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Wow, looks like the Deus Ex people are wasting some serious marketing dollars.



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XCOM 2, 3 months after its release, has finally gotten the second patch. They fixed bugs like the hazmat armor not protecting against acid, stuff that was known since release day and probably took a simple change in one single line of code. :P Congrats.

At the same time it’s instantly obvious that they added some new flaws, the menu (pic above) now features empty boxes. The third slider is probably for the third DLC, Shen’s Last Gift, but it might have been smarter to only add this once the DLC is actually out.

They also didn’t fix lots of other bugs that are in the game since release. For example the empty status boxes above the heads of characters. By now I’m thinking that entire Firaxis consists out of maybe 10 people and only one of them is tasked with fixing the bugs in the game – in their free time.

I guess players have to be happy that they are fixing anything at all. The game feels a little bit more responsive in some areas, but at this point it’s hard to tell if this has even anything to do with the patch, considering there have been like 10 new driver versions for my graphics card since the last patch and naturally those could have smoothed things over a bit too.

At the end of the release notes they are promising that this wasn’t the last patch and that they will continue to fix this thing, but at this point all I’m thinking is, that they should have released this game at least 6 months later than they did. At the speed they are fixing bugs that are known for months, they are more likely to bring an XCOM 3 than get this game polished into a condition it should have been in at release several months ago.

Last but not least, the alien rulers are great fun and challenge the player once again to adapt to the new threat. I guess having alien rulers flee and reappear whenever (with appropriate health left), is the closest we will be getting towards having the nemesis system in XCOM. They round it up with their typical lore breaking inconsistencies, by naming these guys alien rulers, when they are nothing but a failed experiment (by someone who’s not even an alien). They obviously wouldn’t rule other aliens, nor could they be anyone’s king. If those special aliens actually would have wanted to rule over the normal aliens, it should have been the elders who would have fought them first and not XCOM, given that they would never accept such a challenge to their own authority. But once again, XCOM is all about the gameplay and not at all about any kind of story and/or lore, no matter what they end up throwing in there.

I finished my first campaign with the new DLC and now can’t wait to play it once more with the final DLC from the season pass “Shen’s Gift” which is probably coming in the next 2-3 months.

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After the last games I had some serious Telltale fatigue. While these games do have different stories and characters, of course, they are still pretty much all the same. Since there is no “real” gameplay to speak of, there can be this almost overwhelming sense of having done all this before.
To make matters worse, there is also always this extremely annoying claim at the beginning, that the story would be shaped by the players choices and whatnot. Everyone who has ever played just one of these Telltale games knows, that the choices barely make a difference, if any – so it’s just so weird they would insist on claiming this at the start of each of their games… I can see how a dev would do that once, but always? It now only serves to create expectations that won’t be met. It seems to remain Telltale’s secret, why they would keep shoving this into the faces of players, who know better by now.

So after not playing one of these games for several months, I decided to give this one a shot again. Time heals all wounds, or something along these lines. While it still doesn’t hold a candle against my favorite Telltale game of all time, The Wolf Among Us (actually on my games list right now), it’s really fun. I especially liked the soundtrack. The game benefits quite a bit from their smart selection.
I’m not really gonna go into this whole thing why the game is worth playing, if it’s for you, the above video will tell you right away. Every episode has such an intro and its own song.