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Put morphine into cs cabinet and fixed a Danielle Persuasion error.
Added a humane farewell line to Heather and fixed a Tourette loop.
Lowered hacking skill of Asylum computers and swapped Copper lines.
Made police investigate gallery crime independent of your actions.

Prevented Humanity from reaching zero and removed loss for pendant.
Fixed parking garage exchange and removed gum when sold to Copper.
Corrected a Vandal condition and several similar dialogue problems.
Repaired broken Romero quest return and several minor text issues.



c’t Offline Update Feed

The last disadvantage the offline update really has IMHO, is a missing self-update. But now there’s a feed for it, so regular manual checking should be history.

What initially convinced me to buy the CE, was the new commentary track on it. I don’t exactly know why that is, but I really like to listen to them (when I’m actually interested in the movie itself). That’s also one of the few things I was never really glad about in the Firefly DVD set – only some of the episodes had commentary. I would have listened to 5 different tracks per episode – repeatedly (I know that that many are unheard of and such, I’m only trying to make my point here).

So, because of that and the very sexy box itself (and some other cool extras like “I’ll have to write it down.”), I have to say it was worth the purchase. At least one earth-shattering revelation was included, when JW told that the discovery of Miranda would have been the end of Season 2 (if the series had continued). Which is proof, that all people saying that the movie tells “everything” (as in concludes) what would have happened during the entire course of the series, are wrong. At least that’s my understanding of that comment. No doubt here that there’s (story-) room for sequels.

Naturally, with JW and NF in the room, the rest had a hard time to talk a lot. Unfortunetly, SG said next to nothing (I was looking forward to her comments), which JW noticed too, because he said to her at the end of the movie, if she still wants to add anything to the scene she has to do it now, because it’s the last chance before the commentary ends… You can’t have everything.

The “ Sales Rank” was under #10 most of the time, so I start waiting for the sequel, which supposedly has a chance if the CE sells well… :P







DOSBox 0.72

# Fixed unitialized variable in joystick. (Fixes crashes on Vista and Mac OS X)

# Some bugfixes and speedups to the 64 bit recompiling core.

# Fixed sign flag on soundblaster dma transfers (Space Quest 6 intro)

# Fixed a bug in keyboard layout processing code and fixed certain layouts.

# Fixed Dreamweb.

# Improved speed unlocking when running cycles=max.

# Fixed a crash related to the tab completion in the shell.

# Improved aspect correction code. Should now be like how a real monitor handles it.

# Fixed a bug in the xms status report code. (Blake Stone 1.0 shareware)

# Added a lot more keyboard layouts.

# Fixed crash related to changing the scaler before a screen was created.

# Hopefully fixed compilation on *bsd.

# Enabled auto cpu core selection for recompiling core as well.

# Made the used joystick selectable when 4axis is specified.

# Added some hints for inexperienced DOS users to the shell.

Get it.


defcon-unpatched.jpg In theory Steam patches all games on its own, taking this responsibility from the user away. No wasted time searching patches, no time installing them… Except for the time it takes to download anything, but this isn’t a real disadvantage, since you have to do this anyway.

According to the developers website, the 1.43 patch was released 4th July 2007, this is a while ago… A look at the screenshot tells “Version: Defcon 1.42 Steam – You have the latest version”, while the always dynamically loaded screen on the right says all players should upgrade to 1.43…

If you run Defcon through Steam you will be upgraded automatically.

So, this is technology turning against you. The easy patching “idea”/technical solution is preventing you from patching it yourself, leaving you un-patched behind.

Funny notion at the end: This is Defcon’s free weekend on Steam (play the complete game for free), which basically advertises the platform. Nice job everyone!


Over at the Games Con in Leipzig, Valves Boss Gabe Newell mentioned, that it wasn’t the best option (aka mistake) to release DX 10 only for Vista. Steams survey shows, that only one in fifty players has the necessary stuff (Direct3D 10 graphics card, installed Vista…) to use it. Not that it’s not cool to hear different opinions in that area, BUT Valve is the company that licensed the Quake 1 engine from id and coded a DirectX mode for the former OpenGL-only engine. I’m just saying, Valve itself is part of giving this monopoly so much power. I’m not even saying that DirectX is “evil”, merely that such problems are the nature of products, which are controlled by just one company. Read the signs, it won’t get better down the road. OpenGL runs on every platform. Why isn’t it used more? Check out Doom 3 or Quake 4, are those graphics bad? No!

MS probably made the correct choice for itself, they don’t have problems, when it takes years for end users to switch to DX 10, only developers like those in the gaming companies have “to suffer” by supporting two rendering paths – or they might sell less. This entire thing looks like a self-chosen dependency, although it would be avoidable. Supporting OpenGL more, may even broaden the access to games (more sales?), they can’t arrest all of us, to force us what to use

Nice Move

You hate wasting time when searching for good music you’ve heard in a TV show/film? Yeah, me too. Luckily Showtime sets up a good example with Californication. A show you should watch, by the way.

