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Life Is Strange Episode 5 Polarized

Spoilers all around!

The Nosebleeds

I was very surprised that this led absolutely nowhere, I saw this as them setting something up. Since it was shown in every episode, I thought Max would die at some point, if she kept using her powers (think save Chloe again and die or let her die and survive yourself) or she would loose her powers and would have to solve the situation without them, like at the end of Episode 2 with Kate.

Mr. Prescott (and The Dark Room)

Maybe Mr. Prescott could be seen as a red herring now, he too seemed to be set up for an appearance in Episode 5, after all these letters, pictures and emails (and texts on Max’ phone) from him that were carefully planted everywhere. He was the one who had the dark room build. What did he know? How was he involved? If he wasn’t, why did he have this bunker built? Are we supposed to think now, it was for an entirely unrelated reason?

Mr. Jefferson

While he was always a douche, it seemed a little bit too convenient to me, that everything that was wrong in the whole game, was simply and entirely dumped on him. Even Nathan was downgraded to just being his victim. What was his motivation? It was really just that he was insane, with nothing more to it, right?

Storm & Powers

So… Obviously I chose to save Chloe at the end, because otherwise, what was the point? The whole game was, at its core, about saving her, so if you end up killing her, you literally could have just stayed home in the first place.
Although I hesitated and thought about the choice before pushing the button, I never really considered the alternative seriously. I never entered the “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” line of thinking, because if Max can warn the homeless woman that a tornado is coming, she can warn the town – if they choose to not believe her – fuck’em. :P
But the main reason why the alternative didn’t make much sense to me, was that the game claimed that the storm was the direct result of Max using her powers. If that’s true, then why am I supposed to believe, that using her powers even more (!), would stop it?!? That doesn’t make any sense. Because that’s what it meant, to travel back to the beginning to let Chloe die. If her powers were the reason, then the tornado should have always happened. And in that case the option to let Chloe die had no advantage whatsoever.
Also, if this was true, wouldn’t they ultimately destroy every town they ever enter? Unless Max would never use her powers again? Because that would then always create such a phenomenon, right?

Go Ape

They never went ape, did they?

The Ending

In my ending (and I’m never going to try the other one, for no reason) they just drive out of town together. Chloe doesn’t even stop to check up on her mom or anything like that (kind of a dick move). Now the ending really isn’t a masseffectian clusterfuck, but I still was slightly (no sarcasm or anything) disappointed that there was little effort made to communicate e.g. who lived and who died. I think after almost one year of playing this Season, we deserved to know. :P

The Philosophy Behind Sacrificing Chloe

To me this choice/ending basically says, that it is futile to fight anything and that you should just accept whatever hand you are dealt. I outright reject that.