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To be continued…

Midtown Cowboys

It’s often rainy in Beregost…

Looks perfectly comfy, doesn’t it?

What’s an inn without an assassin waiting in it?

I’m a pirate, I don’t pay!

Do you see Dynaheir at the bottom of the pit? Me neither. Walking down might help…


Reading pays off:

He and Gandalf buy at the same store!


What a coincidence! What are the odds?!?

Unique Services…

…along unique text


The next role playing game mega-classic, which undoubtedly deserves attention, is Planescape: Torment. Very similar to Baldur’s Gate, players can now polish the gameplay to their liking. The original release of the game was on 4 CDs, but today there’s also a (only english?) re-release with 2 CDs. It’s compressed better. Another difference is, that the official game patch to version 1.1 is already installed/integrated. So 4 CD users should grab the 1.1 patch first.

The next step is to apply the PS:T Ultimate WeiDU Fixpack v1.01 by Qwinn. The rest of the most useful mods like Qwinn’s PS:T Tweak Pack v2.00 and PS:T Unfinished Business v1.00 by Qwinn (restores cut content, adding up to 14 quests total) can be installed in any order. Last (?), the same Widescreen Mod can be used for Planescape: Torment, which already did it’s wonders for Baldur’s Gate.

This years Lost comic con panel is thankfully on in video form, in case someone hasn’t seen it yet. And wants to see it, of course.

btw: Whose voice is to hear during the Dharma vid is pretty obvious to me.

I still own one of them.

No one can claim to be a serious (PC) RPG player, if he hasn’t played Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. This year Baldur’s Gate is 10 years old. But not forgotten. Lots of mods were released after. That’s why I intend to replay it. The mod that caught my eye integrates Baldur’s Gate and Tales of the Sword Coast into the Infinity II Engine of Part II and allows to play all games by just starting BG II.
To do this, all games along their add-ons have to be installed and then patched up. After this, the Baldur’s Gate Trilogy-WeiDU (1.05b) can go to work. It moves/integrates BG into the BG II folder, the first game can be uninstalled when it’s done. To enjoy more recent resolutions, a widescreen mod comes to help. Finally, the BG2 Fixpack looks like it will kill every bug left in the game.
Some other mods look promising as well, but I don’t want to overload it. I’m not even sure I want to see a blonde Imoen. :P
With this much action around the game, it would be a waste to skip a replay. Now to find my CDs. ;)


Right now, this is to just collect the links:

Baldur’s Gate Trilogy Tweak Pack (7)

Restored Textscreen Music – English Language Pack

Bp-BGT-Worldmap v7.0.a

//Edit #002

After doing all this, I started a BG I game. Whenever I tried to travel, the BG _II_ map appeared and the only active place was Waukeen’s Promenade. Choosing it created a crash. Perfect. I resolved this by installing the Bp-BGT-Worldmap v7.0.a. On this map all places from all BG games are listed. It’s awesome. I’m almost glad this bug surfaced, because I never would have tried the map otherwise.

//Edit #003

The Widescreen Mod didn’t work for me at first, but it was my own fault. The trick is, to run the game or bgconfig.exe once. Only after that the Mod should be installed. If it was done wrong, the game will keep 800×600. In that case, which was my basis, the WSM has to be uninstalled, then the game can be run once and now the installation of WSM will have the right effect. Phewww! But now there’s nothing left to keep me from playing, finally!

//Edit #004

Baldur’s Gate II – Shadows of Amn – Throne of Bhaal
An Assertion failed in InfScreenWorldMap.cpp at line number 2120

And I celebrated too soon. After the last edit everything worked. Now, after my resume (I was looking forward to so much), every time I try to traverse from the area where you can add Xzar and his buddy to the party, the game crashes back to desktop with the quoted dialog box. I’m really loosing patience right now…

//Edit #005

Okay, okay, okay. It seems I’m down now with the mods. My countless and perceptive readers probably suspected it all along. The clues were wide in the open all the time! When did it work? Correct: Before I applied the WSM! Therefore the solution is so easy (I need sleep). After applying the WSM, the Worldmap has to be reinstalled. Now everything is in working order… I’ll keep you posted… But now, into action!

//Edit #006

With 1.05b there is a problem when transitioning (after killing Sarevok return to the palace and talk to Belt) from BG to BGII (I know, that 1.06 is now available where this is fixed, but it doesn’t accept old savegames, so I have to continue my game with 1.05b anyway…), lucky for me (and everyone else) there is this separate patch to glue it together again. Phewww!

//Edit #007

Ahhh, you guessed it: Another problem surfaced, but was resolved as fast. :) The guilty component (Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes and Dreams) should be removed from the pack. :P

//Edit #008

The BG2 Fixpack should be applied before BGT. I noted it the other way around.

