24 7×18

A show becomes actually absurd, if they can do absolutely everything without surprising anyone anymore. Through so many forced surprises, they managed to achieve the exact opposite goal. Sudden twists then only demonstrate how ridiculous everything has become.
Most stories suffer from plot holes, logic errors or simple mistakes to some degree. This usually has to be accepted to truly enjoy them. A story becomes really bad, if it rubs these problems under the audiences nose in the most obtrusive way, so that viewers can’t help but to notice this fully.
The season was going down the drain for a while now (there were some good episodes in the beginning), but this moment carbonized how horrible it was. It was like an honest confession. We suck.
Though people constantly go from all good to all bad in the world of 24, Tony’s triple crossing really made me regret watching this. It didn’t come as a shock, as it was supposed to, but as a “can this still be called jumping the shark, or is it already to late for the use of that expression” kinda moment.
They stopped having any piece of story left, 6 eps before the finale. Since Season 8 is AFAIK confirmed, Jack can’t die and his entire sickness thing is just an emotional filler as well.
Although it seems obvious that the final fight will be between Jack and Tony, they can now do anything. Bring back anyone, offer any explanation. They have however, passed the point of no return – there’s no saving this mess.
Maybe in Season 8 we will learn, that Nina is still alive and Jack helped her faking her death, because both of them worked together from the start (or did anyone forget that we never learned who hired Nina as a mole in the first place? See, it all makes perfect sense!) and Jack started all respective days himself to keep people distracted from their real goals.
But if you do it, at least make it funny this time. Have Jack crack some jokes once in a while and don’t have people act all serious in the most hilarious situations.
I could have made this a part of my ongoing series


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