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People don’t appreciate good or at least well-made games anymore™. Wolfenstein is a perfect example for this. Doesn’t it offer the brainless action all titles of this genre promise? Oh hell yes it does! Doesn’t it have lots of diverse levels and a game length above the genre typical 8 hours? Again a positive… That alone should occupy players. Not taken into account that there even are some nice ideas in the mix (shooters are usually an evolution-free, always identical gameplay experience). Not paying attention to details will just endanger their spread. Having hostiles react to the player’s actions like yelling “He’s reloading!” is a nice touch, isn’t it? Which brings me to the different true boss enemies. Most shooters don’t feature real intermediate/final boss fights anymore (let alone those requiring trickery over simply unloading the whole weapons arsenal) – a once almost mandatory and expected occurrence. And what is supposedly so bad about having a game run fluent on normal rigs? This complaint is beyond me. Raven is somewhat of a specialist in using an established engine and pumping it up to have the focus on great gameplay. Their Elite Force game was the same way.


State Of Play2009

I love investigative reporting and I love investigative reporters. Don’t even get me started on elaborate movies about investigative reporting! That’s why I was really happy about “State of Play“. Which is also (or rather) a political thriller featuring Russell Crowe (while I certainly don’t intend to forget Rachel McAdams, always a delight) – since “The Insider” this combination, to me, comes close to an actual “order” to watch it.
Though it’s partially predictable aaand it might be partially cliché (there is still a difference, right?), these 2 hours are well spent. There’s something along the lines how and why this kind of work is important (that even starts to thematize [too often forgotten or pushed aside] work ethics of this profession) that really appeals to me and the movie tries (more or less obvious) to transport this message. On top of this there’s a flair of current developments, the zeitgeist. Not selling a bunch of newspapers anymore, the pressure this adds on reporting, the approach to/of the online branch of papers and the conflict between these and more traditional ways… Though I’m obviously in favor of new possibilities, the moment in the end, when they decide to print their story, didn’t come over as too preachy or pathetic, because there still are reasons to have something on paper and that’s basically what they are validating in this scene. It especially makes sense in a case as the one portrayed in the movie. A website can be shut down/go offline/whatever (the Amazon “incident” wasn’t needed to demonstrate this, but it did nicely remember people), but thousands of delivered newspapers are out there. Done.
It was only through this movie, that I learned its story is based on an earlier series, which I will now have to watch too. Certainly my remembering the movie would have been heavily influenced by the series, if I’d known it beforehand. I’m good with writing this now nonetheless.

No Hurries


//Update 2009/08/24

As I looked at this entry it suddenly came to me. What is really missing, after the activate Windows NOW, is a picture of Jack Bauer. The reason this sentence builds up absolutely no pressure at all, is because it always says now, if it’s 1 day left or 30. Ridiculous.

Blogging is being linear, just hold a ruler in a vertical position at the left side* of my entries!

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This is what I like about Telltale, even if there are minor annoyances every once in a while, they do enhance their games a little with each episode. While 1 didn’t support my native definition by default yet, 2 obviously has learned.

I couldn’t help myself but wonder how Velvet Assassin would be with Duke Nukem as the player character, having played Manhattan Project previously (again). Duke lingering careful in the shadows; trying not to make a sound (which would be really hard to do with his mighty boots!)… Whispering his taunts instead of yelling them around… And of course, when pressing SPACE, he would whistle (one of Violette Summer‘s abilities to lure guards into a trap) – the well known DN title theme! It would also deliver great lines for the famous (since the age of Thief) talks, guards always do when sneaking up on them. “Did you hear the stories, that Duke Nukem has gone stealth?!? He could be right behind us or in those bushes over there!!!” “Oh come on… that’s ridiculous!”
Being frustrating is no argument here (because of laying low with the most bold character), since waiting for DNF would always be worse in comparison.

Ah, Humor

the dig 012

the dig 013

The Big Bang Theory - 202 - The Codpiece Topology.avi - 00000

6.4 (152 MB) / Changes

Changes in 6.4:

  • +Corrected Venture Tower Dominated guard timer to be plus patch only.
  • +Adjusted reload sound of Dragon Breath and fixed new Mitnick quest.
  • +Increased Dragon’s Breath and crossbow damage and lowered ammo cost.
  • +Added missing inspection nodes for throwing star and warrens GLOCK.
  • +Fixed Tremere domination for Trip and added one for the hotel clerk.
  • Corrected replacing Lily giving no xp and fixed Lily on beach line.
  • Repaired bad elevator button at Empire hotel and Dima not attacking.
  • Fixed Knox’s and Johansen’s secret issues and phone start in diner.
  • Corrected Beckett’s bonus dialogue once more and minor text details.
  • All dialogue files checked for similar bugs, thanks to RobinHood70.
  • Added two quest states regarding the Gargoyle, Isaac and the Regent.
  • Made talisman locker not disappear and fixed Nadia dialogue issues.
  • Changed camera spot icons at Tawni’s place and removed notice timer.
  • Fixed endgame floating astrolite and near dead patient standing up.