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At first I was searching HOW, it could be destroyed (in Star Wars: Empire at War – Forces of Corruption – Galactic Conquest). It’s actually pretty easy. After winning the fight and destroying the accompanying fleet, move in IG 88 (the droid), he can “hack” the Death Star II (drag him to the same spot where options like spread corruption/sabotage… etc. come available; there is evidently also a book where he does that – one of the many spots in EaW, where events from the books are used, that’s one of the things I like about this game – although I still have to read this book…), after which it will explode, taking everything (the planet, IG 88) with it. It (IG hacking DS II) costs more than 30.000 credits too, so there’s another downside. The DS II is removed from the game and so is IG 88. It’s the only time (I know of) a major hero is really permanently gone without “regeneration”.

There is still some speculation floating around, concerning the Executor being in GC, time to find that out. :) And the Alliance now has Yoda as a hero unit, already met him once in battle. :D


Messi Update

Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0106 Beta is available, along a-patch, no changes are visible, the official changelog shows only items which were already in the previous release. Don’t know why they don’t publish changes, or useless ones.

The defrag service isn’t doing its job anymore, my User Journal is back at 390 pieces. Would like to know why.


Looks like (or some &%$&§! who told and/or forced Amazon) noticed this little “oddity” with Dark Messiah. Now the page says the same thing for the uncutted version as before for the shitty rated one. And the picture changed “…at least 18 blablabla”, a new sticker seems to be on the package cover. I haven’t received my game yet, and judging by the new information they probably won’t send it anymore. The status is “will be delivered soon” since saturday.

I’m pretty “disappointed”, to say the least. What would be of great interest to me, is, if someone else ordered it and actually received it (the real uncut without fee and verification).

Can’t wait for the end of this. I just wanna play this game!

Calling T-Com is so much fun, because it takes at least 15 minutes to reach anyone, this time can be used for… Okay. For some time now, T… (stands for…) makes it very interesting for every caller, a computer with voice recognition asks lots of questions, before reaching a queue. 15 to 20 minutes until a human being is reached is standard. Usually the computer offers 3 or more alternatives before setting up the next (question-) level.

Now the nice shortcut. Answering with something the computer doesn’t understand, triggers a repeat of the previous questions, if the error occurs twice, the thing says “sorry, no clue what you want” and reroutes the caller directly to the call center. Saves the mentioned 15-20 minutes. Is this a cool idea? Or was I the only idiot still doing it “normally”?

…proving it once again.^^

I’ve just ordered Dark Messiah! And, of course, the uncutted international version instead of the cutted german USK 18 version (I hate censorship).

Now, to make the connection with the title: sells USK 18 stuff only with an extra “fee”, for an age/identity verification, that will be made upon delivery. Only the person who ordered it can receive the package. Otherwise the one, true buyer has to pick it up himself later at the post office.

After this it’s clear, that every buyer of the cutted USK 18 version has to pay the fee and has to be present with his/her ID when the package arrives. :)

Now the funny shit, the uncutted version on the other hand, is unrated, therefore it has no USK sign on it, without this it can be sold without the extra fee and without the age verification…

Because it’s so cool, once more: age verification + ID control for the cutted version, NO age verification + ID control for the uncutted version! :D

Almost forgot: Because of this, the uncensored version is also cheaper…

And I’m almost 2 weeks late! Great videos showing some (obviously) really devoted fans re-playing the MI music themselves.

What the hell were they thinking, using that music? They wanna make me cry or what?

Go and cry for yourself:

and, oh no, there’s another one:

Ever thought about that?

But what happens when you fit loads into your life… except for sleep?
What happens if you hardly get any? What’s the long-term damage?

Read more about the unpleasant consequences…

I tried and failed, but at least I tried, that’s the difference between me and some. :D But no store in my vicinity offered it. And I’m the customer, they wanna sell it to me, right? But what the heck, it wasn’t a total waste, at least I was able to warn some other customers, that even the USK 18 is cut. :)

Since RC2 I’ve got the following problem, when downloading sometimes this window appears:

Free Image Hosting at

But there is no real problem, repeating the download always leads to success. Hmmm…

Using Flock:

Easiest solution so far, it’s way faster than the web-based original WP editor, everything works (so far) without removed spaces, which happens really all the time with WP itself. Publishing takes a few seconds. Editing as well and til this point I’ve found no missing options. The blogging windows opens with crtl+b. Publishing to various categories is done by holding down ctrl, like when marking multiple files or something.

by the way: Wormux 0.8 Alpha, “Worms” for Linux.

Things can happen so fast, I will stick with Flock, that’s for sure, after only some minutes, the decision is made. Finally blogging takes only seconds, as it fucking SHOULD, instead of 15 minutes for publishing and editing a single entry…

Using something different means also good-bye to the white text box, almost all the time about the categories box, at least in Firefox – never seen it with 2.0.

Okay, looks good so far, now to try several categories simultaneously.

The firefly podcasts are pretty good by the way. I always wanted to know what’s up with Inara and that syringe etc. all stuff that was never really answered, because of the few eps produced.

Flock is based on FF, so it’s rock stable and using Gecko too.

And Dark Messiah will be released today. Or is released.

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Few hours ago I had the “honor” to learn about a new “feature” in wordpress. I was writing a new entry (using the default editor), and was ready to publish it, but instead of bumping me back to the editor with a success message as usual, I was prompted to enter my password again. So, with no other options, I tried that and it didn’t accept my pw right away. After deleting the cookies, everything worked fine again. But I made a mistake – I published the entry right away (so I had to edit it again…), after checking out the site, I noticed that half the entry was gone, WP saves everything from time to time while using the editor, but I wrote most of the entry after the last automatic save when the enter password accident happened…

What’s causing this I don’t know, it’s the second time I was forced to enter it without an obvious reason.

I’m now testing external software for blogging, the sooner I can say goodbye to the default crap, the better. This is my first entry with Flock. Give it a try.

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I’m sure there are many, however, I just started listening to this one. It’s quite some time now, that I watched all episodes, and now it’s interesting to me what others think about the show. And, of course, it’s always good to know that there are even crazier people than myself. :P First episode is from October 2005, so I’ve got enough material to catch up on. More than enough. And yes, I started with episode 1.

Maybe I will add it to my blogroll, which will send them at least 1 listener a month – don’t wanna flood ’em!

Just finished ep one, die hard fans of the show can enjoy it. I’ll immediately move on to the next. :)