The very first scene of that series determines if you like (and will watch) it. Isn’t that great? How many series can claim to accomplish something like this? No checking out of the first few eps. In or out!

The scene that really brought me around (I’ve seen some short clips on the net), was when he goes down from his room to the party and the girls ask him why he has those things around his fingers, if he’s hurt and then he tells’em that his XBOX controller starts slipping after several hours of Call of Duty if he’s not using these. Their facial expressions… So real… I recognized it immediately, how could I not, after seeing them thousands of times myself. They haven’t got the slightest clue what he’s talking about and can only think about how weird this (and he for saying it) is (from their point of view), and for him it’s the most natural thing in the world, his daily life. Two completely different worlds colliding. It’s just fantastic, that someone managed to bring it to film this realistic.

However, Chuck basically feels like the (unofficial of course) legacy to the unjust canceled Jake 2.0, which should have endured (like so many others).

At first I thought Zach Braff would have been perfect for the lead, but he can’t be in everything and as long as he’s doing Scrubs (there will be a seventh season, right?) the world is okay, I guess. Coincidental the Chuck-Season starts very close to Scrubs 7. Looking forward to both.

Sands of Oblivion

Their characters are married. MARRIED. Well, something about that is just downright unsettling. :D The movie seems to be less than good, but do we have a choice? Not really, because there is no free will.

v4.0 17.08.2007
* Created Appearance powerup and made Isaac give it instead of Charm.
* Made Strauss reward you with the Fae Charm instead of usual money.
* Recovered chewing gum to sell to Copper and stashed it on the pier.
* Restored rat crowd to warrens and ancient text to Leopold Society.
* Placed library keycard at Ramen and fixed some minor text problems.
* Moved dogs into junkyard and Skelter to Nines’ side at one ending.
* Swapped cop Anacondas with Ithacas and made Pisha leave eventually.
* Restored Romero to be back after his quest and fixed zombie scene.
* Fixed cut off conversations and restored a hidden one to warehouse.
* Restored hidden models to Dane, to Blood Hunt and on junkyard map.
* Made armor absorb half the aggravated damage and raised Blood Heal.
* Removed cop cars from the Santa Monica pier after the police left.
* Added Fu Syndicate emergency doorcode and restored tire iron skill.
* Recovered three unseen newspapers and repaired a newspaper mix up.
* Restored two item models and renamed “Replica Katana” “Shin Gunto”.
* Made Mercurio’s email arrive later and fixed several email issues.
* Repaired warrens electrical terminal computer and fixed many props.
* Added some missing inspection nodes and made diner cook move more.
* Restored warrens door difficulty and fixed switches at observatory.
* Fixed Tong sounds at Zhao’s and Hannah, Milligan and Pisha issues.
* Repaired Trip and Vandal not choosable at endgame in special cases.
* Re-changed Eliza and Thistle effects as they didn’t work randomly.
* Added missing doors to Venture Tower rooftop and Blood Hunt levels.
* Fixed several name issues and explained others using loading tips.
* Changed Giovanni vampire guard stats and restored Dane crane icons.
* Turned your Santa Monica haven into Elysium area when Jack visits.
* Improved Barabus’ hack position and made PCs accessable afterwards.
* Corrected Chunk’s brother’s subtitles and changed Chunk dance fix.
* Reformatted Sin Bin inventory pages and fixed more minor PC issues.
* Removed humanity for killing Milligan directly and fixed card bug.
* Placed Russians more inconspicuous and removed the two added locks.
* Put Heather’s name in the morgue file in case you left her to die.



1. Sync HPOut and MonoOut Volume with Master Volume.
2. Update Realtek 3D engine.
3. For SPDIF mute issue with SPDIF from SB.
4. For special customize settings.
5. For DTM Testing Surprise Remove Hang up issue.


My Corner #001

Welcome to the first edition of “My Corner”, which I (of course) just made up (very creative, right?). It’s basically my/another pathetic attempt to get an entry done without actually having anything to say (same old, same old). So, now I’m free to say and do whatever I want, because the first two sentences made anyone flee the scene, who isn’t tough enough to take it. Also, because I really don’t care… :P But without further interruptions, finally to the “content” (a word that always reminds me of other, [for me] “slightly” similar words like multimedia, Web 2.0…).

Firefly Talk made the PodCastAwards, good for them. Voted my ass off. :D The fan(atic)s won once again… Good thing that MP3 players seem to cost next to nothing nowadays. They don’t help you reading the original script for 1×08 Out of Gas, though. Once you’ve done that, you might just as well listen to a Joss Whedon interview on amazon. Both (the interviewer and JW) sound really tired and somewhat less than enthusiastic. Maybe it wasn’t that exciting to talk about DVD sales. :P Oh, and it’s a WMA file.

Put no trust in cryptic comments.

mIRC 6.3 is new, at least I haven’t installed it yet. Nothing more to look at.