J.J. Abrams Tells Us Why Star Trek Has So Many Lens Flares


Oh man it’s so painfully obvious… He watched Firefly and being this great and inventive filmmaker, he simply copied the style/idea. All he ever does is throwing things together he thinks are cool. Abrams is worse than Michael Bay, at least he has found his own trashy niche.

Everyt ime we screened the movie for a group, that sequence threw them, even though it had some of my favorite design in the entire movie. The wardrobe, the location, some of the visual effects were really fun. But you know it was better without it, when we cut it.

The movie got better when they cut out things he liked the most… :D Ah, that’s classic.


  1. 1 Star Trek (2009) « adrift

    […] silence… The cinematography is tied to this also, there are lens flares everywhere, an idea Abrams probably got from Firefly and remember the Lost intro? The sign floating towards the camera, being blurred all the time, […]


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