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Kevin Smith Vids

Do yourself a favor and watch these (unsorted):

An Afternoon With Kevin Smith: ROADHOUSE

Kevin Smith about Mel Gibson

kevin smith about sw and lotr

Kevin Smith Protests against Dogma


Readme. Download.

YASU 1.06

…promises a fix for the re-assigned drive letters bug.

Fixed, major bug which caused *All your CD/DVD-ROM devices to reassign drive letters on reboot,
many thanks to “Alex Choporov” for pointing this out.
Added support for Windows Vista x64 (Y.A.S.U now prompts for the correct user permissions, when run).
Added two new command line options, -nosd & -nosr (check “Commandline Parameters” for more info).
Modified Y.A.S.U Hide & Restore feature(s), should be a bit safer now.
Added icon for Y.A.S.U as requested.

Can’t wait to see if it works. Download.

Cool, the flickering was annoying. ;)

Replenished Misti’s blood and repaired broken Tremere blood return.
Awarded xp when releasing Julius and restored Ming/Fu connections.
Made ghouling Heather easier again and added camera moving to cfgs.
Gave katanas to Temple and Society enemies and removed respawning.

Prevented Boris’ door from closing and Dema from vanishing in view.
Fixed hospital screams and dialogue bugs of Arthur, Cal and Pisha.
Shortened Ventrue loading tip and some histories names to fit page.
Removed some more flickering decals and fixed many floating props.

Download, 165 MB

Discovered something new again, after a won battle at Kessel, one enemy unit was left there, right with my units without triggering a battle!

Free Image Hosting at

In galactic view, my own units are now shown as red (hostile/rebellion) instead of yellow (ZC).

Free Image Hosting at

It’s even longer than the ones on DVD…

There is still some room for fixes after 1.1, the most common stuff, easily noticed while playing, is, that some locals (like Noghri…) have human pictures or the vocals when attacking the consortium, both empire and rebels talk about anyone but the ZC. That’s more like in an unofficial expansion/MOD, but in an official one. They should have the power to do correct vocals or remove them. Look at this picture:

Free Image Hosting at

Ilum can have maximal a level 1 space station, but all Galactic Conquest games have a level 2 space station there right from the start. Only after the lev 2 is destroyed, a max of lev 1 can be built. Then there’s still this problem with the MDU units, after “winning” a planetary battle, it remains in enemy hands when MDU units weren’t destroyed (because the attack ended before the player could reach them). The battle shouldn’t be over as long as there are still enemy units… But there’s a change nonetheless, before the patch, it often ended in an “unattackable” planet, now after the “won” battle, it can be attacked again. I can’t imagine it is intentionally this way?

But all of the above is really just minor. To me this game is almost perfect, except one last real flaw, the AI in GC is only strong for the ZC. When playing rebels or Empire, only the ZC is hard to fight and they attack with capital ships right away. The Empire often doesn’t even build any ISDs. So it’s defeating the ZC and then clearing up the “inactive” enemy, which is supereasy in comparison. It starts with the space stations, ZC actually builds lev 5 wherever it can, but the Empire often has level 2 space stations after many hours playtime. They don’t even try to achieve level 4 on important planets like Kuat to start building ISDs, let alone level 5. They stick with 2. It’s almost as if the developers wrote a new AI for the ZC and ignored the old factions/left them as they were.


adjective, adverb

1. floating without direction: floating freely without being steered in a specific direction

2. without purpose: living life without a goal

3. off target: astray, off target, or amiss

Buying HL1 (Source or not) in Steam from Germany will end in an USK 16 version (no blood, enemies vanish when defeated, robots as enemies instead of soldiers, nuts and screws and no gore falls out of some monsters), even if you are 80 years old. How stupid this is doesn’t matter now. Here’s what to do: With this patch the version is uncensored again. Works nice. That was easy, was it?

There is (of course) also another/manual way, which means messing with the registry and some files in the steam folder. Just in case one doesn’t trust an automated patch.

Here the tips in greater detail; start with closing steam, then click the *.reg file (containing the following)



“User Token 2″=””

“User Token 3″=””


“User Token 2″=””

“User Token 3″=””



“User Token 2″=””

“User Token 3″=””


“User Token 2″=””

“User Token 3″=””




“User Token 2″=””

“User Token 3″=””


“User Token 2″=””

“User Token 3″=””




now delete the file “Source LV.gcf” in Steamapps and “ClientRegistry.blob” in the root steam folder. Deleting that file fixes also almost all other problems in Steam. However, after this Steam “updates” and the password must be re-entered. The next step is to write the following in the autoexec.cfg (just create it in “\Steam\SteamApps\nambulous\half-life source\hl1\cfg” if it doesn’t exist yet)

violence_ablood 1

violence_hblood 1

violence_agibs 1

violence_hgibs 1

cl_ragdoll_collide 1

cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 1

now, just to make sure it wasn’t in vain, restart the machine and log into Steam again. Should be working now.

//Update 2010/06/27

I had to do this again a couple of days ago and what worked, was to simply open regedit, go to “\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\VALVE\Half-life\” and delete the whole “Half-Life” folder. As I started Steam and the game again, it was uncut. Quite simple, especially in comparison with all the old crap above.^^

//Update 2011/01/03

Official Steam support page about Resetting Content Lock