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KotOR 2 – A Rush

I’ve red an interesting article about “rushing games out the door” concerning KotOR 2. But read for yourself…

The Resident Cynic: A Rush and A Push


Hopefully up to date. :)

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Actually available for a “long” time, but I discovered it just now:

Games and problems… It sucks so much I don’t know what to say.

For what it’s worth: +++Possible Spoiler ahead+++

When visiting Onderon (after Mandalore joined the team), there is a situation where you have to leave the city and return to the shuttle. So far so good. After a nice movie sequence you find yourself back on Dxun in the Mandalorian Camp. Now the stinky part begins. Mandalore starts talking about something and suddenly Atton appears. Right at this moment the game stops… Don’t get me wrong – it does not freeze, crash or something like that. Mouse is still responding, but that’s it. No character says a thing, they are just standing there doing nothing. Quitting is still possible using ALT+F4… Nothing else works.

I already checked (“only” publishing) and (developer), so I know it’s a “known” problem (at least by the players…). So, once more all you can do is sit and wait for a game patch.

There are many more bugs in this game, but nothing that fatal (as far as I was able to play it).

Another very annoying bug is in the usually fantastic “pazaak” card game (get pazaak online for free here). The most important rule of this game is to reach 20 points, not more, or you have lost. If both players reach 20 points, the set is tied – or at least it should be. In KOTOR 2 it’s possible to reach 20 points and LOOSE nonetheless! Just imagine the “joy” you feel after “defeating” a pazaak master after x tries…

I expect patch #1 to be at least ~25 MB.

Looks like many “old” games are renewed these days, this time it is about “Deep Space Nine: The Fallen”. It was not just the best game with the DS9 crew (that alone would be easy), it was overall a great game (that’s hard).

Now a freeware mission pack will be available soon. Again with all 3 characters (Sisko/Kira/Worf). Made by the same people behind the main program.

Already out: The 3 level demo.

The page above also contains a faq and links to “The Collective” (the developers). And it explains why a mod is made for a 5 year old game.

I’m already looking forward to the release.

Being (still) the best game in its genre, Freelancer gives almost endless gaming fun. Okay I know, bars and stuff are pretty lame – but space is absolutely stunning and that’s what counts.

Having the story finished and also flying around for quite some… time? Maybe now it’s a good moment to try one of the fan-mods available!

Mostly they expand the known universe with new stuff, such as systems, equipment, ships… For me it was a good reason to install FL again.

The MOD I’m talking about is called TNG, it offers the following features:

  • Over 75 new ships added to the Freelancer Universe.
  • Over 500 new pieces of equipment (Weapons, shields, engines, thrusters, upgrades, and more!).
  • Over 20 new commodities for you to buy and sell.
  • Over 40 new music tracks for systems, bars, and intros.
  • Over 45 new sounds for various equipment & weapons.
  • 1 buyable battle station for players (Used to be 3).

This is but a taste of the TNG expansion – full list here.

1.1 Patch already included. So just install and then “mod on”.