Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Unofficial Patch 6.1

6.1 (149 MB) / Changes

(+) denotes changes only available to players playing the plus version of this patch


  • +Restored active fragmentation grenade from Nines, thanks to Lenuska.
  • Made Hannah’s vents unlock and removed SM blueblood after Dominate.
  • Added two more times to feed from Heather and fixed Sin Bin PC text.
  • Fixed dialogues for Patty, Gary, Romero, Pisha, Arthur and Beckett.
  • Made Auto-Level button unambiguous and fixed icons at the warehouse.
  • Doubled explosion damage of shellboxes and fixed Leopold Society’s.
  • Restored an unused poster to parking garage and six more to netcafe.
  • Fixed getting a second key from Empire clerk and minor text issues.
  • Prevented museum guard from dropping multiple storage room keycards.
  • Made Jack acknowledge stealth killing the tutorial sneaking Sabbat.
  • Moved Empire hotel computer to backroom and raised helicopter noise.
  • Fixed log update issue when killing Boris and a Cal dialogue issue.
  • Made it possible to trigger serial killer quest from all newspapers.
  • Fixed tutorial humanity bug and other python errors, thanks to mzz.
  • Restored laughter of Mr. Ox and a few sounds around the Ocean House.
  • Corrected a wrong sign in warrens and removed icon of Mitnick’s PC.
  • Swapped wrong manhole covers for Griffith Park and Giovanni Mansion.
  • Removed test button in Ventrue clan popup and minor level problems.
  • Improved sound effects of morgue doors and Kamikaze Zen vault doors.
  • Fixed texture error with the third Gangrel armor, thanks to MooCha.
  • Restored some missing sound schemes and fixed a few particle errors.
  • Added missing third card playing thug to conversation at warehouse.
  • Corrected console bugs and replaced grenade icon, thanks to Lenuska.
  • Fixed Protean level 5 melee switching and Giovanni guard awareness.
  • Restored missing Malkavian lines for Damsel and some last subtitles.

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