and the new character is then added to the party. I wasn’t aware of this design, so I accidentally deleted Chisel from the game. I really don’t think this is optimal and it should be possible to send new characters (if selected) to the Ranger Citadel/base without having to remove a character first and then add them, only to remove them again, so the original character can resume his duty on the team (even if I don’t want a character actively on the team right now, I still want the XP for recruiting them :D). At the very least it’s not obvious to new players that not following this procedure will lead to deleting these characters. I searched the Ranger Citadel like an idiot, only to learn that it was pointless.

Update 4: Wasteland 2 Patch 3 (59820) Release Notes

Update 3: Wasteland 2 Patch 2 (58154) Release Notes

Update 2: Wasteland 2 Patch 1 (56458) Release Notes
Reading this massive changelog I’m thinking they should have released the game a week later. :D Most of the bugs I encountered are gone now. But this is no reason to be negative, it’s great that they created so many improvements so fast.

Update: I’ve just finished the game and did every quest I could find. So this list of bugs for my entire playthrough is complete now. I might have forgotten one or two, but overall this is it. At least from my perspective. What I didn’t have at all, is crashes of any kind. Steam displays 133 hours (no life++) because I already played the beta thoroughly before.

Disclaimer: I love this game (first day backer) and all my hopes and dreams (:P) were more than matched. All in all I have to say I know several games that have been out for years and contain more bugs than this first release version of Wasteland 2, regardless, I decided to write this down because I tend to forget them fast. So far most bugs listed are fairly minor and don’t really taint the game in a way that would affect the fun, it’s also a good call to remember how big this game is. In lots of locations I encountered 0 bugs. I’ll add stuff as I progress in the game, I only play to have fun and don’t intend to break any records (concerning finishing the game fast).

Bugs encountered so far (first final release version) – most of these are spoilers by describing how they occur:

– after paying off Pitbull at Rail Nomads (letting him go alive and undisturbed), the RSM leader speaks on the radio of taking revenge for killing Pitbull

– selecting “sell all junk” with the Doctor in the Ranger Citadel gives the message “the doc will only deal with medical supplies” and this dialog window will appear many times (probably once for every junk item?)

– I added the shovel to the hotkeys, but it vanishes from there all the time

– after helping Jill Yates, the leader of the cow herd/cowboys in the titan canyon, she says she wants to show the rangers something on the map, after that nothing happens, the game is stuck. But it’s possible to just type anything in the console and then the game reacts again.

– when you convince the ranger in Ranger Citadel to go to his sister Katy Bowman in Rail Nomads, the letter he gives you first stays in the inventory and can’t be removed because it is listed as a quest item

– choosing the dialog option with the monks about “taking out all of the diamondback milita”, doesn’t remove the button, it’s possible to say the same thing endlessly

– the inventory has a filter for only showing certain things. The junk filter tab is empty, even if there’s lots of junk in the inventory (as long as all items in selected).

– Mr. Paladino in Angel Oracle keeps saying “Where’s my watch?” even after it’s been returned to him.

– when the mannerites demanded a hostage, I left Pistol Pete there. After Mr. Manners told me he would be released and I could recruit him again, I couldn’t. He stayed in the cell, with no way (known to me) to get him back. I got a window telling me I couldn’t recruit more people, but I only had 6 rangers in the team, so it should work nicely.


It seems I was very mistaken with this point. There wasn’t specifically a bug with Pistol Pete – whatever happened there, caused a general limitation of my party size to 6! I just found that out when I tried to join with a new character. I gotta say this is easily the worst bug I’ve encountered so far and the sole one that really angers me.

– May in Rodia mentions her secret stash every single time the mayors house is entered, as if it was the first time. Pretty sure this isn’t intentional.

– I dumped all kinds of stuff at Ranger HQ into the storage chest and one of my characters had this “weighed down” status, but after the dumping only 50% of the max weight was used, the status effect should have vanished then, but it didn’t.


After switching to the world map and entering another area it went away on its own.

– I’ve completed the George and Martha store quest in Hollywood, and yet the quest stays in the ongoing category.


Actually this can be completed later, in the course of doing another quest (getting enough votes for Veronica), but it still seems like a quest the game wants you to play in a certain order (which first time explorers probably won’t do). There’s also this “empty space”, like a missing step in the quest log, after it is finally moved to the completed category.

– it happened twice to me, that combat started, but the cursor didn’t turn into the typical crosshairs when I moved it over an enemy, thus I couldn’t fight. Loading a save helped.


It turns out alt-tab helps as well. So it’s not the showstopper I feared it might be.

– you can speak to Officer Lam about Ma’s chili AGAIN even if the quest is already done. It will also cost the 100 scrap again. On the upside, the XP reward is also given twice.


This seems to be a general problem with Officer Lam, during the quest of helping “Billy and his friends”, the dialog option also stays and can be repeated endlessly. Pretty sure they will patch this though, because the part with Ma’s chili is also an XP exploit.

Raji in Hollywood has the same issue. After bringing Josie back, he’ll reward the rangers again with XP and repeat the same dialog.

– I’ve played the quest “Get back Manny’s stolen chips” in Hollywood and when I successfully returned with the quest item, the dialog option to complete the quest was gone. Up until that point he always asked me directly after talking to him if I had gotten back his chips, which I always had to answer with no. My theory is that returning the blackmail pics (found them in a safe not far from his position) to him before delivering the chips could have caused this. If this is the case, then I could have avoided it by playing it in the “correct order”, but…

– The quest log entry with Rambeau and Jason in Hollywood states that Jason got killed during the fight with the synth, when he, in my case at least, survived and Rambeau himself shot him later.

