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VirtualDub 1.6.15

New version available now. Download.


Woohoo! Here’s the next fan-made patch. 70 MB.


I thought my system was safe enough. I was wrong. A process named “firewall.exe” tried to make outbound connections, and hey, nothing’s named “firewall.exe”. Another strange exe I’ve seen immediately was a “winsecure.exe” (yeah right). Never heard of such a program, let alone the fact, that I know everything I’ve got installed. A scan revealed soon, that my rig was infected with Win32/Autoit.A (firewall.exe) _and_ Win32/Keylogger.Ardamax (winsecure.exe).

Both of them were removed very quickly and easily. Further scans by several different engines showed no sign of another virus/trojan/malware/whatever. After that the checking began, because I needed to know, how this thing got onto my HD. Also, I ran all additional security tests I could think of – and some more.

Unfortunetly I found absolutely _nothing_. I thought about almost everything, new data mediums, downloads, external drives, other computers connected via LAN… All turned out to be negative. And the tests just said, “you are so secure, your ports aren’t just closed, but even stealthed…”. Or in other words, I’m as smart as I was before. Now I’m paranoid. THANKS.

Normally I’m only reading _every single_ Star Wars book from Timothy Zahn, but now, since the paperback edition (won’t buy the other one) from Outbound Flight (his new book) won’t come out before sometime in 2007, I can’t wait any longer. I’ve started to look for other (SW) books, for the time in between.

At first, I needed a timeline, as an overview and for knowing when something took place. The problem with the available timelines is, that they are either incomplete, or hard to read (much text simply pressed together), or both. I’m now using this one, because it’s fast and easy to read. And it looks good.

I now started reading “Tales from the New Republic” – it contains short stories from several SW authors. Luckily TZ is one of them. I now know, that I can also deal with Stackpole’s kind of writing. Another advantage of having stories from many authors in one book – get to know them all without buying (and potentially hating) ~10 books.

After one day, I’ve red 100 pages aka I like the book. One last thing, the picture below shows a cover with glittering “Star Wars” front. They don’t make these anymore. :( Mine is ordinary printed, all books I’ve bought in the last ~2 years were. One of my first SW books (probably a first edition; I believe Vision of the Future) had still the cool looking cover. A real shame.

Small changes, but important ones. Video Downloader saves a trip to keepvid and Gmail Manager can make visits to the standard mail client superfluous.


Adblock Filterset.G Updater

CustomizeGoogle 0.48

CuteMenus – Crystal SVG 1.1

Extended Statusbar 1.2.4

Fasterfox 1.0.3


Gmail Manager

Gmail Skins 0.9.5

ImageShack right-click 0.3.3

ListZilla 0.7

Restart Firefox 0.3.1

Resurrect Pages 0.6

Reveal 1.0.6

SessionSaver .2


Thumbs 0.6.3

VideoDownloader 1.0

Web Developer 1.0.2


1. For special customize settings
2. Update Realtek 3D engine.
3. Fix delay issue in starting Windows.

(May 2006) Download.


Don’t waste your time with boring new games. Waste it with good old games. Like SiN and Wages of SiN. 1.11 is the latest patch, but there is still more. Works great.

The gameplay is just fantastic, it offers more than Emergence (I’m pretty sure the episodic kind of release is the reason for that and they’ll enhance later), small riddles everywhere and interaction with computers differ the game from others, even brand new titles are often more simple and that’s incredible, given SiN is almost 8 (!) years old.

Another plus is, the communication, Blade and JC talk very often, and small ingame sequences between levels are developing the storyline. In Emergence Blade is similar to Gordon Freeman – not a word.

I also like the use of primary and secondary mission objectives, although I don’t know yet how it will influence the outcome of the game (haven’t played it yet and I don’t read spoilers).

Emergence has like 4 hours of play-time in it. I hope that is no sign for the coming HL²: EO. Unfortunetly I already red things like “…6 hours playtime…”. :(

“Buy SiN I need a Viper” if I would have made this game (or any other), there would be the exact same sentence in it!

One of many secrets:

And I still have no idea what it means.

Let’s compare a character. Elexis now and then.

btw: Source rocks! Yes, it really does.

From LC to zombies. A great change. This game doesn’t take itself serious for a second – that’s why it’s fun to play. And it offers an interesting soundtrack selection. Also, Stubbs only uses 2,7 GB installation size.

The hand can crawl everywhere, like Alien. :D

The entire graphics are designed like in an old movie, all this gives the game its fitting atmosphere and style.


– Updated Media Player Classic to version
– Updated QuickTime components to version

cFosSpeed 3

3 now offers a firewall! Never would have expected this kind of funcionality in cFosSpeed. I have it disabled.

Read what’s new and download it.

Sunbird 0.3 Alpha 2

Sunbird is the free Mozilla Calendar application. Read the release notes or the known bugs. Don’t forget that this is still alpha. Download.

Remember Freelancer? This is almost the same, only with the latest in graphics.

Handling is also similar, flying with the mouse. The demo is ~900 MB big, which is the reason I haven’t tried it yet.

I’ve thought about using these pictures quite some time and I was unsure, to say the least. However, the same person not-doing the blog design, wanted to see them. AND this is most likely the last time I will use TR:L pictures, to get more than 1 hit a day.

At least people with less than “100% finished” will see, that they aren’t missing any important, still locked, content.

I don’t remember the exact names, but that doesn’t matter, this is what you get after finding all items:

Yeah, a little bit strange, that Amanda becomes an outfit (“Hi Lara, you look slightly different today!” “Yes, I know, I just took some fresh clothes from my wardrobe…”). But that’s okay for me, see why:

Same, ingame:



“Catsuit” (ugly as the above, guess why):

The “not-torn” looks much better:

Good last shot, agreed?