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You’d think that there would be more western themed FPS’, since this genre seems to be made for it, but no. They must sell like… not at all. Whatever the reason, this seems to be the first really good one since Outlaws.
While you can’t really go far out with weapons and equipment in such a setting, the gunplay just works. There isn’t any kind of weapon missing that anyone would want to use in this game.
The various levels are framed by the narration of a seemingly old drunkard, who stumbles into a bar and starts telling stories to a couple of other dudes in this saloon. This is extremely well done and they get a lot out of using this method. At some point he’s so drunk, he just starts singing a song and it’s really cool, I remember it as a true highlight. The listeners sometimes make it clear that they hardly believe his tall tales and their sarcastic remarks are spot on. Right when he was again attacked by a gattling gun and I thought “not again” one of them suddenly said “you sure get attacked by those a lot”. :D
The game somehow seems to have the image of being of a lower production budget, but it doesn’t really show. It maybe lacks big elaborate cut scenes, but I didn’t miss those at all and that’s seriously it. I’d also repeat that I liked how the story was handled and it added lots of charm. I take that over boring, unengaging cut scenes any day. It’s also an Ubisoft game and I seriously only bought it, because it doesn’t have/use Uplay. Gunslinger and South Park must be the sole Ubisoft games in a very long time which come without it and both of them are coincidentally awesome.
Some people said the game was short, I didn’t think so, this way you are done before it ever gets boring/repetitive.
I didn’t really go into maxing everything out in the end, after I completed the story, but this is mostly due to the neverending flood of games waiting to be finished, and not because this game wouldn’t have deserved it to be played some more.

This captivating game is about Joe, a janitor who just shows up for a normal day at work, but naturally, it quickly takes a very different direction.
Joe is thrown in an adventure that gets too big for him real fast, although it would be for most people, I liked how his remarks reveal him as more of a simple guy.
TSA doesn’t have as much “buzz” as some AAA (although I think it sold like crazy), instead it focuses on fewer elements, but ends up getting a lot out of those. Can’t say it lacked anything.
I played and finished the game in only 2 sessions, it was no problem for me to concentrate and stay with it, for once I found it extremely easy even.
Most adventure games try to be about exploration and story, but here it actually works.

PS: The reason I have only 3 screenshots, is that the game was so immersive, that I forgot to make more.


We’re the developers of an award-winning mobile game with over 7 million downloads that we just revamped and brought to Steam. AMA!

v9.4 31.08.2015
+Restored museum entrance and downtown area, thanks to EntenSchreck.
+Made LaCroix give you the museum keys and Blood Theft always work.
+Fixed aura for crying woman in SM and improved library quest again.
+Opened pier after murder is gone, thanks atrblizzard and Psycho-A.
+Added random thunder sounds to waterfront and removed tutorial key.
+Created default keyboard cfg for plus options, thanks to Psycho-A.
+Fixed snatch sound and other entity bugs using decompiler warnings.
+Cleaned up SM apartment without switching map, thanks to Psycho-A.
+Added twelve original musical compositions, thanks to Rik Schaffer.
+Restored lockpick sound, warehouse music and Last Round barkeeper.
+Added guard outside Empire hotel and changed Warrens Shortcut hall.
+Improved details for all new maps and the SDK, thanks to Psycho-A.
+Corrected occult item heal rate and descriptions in plus and basic.
+Restored Blood Hunt newspaper and fixed bus stops and poles there.
+Fixed one Vandal gesture and his background music, thanks Psycho-A.
+Moved finding out about the Gargoyle XP to avoid preferring sides.
Corrected Milligan not leaving his apartment in case you were loud.
Removed Tourette gun from model and made her give it in basic too.
Fixed many errors in particle and materials files, thanks Psycho-A.
Added script to run Bloodlines and mods under Wine, thanks to SCO.
Corrected Johansen’s Empire hotel name and weapons and keys sounds.
Added another Sweet FX shader suite preset, thanks to Citizenkane.
Corrected Malkavian ghoul’s sounds and restored basic wallet scale.
Fixed some Johansen, Lily, Dema, Boris and Copper dialogue issues.
Corrected pier streetlights on three maps and removed police lines.