– Maggie in front of the Bastion says to meet her behind the hut, even if she is already behind it.

– I made peace between The Bastion and Hollywood and watched the ceremony. But even after the ceremony there were hostiles standing in the observatory… Similar picture outside and at the antenna tower. Only the meson cannon was friendly there. Some folks really didn’t get the memo. :D

– After making peace between Bastion/Hollywood, Ascension McDade still/again stands at the Hollywood east gate as if nothing happened yet. His giving the same line. He’s now basically in 2 places at once.

– The “vote for Veronica” button stays active in Hollywood for some characters, even long after the vote is over.

– On the world map there are still encounters with the church militia – but aren’t they now friendlies?

– One of the two terminals (the ones with the 2 robot dudes who want you to kill the other) on the New Citadel Exterior map (south LA) can be hacked infinite times for XP.

– I love epic epilogues, the longer and the more elaborate the better, thankfully Wasteland 2 features exactly that, but there were a few texts triggered that didn’t fit with my playthrough at all.
I made peace in rail nomands, epilogue said I sided with the Atchkinsons and killed off the Topekans.
I sided with Veronica and shot Heidi in the head, yet the text says I left Heidi in power…
I killed Duke and ended the whole slaver operation, my epilogue claims he’s alive and people continue to disappear.
Ma Brown got to reopen her restaurant, happy ending, but the ending text said she had to leave Hollywood.
There was something else, I think, but I’ve forgotten it.

stuff that might not actually qualify as a bug:

– my weapons jam constantly. Sometimes 5 jams in one fight. I’m sorry but that’s horrible. This should be patched so it doesn’t happen so god damn always. I’m not even using these cheap weapons that have a higher jam probability. I’m guessing you couldn’t shoot with those at all. I used mods that reduce jam chances and even with 1% chance (!) it still happens every other fight. This might be a problem with my perception (and my inability to calculate chance in my head in the same way the game does), but having a 99% chance of NOT jamming, should be a really nice protection…

– I noticed several times especially in LA, that dialog options don’t vanish and it’s possible to say the same thing over and over again. I can’t tell if that’s a bug or happening on purpose.

– in the area that the Robinson woman is hiding from Mr. Manners, there’s an eye symbol on an item, but a right click doesn’t trigger any description.

– I gave the boss in the Ranger HQ 64 pounds of cat litter and he said he’d only gotten 56. I know you were only supposed to bring 56, but I added everything I had found, to get rid of the weight. I just wanted there to be some payoff for finding all this stuff, okay?!?

– when using auto sort in the inventory, stuff like ammo should just stack. It’s not helping a quick overview if every purchase of the same item has an extra icon.

– 0,5 lbs seems to be the lowest weight in the game, which means that tiny keycards, which actually would be almost weightless, have the same ingame weight as stuff that would be much heavier.

– I extracted both synth parts with computer science and carried them around for the whole game because the description said someone might be able to extract something from them, which (you guessed it) never happened.

to the moon

Latest Update: There is a permanent fix now, although e.g. the Steam version has not been updated (I wonder why that is), you’d think they would put out a general update. I tested it, however, and it works, without adding any DEP exceptions. :) Yay!

For quite some time multiple people told me how awesome To The Moon is, so I finally caved when I saw a bundle containing it. A bundle I only bought because To The Moon was included. A bundle I never would have bought otherwise. I’m super cereal.
So I was quite delighted, when I tried to start it and the only reaction I could get out of it, was “RGSS Player has stopped working”. Now there are quite a number of pages on the net, that suggest adding the game’s executable to the DEP exceptions, but that did… nothing. So I started it with admin privileges, tried every compatibility mode… Then I repeated everything on another PC, only to get the same result. One of the PCs has an AMD CPU and GPU, the other has an Intel CPU and an Nvidia GPU, both run Windows 8.1 x64.

I guess this will be a lesson to me to buy so many bundles. :D I’ll certainly remember it the next time I’m tempted to buy one. :) I wonder how many broken games lurk in my Steam library by now…


With regards to the “RGSS Has Stopped Working” issue, just wanted to mention that if you’re using Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), the system wide DEP setting will override that of Windows. In my case, switching the DEP setting in EMET to ‘Application Opt In’ did the trick.

Yay! That did it! :D I never would have thought on my own of checking EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit). Mainly because I hadn’t fully realized it would override other settings like that. Good to know!

The game itself was absolutely amazing (I couldn’t get away from it and finished it in only one session). One of the best game-stories I ever had the pleasure to experience. Fantastic writing, would win at the Oscars. :P It’s one of these rare titles that I will remember permanently (until my brain shuts down because of death or other severe issues, of course). I can only recommend this game to absolutely everyone. Only make sure you have enough tissues on standby. :P Everything else that makes people cry is a joke compared to this. :P

PS: Was BioShock Infinite completely inspired by To The Moon? :P

PPS: Just realized that I haven’t played this yet: “A downloadable minisode was released on December 31, 2013, both as a standalone download and as part of the Steam and releases. This episode centers on Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts and features a holiday party at their local Sigmund Corp. office”