//Edit #009

I’m now slowly closing in on ToB, therefore I’ve chosen the Mods I will install for this final part of the adventure:

Ascension/WeiDU, Turnabout and “The Longer Road“. This should also be the correct order of installation.

I was given a free episode of Sam & Max Season 2, but I already own it. Since nobody wanted it so far, I’ll give it away here. Just supply me with a valid email address, where I can send the necessary code. With it, the game can be downloaded directly from Telltale and activated into the full/unlimited version. It’s all pretty easy and self explanatory, you’ll see.
It’s only one key for one copy of 2×01, so please don’t ask for it, if you don’t really intend to actually play it. Which anyone, with even the most remote interest in adventure games, should; the Sam & Max Seasons are truly awesome and rich of ideas. If bought, this game costs $8.95.
Here is the Trailer and that’s it…

Maybe even you

[03:19:18] [jesper] maybe even you can be of some help this time
[03:19:25] [ME] HAHAHAHAHA
[03:19:39] [ME] gee, thanks :D


Spoils some really interesting facts about the latest B5 movie, as well as the previous post-series incarnations. Who would have thought people like him would be forced to realize movies with mere 2 millions. Series eps without much effects cost often more. The more I like his consequences.


I’ve red Zach Braff will leave Scrubs after Season 8 and they are already considering to go on without him. This I red again, to believe it. Why would someone do that? Every episode is titled “My…”.
Except for a few eps, there’s everything happening through the JD-character’s eyes. They could revert to doing only “His…” or “Her…” stories or call it “My continuing absence”…
I’d prefer a fitting ending in Season 8. Hopefully they’ll make up their minds.

Edna Demo

The well-made adventure gets its demo – due to its Java nature, it at least runs on Mac and Linux.

Check the Track

There were articles about it everywhere. There was no escape from it. Consequence: The target audience still didn’t know shit about it and the member count continued to rise nonetheless.

Totally, that’s what shocked me too! This dump was in the news with the worst headlines since its start a few years ago, almost for the entire time. Especially in all the blogs, the supposedly most basic/common Web 2.0 places. In fact, I can’t think of a second newcomer with that much horrible publicity. But the XYVZ users didn’t even notice it a bit, at least stayed completely passive. No way anyone of them is reading news at all. In any other case, this site would have stopped existing by now, or rather ages ago. Parallel dimensions is the phrase. My assumption is, that their users don’t do very much online, they check their accounts and *zap*, they shut down the computer again. Maybe technical possibilities have changed, but people clearly didn’t. Somehow they managed to draw in people who wouldn’t normally/otherwise be active on the Net very much.
Any real digital hero would use IM, mail, forums, blogs, IRC… basically anything except that. And the options are numerous. It should be the last resort no one has to fall back to. There was no necessity for it. The answer to an unasked question. The solution without a riddle. If anything was achieved, than to tell people they would need it. Which they really don’t.

But the whole action seems to be leveling down already (okay, this is more or less unrelated to the above). 2-4 years ago it was normal, that the whole (german) blogosphere had 1-2 big stories to rant on about, topics that were found in all the well known blogs. The current situation doesn’t even come close to this anymore. Everyone focuses on his own stuff, the first people stopped doing it altogether. Lots of the initial euphoria has gone down the drain. It’s far from easy, to write something of value every day. And even if that seems to work out, some poor soul still has to read it. So maybe this had to happen. The realization, that there’s a fixed amount of potential readers for all sites, has finally settled in. The more sites there are, the more people share the same readers who don’t spent more time surfing because of that. Nothing new there. It’s the same for most 2.0 ideas, maybe even the whole Net. Making any money off of it is even harder, that only works with a wide base of users and enough luck. This has very little to do with the quality of the actual site. The very reason for writing this is, how the worst sites have the most users.

To be big, there isn’t even a need for a good name or brand (for those dwelling on this). Again, the big players prove this. Bingo-BongoY or ZingXZong would do it… if only the rest of the idea is just stupid enough, so everyone wants to join up. Join now, or you will never *beep* again! At least that’s the slogan I would use (if I had to do such a dump, which I thankfully don’t). Blinking, in big letters, so very annoying positioned, that the visitor can’t look beside it.

lone gunman

As little as we know, we know one thing for sure and damn straight: the convenience for users, being able to play without CD/DVD, wasn’t supposed to happen. No way and never. That would be un… something.

It’s obvious what has to happen now. Someone will be found guilty inside the company. This someone will be the lone and single guilty part in all of what went wrong. No one and nothing else will be to blame. This person will be let go and eventually prosecuted. Ubisoft itself is innocent of anything imaginable and condemns everyone and everything that’s doing devilish abominations like that. Therefore the story is now finished and soon to be forgotten and that’s why there is nothing to see here and everyone should move along. Move along.

And the only reason to notice it in the first place, is because people still dream (clearly needs crushing) of playing their games without discs in drives.