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Bloodlines and Swap

The game says it needs 1400 MB Swap, so I thought 1500 would do fine, but that was a big mistake. Now I tried it with 2 GB Swap and the game is much faster overall and even loading times have shortened noticeable. Also great that I found this out after I finished it. And NO I won’t start it again!


latest-trunk identifies itself as “rv:1.8b” (Gecko/20050117). :) It’s the first one above 1.8a6.

Image Toolbar 0.5

Another useful Firefox Extension is the Image Toolbar. It’s similar to the IE Toolbar, but (of course) with enhanced options. It can auto-save pictures to a pre-defined folder – so one single click is enough – no longer x clicks until a picture is stored in the desired folder.

From the left to the right: Save Image/Copy Image/Print Image/Image Folder

When manually saving, it can suggest unique filenames, so nothing will be overwritten. And its capable of appearing close to the cursor – therefore easy and fast accessible.

Cons are, that it’s not appearing when in fullscreen mode (F11). Even the author doesn’t know why. Also I no longer trust the auto-save feature, I switched it to “Save Prompt” (still faster than without it). I think there’s a bug, which can lead to overwritten pictures because IT 0.5 isn’t renaming the files the way it should.

Image Toolbar Homepage

Already mentioned it some time ago, now 0.9.2 is available.


Still unfixed…

1.2 was a nice try, but a try isn’t always enough. You _still_ don’t have to look hard to find a bug. Also some of them are listed in the changelog under “fixed”…

should be fixed in 1.2 according to changelog but isn’t:

  • after the “society of leopold” mission everyone ends in sewers, but only nosferatu should – all other clans should be right next to the cab
  • “Isaac dialog” still don’t recognize completion of gargoyle and kings way quest
  • some newspaper info wrong(for example the golden dragon guy is shown as corpse although you saved him and his daughter and both are fine)
  • “Tangled Web” quest is still wrong, you can log on to the theater computer even if you haven’t received this quest yet
  • the game crashes to desktop very often since the patch – this one really…

other bugs:

  • after freeing Lily in the basement of the Medical Clinic, an automatic dialog takes place, but sometimes you just got stuck there instead of moving through the door correctly
  • the story with your ghoul heather: why is she killed by the sabbath even if you told her before to get lost?
  • “The Hitman Impasse” in chinatwon: if your skills (persuasion) are high enough you can finish the quest by only talking to one of the two “hitmen”…
  • several dialogs are “broken” there is no voice or suddenly text shows up instead of a voice. For example at the giovanni party, while talking to Mira Giovanni. It’s similar with Isaac though.
  • In the Giovanni Mansion there are locked rooms which can be opened with lockpicking skill 10, in one of them are two girls doing something … weird, however, one of them can’t be killed. Survives every stealth kill and… – well everything.
  • “Occultish Personality” – the quest log says “you still have to find piece one…” after you got both items instead of “fine you made it”.
  • there are several irregularities like the one above, don’t remember every single one.
  • I wonder if they have access to all the fixes done to the source engine itself… stuff like sound stuttering is fixed at least for half life 2 – would be great to see this also in bloodlines.
  • ever tried to reload the shotgun? this is weird, sometimes it should be full but “your hands” still try to reload it.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Many things could have been solved better throughout the game, it would be exaggerated to call them bugs, but… Just remember the beginning of the game as nosferatu, why is the sire no nosferatu? Every other clan has the same clan as sire.