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Undying Bromance

But word around town is that ABC is inches away from closing the deal with all parties and has secured the entire cast for an eighth season that will include eighteen additional episodes.


Get them here.

INF V3.00A
AGP V4.60A
V-RAID V5.70A and RAID Tools v5.40
VIA IDE Falcon Storage Device driver v2.40A

Online forever, but now officially allowed!


Another increasingly strong possibility is that the new episodes will end up on ABC, which is interested in grabbing the show for another season.

Please, please, please. :D

Rubik’s Cube

  • YADI
    • busybox-1.7.2
    • kernel
    • Sagem Tuner Treiber V13 fuer Qam256 Probleme, alternativ auszuwaehlen im Treiber Menue
  • Neutrino
    • some cosmetics in background of buttonbars, screenwitdh
    • costomized mute-icon
    • fix a segfault if an event is after its end time
    • fix segfault at some shoutcast stations
    • channellist now/next view
    • Channels / EPG Statistic
    • add cable manual scan
    • Fix “movieplayer exits a few seconds before file ends” bug
    • Fix movieplayer problem with “Show TV in browser”: no TV picture after MP exit if the filebrowser was opened while the player was playing
    • siehe
  • sectionsd
  • Zapit
    • Fixed a potential segfault (char[] too small)
    • siehe
    • Fix “lost lock” check to not interfere with transponder scan
  • nhttpd
    • Version 3.1.8
  • y-web
    • Version
  • Enigma
    • fix memleaks
    • Only display subtitle regions that are mentioned in the page composition segment
    • Show shortcut icons in menus
    • use Shortcuts in service context menu
    • shortcuts available for plugins
    • plugins can be sorted by pressing red button and moving the selected plugin in listbox
    • Add Swapmanager from the Merlin project
    • Add acoustic and timeout settings to Harddisk setup window taken from the hdd-manager of the Merlin project
    • siehe
    • WEBIF 6.0.4 Expert
  • Plugins: Tuxtxt
    • Version 1.99
  • Plugins: Tuxmail
    • Version 1.47
  • Plugins: Tuxcom
    • Version 1.16


Not this blog makes you THINK, but being adrift. :P

I, R…ecommend (1)

Today: Podcasts

Some of them are kinda redundant (because of the blogroll), but…

Bayern 2 Tagesgespräch (german)

Bayern 2 IQ Wissenschaft und Forschung (german)

Chaosradio, Chaosradio Express, Chaosradio International, Chaos TV (mixed languages)

Firefly Talk

The Official LOST Podcast

I could aim for more, but I don’t feel good about listing something I don’t listen to frequently.

What am I missing?

1.2 => 5.0 (135 MB) / 4.9 => 5.0 (24 MB) / Changes

v5.0 17.03.2008

  • +Made more basic/plus changes using variable and fixed text details.
  • Added netcafe entry update for Ash Rivers and delayed Tawni’s one.
  • +Made Bach and Shu drop both weapons and removed a basic carry-over.
  • Added museum and Bertram log states and Blood Buff in Elysium tip.
  • +Added xp for Copper and poster quests and matched basic/plus order.
  • +Moved Tawni poster to Tremere bathroom and restored a Regent line.
  • Made Hatter drop screenplay on death and corrected Blood Boil info.
  • Stopped Skelter from blocking you and adjusted Hannah’s book dates.
  • Added breaking sound to warrens vent and Ocean House floor boards.
  • +Restored Vandal’s alternative for Nosferatu and warehouse bonus xp.
  • Fixed basic Ra blade description and it’s invisible stats in plus.
  • Made sarcophagus key not giveable and fixed a basic Imalia exploit.
  • Improved Tommy’s quest log and fixed Regent and Trip endgame bugs.
  • Removed inappropriate Buddha moving sound and included python code.