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Programs that are known to experience a loss of functionality after you install Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista or for Windows Server 2008




While I complained about the technique, to explain everything, or rather nothing, with the concept of god in BSG, I came to realize, that’s exactly what they do in 24 too.
With the slight difference of using the term now, “the one true now” if you like. We cannot go into this right now, we don’t have time, that’s why we have to skip any kind of explanation and one reason is as good as any other, because we are in panic. Maybe no one will notice. That we don’t have any answers either.

Go alone / Don’t tell anyone about it

Both of them could justify an entry, but I will combine them, because they occur together most of the time anyway. And they are really similar. Not just when it comes to their level of annoyance.

An entire team of highly trained specialists is working around the clock, they have only one goal they care about: find the culprit in time to save the world! Or simply to bring him to justice, whatever. For a reason that’s just unimportant, it has to happen NOW. Now, for one reason or another, a single character will learn the identity of the target. Be it by accident, stumbling over a clue, or because the hunted one is forced to make a sudden move – already knowing everything, the hero, or a friend/associate of the hero, will go to confront the perpetrator. Alone. Even if he is surrounded by henchmen and can hardly leave the room without bumping into them, it will be ALONE.
Completely ignoring the fact, that all of his specialist-buddies do nothing except trying to learn this truth, that they were only written and invented for this very cause.
Often, the stupid-acting character will even have his partners on the phone and just hang up, not giving a single thought to sharing the new evidence/information. Coffins only offer space for one!
Sure, now the bad guy can kill the one person knowing everything and stay in hiding. The story is not over yet.
Maybe “the confronter” (could become a series title; one stupid character killed of every episode – guaranteed) will even have additional drawbacks to deal with (besides being dumb), like sitting in a wheel chair, or being infected with a pathogen from a bio weapon (yes, fantastic move Jack, to go and confront Tony alone)… Things that just scream do it alone, don’t tell anything to anyone, your chances of succeeding are really, really high…


What does that make us? CTU light?!?*



That doesn’t make any sense!*

That’s right, it doesn’t! :D

There was also no need to update this, because (as expected) Chloe scored all the points…

*Actual lines from the show. :P Really!

Firefly to influence Stargate Universe. Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper talk about how their love of Firefly has made an impact on the shooting style of the latest Stargate show.


I hate it so much, how everyone is stealing ideas from Firefly to use them in much much much worse spoofs, uselessly trying to get some of its glory. And if this wasn’t bad enough – for Stargate of all the bad shows out there. Ugh.
If at least they would use it to produce a better show, but we all know that there will never be anything on TV even slightly acceptable with the title Stargate in it.


J.J. Abrams Tells Us Why Star Trek Has So Many Lens Flares

Oh man it’s so painfully obvious… He watched Firefly and being this great and inventive filmmaker, he simply copied the style/idea. All he ever does is throwing things together he thinks are cool. Abrams is worse than Michael Bay, at least he has found his own trashy niche.

Everyt ime we screened the movie for a group, that sequence threw them, even though it had some of my favorite design in the entire movie. The wardrobe, the location, some of the visual effects were really fun. But you know it was better without it, when we cut it.

The movie got better when they cut out things he liked the most… :D Ah, that’s classic.



I want this meaningless number to show 10 pronto!







All within few minutes of the same episode. And I didn’t pick either, just made pictures of a random part. Talk about subtle.

6.1 (149 MB) / Changes

(+) denotes changes only available to players playing the plus version of this patch


  • +Restored active fragmentation grenade from Nines, thanks to Lenuska.
  • Made Hannah’s vents unlock and removed SM blueblood after Dominate.
  • Added two more times to feed from Heather and fixed Sin Bin PC text.
  • Fixed dialogues for Patty, Gary, Romero, Pisha, Arthur and Beckett.
  • Made Auto-Level button unambiguous and fixed icons at the warehouse.
  • Doubled explosion damage of shellboxes and fixed Leopold Society’s.
  • Restored an unused poster to parking garage and six more to netcafe.
  • Fixed getting a second key from Empire clerk and minor text issues.
  • Prevented museum guard from dropping multiple storage room keycards.
  • Made Jack acknowledge stealth killing the tutorial sneaking Sabbat.
  • Moved Empire hotel computer to backroom and raised helicopter noise.
  • Fixed log update issue when killing Boris and a Cal dialogue issue.
  • Made it possible to trigger serial killer quest from all newspapers.
  • Fixed tutorial humanity bug and other python errors, thanks to mzz.
  • Restored laughter of Mr. Ox and a few sounds around the Ocean House.
  • Corrected a wrong sign in warrens and removed icon of Mitnick’s PC.
  • Swapped wrong manhole covers for Griffith Park and Giovanni Mansion.
  • Removed test button in Ventrue clan popup and minor level problems.
  • Improved sound effects of morgue doors and Kamikaze Zen vault doors.
  • Fixed texture error with the third Gangrel armor, thanks to MooCha.
  • Restored some missing sound schemes and fixed a few particle errors.
  • Added missing third card playing thug to conversation at warehouse.
  • Corrected console bugs and replaced grenade icon, thanks to Lenuska.
  • Fixed Protean level 5 melee switching and Giovanni guard awareness.
  • Restored missing Malkavian lines for Damsel and some last subtitles.

Isn’t it weird, that people do complain about too much news coverage of privacy issues, but not about the legislative steps that initiated it? One might actually believe, that this would be the bigger issue here. I guess it really is. Weird.

Well, it’s funnier than the real one. :P