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Battlestar Galactica: The Timeline


Now that the Open Root Server Network project is gone, I need new DNS.


I know there’s a # at the end of the URL, but I won’t remove it, since this is the official/normal link. Just remove it from the file yourself and the flv will play as it should. Or actually it will just restore the extension link to the player application (if flv is linked), but who cares anyway.

I must admit, I wanted to see this movie since the moment I learned of its existence. The subject is way too interesting to me, that I would let it go under the radar.
I’m quite impressed how Josh Brolin controls his voice. Very. Sounds like the real thing. Try closing your eyes for a second and just listen. Remarkable.
Because it’s an Oliver Stone film, people will continue to say the movie is trying to display GWB in a negative light – while I think this movie _really_ tries to simply show the guy at certain stages (no movie can do more) of his life. To concentrate on the man, without passing judgment. I even believe Oliver Stone was aware of this from Day 1 and does his best to avoid any bias. I would like people, who perceive it in the former way, to really think about a method to portray a man as… say exceptional in different fields, while he… did some things the actual person did. Please be honest, at least to yourself. It’s my opinion that it would be quite a task, to spin e.g. the press encounters like the high points of a mastermind. Come on! And yes, the last press speech in “W.” is real. The actors repeat the words, but it happened. If you need more than this certainty, you just can’t be convinced. Which is fine, I was told there is a fanbase for absolutely everything.
I also disagree with statements, that the movie comes too soon and that some time should pass first. This is the time when all the media information is still fresh in people’s minds (of those who followed it in the first place, at least). The appreciation of this movie in the mainstream can only sink, once people start to forget. Which everyone totally will. As always.


I’m the decider!


You don’t have to sell me, you have to sell the american people! And Colin!


Bad Pretzel!


They own it, we run it!


God wants me to run for president! I can’t explain it!


It’s all because of that damn kraut Schroder! He used me as a piñata to get reelected! I won’t forget that!


He didn’t fight in the war, but he sure looks like he did! Women love that!


So… are you with the FBI?


FBI? Hell no! I’m a stay-at-home mum!


No more Carly Pope underwear scenes I take it…

It’s been a long time. However, CTP3 is out.

Selected New and Updated Features in Windows PowerShell V2 CTP3
(Please refer to Release Notes and Help topics for more details)

# PowerShell Remoting

# Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE)

# 63 New Cmdlets

# Modules

# Script Debugging

# Advanced Functions

# PowerShell Class API


get-command works again. For some reason CTP2 didn’t list any cmdlets on my machine. I guess CTP3 is pretty much final.

//Update 2009/02/09

He actually explains why the help didn’t work on CTP2, so if you are interested in constructive explanation over my senseless rambling, read this.

Nothing But the Truth – is the “inspired by true events” film (imagine an underlined inspired, it’s very far from the actual story, so far I wouldn’t even call it connected, except for a few similarities; where my intention is not to say that this has a negative effect on the quality of this movie), in which a reporter is sent to prison, because she doesn’t reveal a source. Normally this wouldn’t fly so easily, but this time an evil prosecutor (along a judge of course) believes that national security overrides the first amendment. Highly interesting, but sadly also quite depressing topic. The ignorance, the cruelty, the hopelessness and the overwhelming injustice of such a situation, it’s all captured quite good, so the viewer stays focused for the duration of the movie. I did. I like it when it’s about upholding principles. Nothing But the Truth reminds me of motion pictures like A Mighty Heart or Rendition. 106 well spent minutes.


No fucking, no eating pussy, no kissing – is that clear?!? What sounds like casual conversation inside a church, is in fact the scene where Kate (in her role as Rachel Armstrong) is sent to prison.


What is the nature of government, when it has no fear of accountability?

Listen son, the difference between jail and prison is:


Feature Changes

– In-game Speed Options menu now has a “Enable CPU Throttling” checkbox.
Enabling this option will allow StarCraft to consume fewer CPU cycles. By
default this option is off.

Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue with the reply feature where any character followed by a “r ”
was being treated as a reply.
– Removed an unnecessary delay when processing palette cycling updates.
– Lessened the imposed delay in the CPU Throttling feature.


Brood War 1.16.1

Say about the Clone Wars series whatever you want, but even the most random scenes make a pretty decent wallpaper.



I’m right, ain’t I?

* Fixed SecuROM 7.38.0012 Blacklist of Y.A.S.U.
* Fixed Tray Icon hint(s).


So they DO still make it.

This application

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Runtime Error!

Program: C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXE

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application’s support team for more information.