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Made the Hallowbrook hotel’s naming consistent throughout the game. Let Ra blade cause more damage instead of not working faster attack. Fixed a bug with Patty appearing in the alley although she is dead. Replaced location labels of the missing sewermap with worldmap ones. Put two of the unused female raver models into the club Confession. Resized unspectacular lower resolution fonts for better readability.




Another game title for the category “great, but way too short”. It took me 2 days to finish it. I mean, what’s 2 days? A game should entertain longer? Few missions and the world is rather small. It’s sad, because PC titles in the Wild Wild West are very rare. The last good title before that one was Outlaws from LucasArts and that was 1997 or so!

However, everything that’s in there fits. The story could be taken from any typical western, the horse riding is also fine and very rare in games. The weapons are perfectly chosen. The missions usually require fast reflexes because you have to defeat _large_ numbers of enemies. :) But hey, WESTERN. Oh, that needs to be mentioned: I didn’t encounter a bug. That sums up to one thing, games like this are RARE indeed. :D

Play it, when you can deal with the disappointment, that the game ends when you are getting used to everything.

After the removed 5.06A, now the next one. I’m using it for 2 days now, no problems and it seems the black screen in games (Direct3D only, OpenGL e.g. Half-Life 1 worked fine…) for some K8T800 Pro based mainboards is gone.


However, for some reason this package didn’t update my SATA drivers, although it IS included… It’s still 4… something, so I’m downloading the extra 5.20A package. Untested yet.

After some time Avery Lee released his next VD version. Marked as experimental again.

Changes and more

MS has now an own solution up and running. It patches the gdi32.dll. Hope it works.


Some of you might have already heard it, there’s this nasty WMF exploit “available” for Windows. Since there is no patch from MS (yeah great), some other guy made a hotfix on his own. So, either stay offline or consider installing it.