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AV8’s Revenge

Because of my relatively new dual-boot, I’m booting now much more often than before – with one OS, I used to start my rig once a day. Yesterday, the beeping alarm went off. I had to shutdown the PC completely. But it didn’t stop. And the splash screen with the Abit logo was active again, just like all settings were resetted. I changed my BIOS settings again, while the alarm was torturing my ears. Although I chose “yes save and exit” it didn’t help anymore. I shut the PC off again and resetted the CMOS via jumper. After this, reboot, BIOS settings…

With deleted settings everything should be fine.


Wine 0.9.18 Released

  • Still more work on Direct3D.
  • A lot of MSI bug fixes and improvements.
  • More compatible memory management.
  • Several fixes for Win64 support.
  • Some performance improvements.

Packets + source.

Today (actually a few days ago, this entry was saved unfinished as a draft for some time) I started my rig and selected my preferred Kernel in Grub. But it didn’t start like the days before. First, it delayed while mounting the partitions, after this it totally stopped booting when trying to load the hardware drivers (failed). I thought, great – probably the updates from yesterday, before I shut the PC down, killed it.

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Maybe a file system check was a good idea. So I started again with my Ubuntu LiveCD in the LG drive. It didn’t even blink, before I knew what happened, I was back in Grub again, instead of booting the CD. My boot-priorities are floppy/cd-drives/hard disk. I remembered, the LG made problems some before (properly detected by bios but doing nothing… it’s also my second LG, the first one was unable to recognize any disc, but at least LG support was very nice and really helpful, they sent me a new one – my best experience with customer support so far by the way), with the next reboot, the Abit uguru chip (monitoring system fans and stuff like that and beeps when somethings wrong or the chip thinks that something is wrong) started beeping. And then I realized where the real problem was located. It had nothing to do with Linux. It was the Bios again. One of the major bugs my Bios version has, is that even if beeping is completely shut off, it starts again a few month later, it doesn’t remind the settings properly/permanent. So, the user has to enter the Bios Setup and re-save all settings, then it will work as it should again – for a few month (~3).

After everything in Bios was saved one more time, Linux booted problem-free again. The file system check showed, that everything was fine (no corruptions). I really need to remember how shitty this Bios version is, for the next time when strange behavior occurs. The LG, however, still didn’t work, so I checked it and the master/slave jumper was covered in dust, maybe that was the source, it made no more problems after I cleaned it.

I thought several times about upgrading the Bios version, but I red all pinned bugs (every Bios version has a topic with collected bugs pinned) in the Abit forums and they (the bugs in the next version) are pretty ugly too. It certainly doesn’t encourage the user to flash the new version.

mIRC 6.2

While typing on the left side of the keyboard, a sound occured from the num block, the enter key had hightened itself without influence (!). As soon as I touched it, I was holding the thing in my hand. That’s just the next step of this shitty keyboard going down even further. And I can’t re-attach it, the key isn’t holding anymore. I need a new keyboard asap. :(

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Always a good idea.

reiserfsck for …


e2fsck for ext2/3





works too.

Even if it’s not there on a LiveCD, some like Ubuntu have at least apt-get ready. :)


If you don’t want to wait for the updater to respond, dl here. Check out the fixes.

PasswordSafe 3.02

New Features for 3.02

  • Export/import to/from XML supported.
  • Selective text export.
  • [705515,1120236,1487001] Password history can now be saved for selected entries.
  • [1516674] Ability to hide password during Add & Edit entry. If hidden, password needs to be entered twice to verify.
  • [1506320] Count of passwords stored in DB on status bar. Also indication of read/only status.
  • Compare of two databases supported

Changes to Existing Features in 3.02

  • Minimum master passphrase length is now 8 characters, and user is not offered the option of accepting weak passphrases.
  • “Save on minimize” option removed

Bugs fixed in 3.02

  • [1503123] Exits cleanly from lock with open dialog box.
  • [1503075,1520110] No longer crashes when number of last databases is set to zero.
  • [1507847] Merge databases now merges all the record’s fields, thanks to n0tig.
  • [1513482] Preferences now saved in the .psafe3 file
  • [1504107] No longer saves cleared database
  • [1515994] User is now prompted to save database on system shutdown
  • [1519227] Password expires date was set wrong
  • [1519850] Double-click on group entry in tree did not expand/collapse group
  • [1520562] Single entry is now displayed in Nested Tree Mode
  • Tree is now refreshed if user decides not to open another DB
  • [1526174] Tab order more friendly in Edit dialog box.

Waiting for FoC? Watching Petroglyph’s podcast gives some new information.


Ever entered “fortune” into the console? No? Then it’s about time!

The less you know about computers the more you want Microsoft!
— Microsoft ad campaign, circa 1996

(Proof that Microsoft’s advertising _isn’t_ dishonest!)

It’s basically a collection of cool quotes from all areas you can imagine. And of course it’s no big deal to add even more of them. Remember Firefly?

Simon: “Am I talking to Miranda now?” (River makes a face) “No. Right.”

Another annoying problem, all videos played in Totem had the wrong aspect ratio. Looking like this:

All I had to change, was adding

Display Size 1280×1024

to the monitor section in my xorg.conf. After this, the videos looked the way they should.

Of course making things like that static, has the disadvantage to alter it, as soon as something changes. However, until then I’m watching my videos in the correct aspect ratio. ;)


Autoupdating all installed software is one of the best features ever, fast and easy. But sometimes the /etc/apt/sources.list must be modified manually.

For wine:

deb dapper main
deb-src dapper main

I had problems with Gaim 1.5 Final, so I used the 2 beta 3, which works fine:

deb unstable main
deb-src unstable main

Latest XGL ressources:

deb dapper main
deb dapper main
deb-src dapper main

Okay, the test cd is out, but what if you’ve already installed Dapper? It’s somewhat easier to just update this to Edgy. This is done without big problems, just go to your sources.list (sudo gedit /etc/apt/soures.list) and change all official dapper ressources like “deb url dapper main” to edgy (=deb url edgy main). Of course only official sites will have edgy packages, so don’t change other entries you’ve added yourself.

Be sure about this, though, because I don’t think there’s a way back. And Edgy might still be in a bad shape.